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Friday, October 24, 2008


Really does say it all doesn't it? Thank God It's Friday. The best part is, in a way we have a three day weekend. While Chuck works on Monday, the kids are all off for the whole weekend. I swear Norfolk public schools have more teacher workdays, seminars, and holidays then any school system I have ever seen. I really don't mind them being home though.. usually it means mommy gets to sleep in, and who wouldn't be in favor of that eh?

Today is payday. its supposed to be a good thing.. but instead we pay all the bills, and in the end we look and go "thats it?" But ya know, we aren't starving, the bills are paid, the car is still in the driveway. And for some bizarre reason I am content with that.. I must be from another planet lol. Most people freak if they are broke, to me I look at the good things about it, and breathe. Ok.. not always but today my mantra is "don't panic.. it will be ok" why not? Its easier then freaking right?

So forever.. Chuck has been eating Grits.. I always looked at it and thought it looked like gruel. (ya know think of the stuff they show you in Oliver when they slap it in the bowl) but this week for whatever reason I decided I was going to try them. OMG they are so good. who knew? And Emily eats them too.. I have to somehow keep this quiet from the other kids or they will eat em all. lol. (bad mom). So now breakfast in the morning is Grits and a cup of coffee. yum-o.

Who watched ER last night? WOW the sister of the one girl.. WHAT a freak!! And the scarey part is Chuck called it.. he knew she was the problem.. and someone needs to tell the mom "denial isn't just a river in Egypt" . Good show last night. I am sad this is their last season.. but hopeful they resolve alot. Ugly Betty was good last night, but I will be glad when Lindsay Lohan goes back to whatever she is doing elsewhere.. Its not that I dislike her I just don't want her on my show.. Grey's was good last night, I love that show.. but I have to say.. I sort of miss the sexual tension between Meredith and Derrick... and I am sort of having a problem believing O'Malley as a straight guy since I know in real life he's gay.. Its just hard to picture.. I also really don't know if I like him with Lexie. Sighs. Although... I do like that they made Dr McSteamy squirm with the Callie thing lol. Wow I just realized if you watch Grey's and haven't seen last nights I gave it away.. WOW I suck.. sorry.. next time I will write **spoiler** first.

Ok time to get ready to go to the base.. we have a few things to do today.. sighs. hopefully it won't take all day.. or even half the day for that matter. oooo wait.. one more thing. .1) Stephanie made the Step team (white girl CAN dance.. who knew?) and 2) Danny made the wrestling team.. yay! way to go guys. ;o)~ More tomorrow.. tune in next time when you will hear me say....(I don't know either.. but I wanted to leave you guys in suspense)

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