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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh my God. when did it happen?

I swore it would never happen.. I was 99% sure I even meant it... but as I grow older and with that comes the teenagers, the tween, the toddler and the infant.. I see it more and more every day.. I am becoming.. MY MOTHER!! Gone are the days of sleeping until 12 PM, the bedroom with the clothes all over the floor (have i mentioned how I loathe clothes on the floor?), the eating whatever I want and actually eating veggies!! The not spending money on things I want because its not mature, paying the bills... I am a grown up. But now I also realize.. I am not just a grown up, I am my mom.

"This room is a pigsty" said to a teenager.. I have heard that countless time as I grew up. As a matter of fact, I once had a Miss Piggy left in my closet with a note attached that said "please even I can't take it anymore" (she's so funny)

"There is PLENTY of food in the house" Said to the kid who just announced "theres nothing to eat in this house! and i am going to starve!" usually said because the twinkie box is empty.

"please don't bite the dog" ok it was only one time i had to say that. and i am not sure my mom ever said that about the dog... my brother.. probably.. but never the dog.. too hairy

"I am not HEATING/ACing VA! Close the door" Yes, i have said it... i am mortified.. but i have said it.

"Just wait til your father gets home!!" Usually said to Rocky as his head spins off its axis. And i am trying to figure out how to exorcise the demons.

and my favorite...

"do you think money grows on trees??" said to any of the kids as i get asked for one thing or the other.

You see.. I am becoming my mother. At first it scared me, but then I realized.. I am not so bad... it could be worse. I could be Joan Crawford (I don't fear wire hangers my kids are fine.. promise), I could be anyone of those crackhead moms you see on Cops, but in the end.. I am MY mom and I am really ok with that.

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