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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There's not enough coffee in the pot....

i am so tired today.. I even went to bed early last night (ok early for me) but i tossed and turned, I looked at the clock six seperate times.. i cant even blame Emily she slept well. Even with cutting teeth. No its just me and my obsessive compulsive behavior, I wake up and worry about the small stuff. I know the saying is don't sweat the small stuff, well I sweat it all. . I am an equal opportunity worrier.. I will worry about anything and everything

Between the situation with the Navy (Chuck has requested to go IRR.. basically means he requested to get out.. he's been in forever but they treat him more like a slave then a sailor....when it stops being something you love, you need to stop doing it. thats where we are at. He has so much pride in his Navy career but in one short move this jerk has screwed it up. (FYI chuck isn't the jerk. it was the neanderthal mentioned in yesterdays post) Who i have decided lies his ass off he told them on day one (I was there) he has an open door policy.. he's full of shit. his door is open when he opens it closed if you need it open.

The money issue.. because who isnt worried about that right now.. and if you are reading this and are not worried.. my address is.... .please send a check or money order..

The every day issues.. they are there. so because they are there.. I don't sleep.. until i am a complete zombie and then i sleep. It sucks. Because in the end all i really want is six hours straight through is that too much to ask for?

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