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Friday, June 11, 2010

Where the heck have you been???

Ok.. since May 25, life has been difficult and confusing. To make matters more fun, the past 24 hours have not gotten any be honest they have gotten worse. :o( But I felt like I had to check in. So let's review my life, the Good and the bad:


She is due to graduate on Tuesday but thnks to Virginia and their stupid Standard of Learning test (yes, the letters are SOL) she will not be graduating. She missed the Geometry exam by 12 points. The poor girl is so depressed. She can retake the test in July but right now all she sees is she is simply not graduating. The world can not offer her a big enough hug, I feel horrible for her and like somehow I failed her. I hate this.

My ex-

Still unemployed...we have not had child support in any fashion in 9 weeks. We have mostly survived but right now I feel like the walls are closing in, and it sort of sucks. I am trying to breathe and tell myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. right now it feels like the damn thing is a Mack truck though.

The Good-

I started making bows to bring in some revenue.. Its coming slow but it is coming in some. is the site if you want to take a peek. I hear I am pretty creative :o)~ I guess that is a good thing.

The other good-

AJ did so well 4th quarter he is going to play football next year. I am tickled for him. This will be very good for him and he has always wanted to play. I am excited for him and trying NOT to panic about him getting hurt. But the boy is a TANK ;o)~

So there is my news, what is new with you?