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Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Where do I start?? How about this is NOT my first blog in a week.. summer time is busy and I just totally forgot to post anything..and um

I did not go to to the beach 3 times.. :o)~ Which is just another reason I never posted.

I did NOT find out about Micheal Jackson on the beach and shout to my son "Micheal Jackson just died" and have someone come over to see it on my phone because she thought I was lying.

I did NOT get told SHUT UP by friend Kenya when I called her and told her that Micheal had died.

I did not record my husband snoring last night because I just needed someone else to hear it and realize that I am not insane and it is bad.

I did not drive up to get my friend Jay to bring him home for the night to surprise Stephanie. and it worked.

It did NOT thrill me that it worked.. ok yes it did

I am NOT in shock that June is almost over.. where did 2009 go??

I am not now as shamelessly addicted to Twitter as I am to Facebook.... but if you want to follow me, I a Gbrksfan :o)~
I did not just pimp out my twitter...

and finally..

I did not get fed up with the Mets and put them on a time out until they learn to play like a tea.. ohhh and:

I did NOT read this and think "WOW thats soo true" proving that I am NOT being stalked as I said before:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday.. the late edition..

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT just realize that I had not participated in Not Me Monday at 7:37 PM.

I then did NOT justify that I missed it because it is summer vacation and therefore I did not realize today was Monday.. ok I knew.. seriously.. Chuck went to work after two days home. I knew. bad excuses

I did Not just out myself as using a bad excuse for nearly missing Not me Monday, because who feels the need to justify that?

I did NOT freak out over the state of the checkbook and realize payday is still two days away.. damn.

I do NOT have six children who are eating me out of house and home because they are home and what else do you do but sit home eat, go to the beach swim, and who knows what else during summer vacation.

I did Not tweet that I am starting my diet today and then eat gummy bears because I have had a crappy day and they are afterall mad with 100% fruit juice and doesn't that actually just make them chewy fruit juice? really?

I did NOT settle in last night for one of my summer addictions that has returned, True Blood, and discover that it is just as delicious as it was last year. (hey delicious is a step up from when I said last year that it bites lol)

I am not dreading the Mets game tonight because quite frankly they suck lately and half their opening day lineup is on the damn disabled list.. ARGH

Yep, I did NOT just use a bad word on my blog.

I did NOT get almost as excited as Chucky when his new Reds jersey arrived today, its really cool.. too bad its the wrong team huh?

and finally...

I did not just stick up for Danny by not using a very nice word.. :oX Ok maybe I did .. it wasn't horrible but it was not very nice.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day...

Today, we celebrate our fathers. To my husband,my father (you're not here but you are missed.. EVERY day.. I promise!!) my brothers, my father in law, and every man who is a daddy out there.. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

On Mother's day I wrote about my mom, an I.O.U. for my dad, he is in Heaven it will be 10 years this July and I miss him like it was yesterday. Instead I will blog today about the top five things my dad ever did for me. (Thanks to my Mel for this idea.. without her I would be lost).

1) On February 22, 1990 my son Matthew was dying. I called my father at 6:30 AM after hanging up with the doctor who informed me my son would not live through the day, my daddy answered and I said "daddy my son is not going to live". He told me he loved me and how sorry he was. He cried with me on the phone and later told me that was the hardest moment of his life as a father, when I was hurting and he could do nothing to fix it.

2) On my first wedding day, even though he may not have been a big fan of my first husband he as a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church married my ex husband and me.
He helped us and was just amazing, he was the cream of the crop.

3) He baptized all of my children, starting with Matthew right after he was born he baptized him. All the way up to Mary, how I wish he could do David and Emily

4) Every birthday he gave me a dozen chocolate roses, he and I shared a love for Chocolate and that was always something special he could do for me. I miss my roses :o(

5) My dad and I had a special relationship, he was not just Daddy he was my hero. When we moved back to the states we went on a tour of Arlington National Cemetary and got to walk down where the guards slept and see what they do. Dad held my hand as we walked around. Dad was my hero. It was just a special day. My Dad rocked.

I miss my dad every day. I can't help it, but I also know he is watching me. Today at Mass he was there and made his presence known (his favorite song "Here I am Lord" was played... subtle? Not really but a great gift from him to me

Happy Father's day to all Dad's you are all special and you are all loved. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for working many jobs, thank you for taking care of us, thank you for being there and Thank you for being you!!

For Chuck.. this is Just for you..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why me Wednesday

All school year long we wait for this.. SUMMER vacation. . two months of fun in the sun... peace and quiet and sleeping in... pure bliss right? No I get "Mom I am bored".. "Mom why can't we go to the beach" .. "Mom!! MOM!! MOMMMY!!! he/she (insert horrible act) ME!!!" Yep welcome to my house during summer vacation.. Why me?

We have bills piling up and the money isn't piling nearly as fast. why me?

I told Danny he could have a friend over for a week.. The thing is Danny's friend is a great kid.. but they don't believe in sleeping at night.. why me?

Mary is being nosey and trying to read my blog while I write it.. mmm hmmm why me?

Since Danny has a friend over for a week.. EVERYONE wants a friend over for a week.. hahahaha NO. Why me?

I need a vacation or something before I snap.. why me?

Vacations require money... why me?

My oldest had her senior pictures today .. I am sad that she is growing up.. why can't they just stay little? Why me?

My oven is STILL broken.. why me?

I am addicted to my camera and while I gave birth to six lovely subjects half the time I am yelling.. "oh come just smile" Why me?

How come the mailman is always on time with the bills but late with the checks you are expecting? Why me?
And finally....there are 82 days until the first day of school.. it will be a long summer. WHY me?
**Truth be told.. I had to think of something. .the summer ones are ok. .minus the whining I really do enjoy having the kids home.. but I sort of do hope September 8th comes fast**

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT just watch my 8th grader graduate.. sighs.. I am not ready.. so therefore it did not happen ok?

I did NOT desperately want to ignore my alarm clock today but got up because I had to see AJ graduate

I did NOT hyperventilate when I realized that in few short months I will be sending 3 to high school and 2 to elementary. WOW.

I did NOT let the last 17 years fly by in a wink of an eye and I would NOT like every moment back.

I did NOT growl at my children because ONCE again they left electronics on and I am 90% sure I don't want to pay THAT much to the damn electric company!! GRRR

I did NOT write a grocery list and then wonder how does one pay for these items?

I am NOT horribly jealous of my friend who is going away AGAIN this week because truth be told I could use a break too, but alas bills do not allow it.

and finally.. I did NOT curse the oven man who can not get out here until Thursday.. grrrr.. how does one cook without an oven?? Crockpots, deep fryer and stove top of course.. fun stuff.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This and That..

I know I know.. but. I can explain.. David's graduated from Prek.. this is the last full week of school. .our AC died, then our oven died.. and I am pretty much spent. Ok? there I said it. I am STRESSED OUT!! AAAHHHHH!! ok I am better.. Let's move on to this and That.. the starting one is so I can express my point and get it out and move on.. then this blog will not bring it up again..

This- April Rose. Now known as the blog of the fake baby. I am very sad that "B" felt the need to do this. I am very sad that one lie led to another and another and she could not or did not bow out before it went to far. I am sad that anyone would lie about an illness of a child, real or fake. I feel bad for this woman, but at the same time I feel bad for all who were taken by her. I feel as if she needs guidance and prayers and so much more then that.

That- My sunday addiction returns this week.. :::Claps::: True Blood is back.. True Blood is the anti Twilight as its Vampires and well um. .well its a bit over the top but REALLY good!!

This- Stupid Mets.. BLEW two games against the Phillies this week.. BOTH in extra innings.. I am not sure I can speak to them. I think they are in TIME out until further notice (which will be tomorrow, let's be real.. I can't stay mad forever.. but for tonight.. TIME OUT!! FACE THE CORNER!!)

That- Can anyone suggest easy meals only on TOP of the stove til Thursday? Fricking oven will be out when they replace the control panel thingee beyond the clock that went out. THANK God its covered or I would be screwed blued and tattooed.

This- Speaking of TATTOOS--I have decided my next one will be a Koi fish on my shoulder. they represent good luck and good fortune. and I need both so why not? :o)~

That- I am asking you guys to keep a reader of mine in my prayers.. she is VERY early pregnant and has had a rough road in the past, although she has a gorgeous little girl the same age as my Emily so please keep (at this time) the unnamed reader in your prayers. :o)~

This-So Chastity Bono is getting a sex change operation.. ok. I am TRYING to be good.. but.. I have to ask.. does she become a male and become straight? I am just wondering cause I am sort of confused of the rules.. help?

That- Sweet Tea, lots of ice (ie watered down). Yep.. thats the new crack for me. I have pretty much stopped drinking Soda (yes Karen.. I said that.. pick your jaw up). Its not easy but either I start doing something or give my tail end a new zip code of its own.

This- David stubs his toe tonight. .gets a sympathy bandaid returns about twenty minutes later....and informs us "I need a wheel chair" umm suck it up Bub.. you will be fine.

That- AJ made the All stars and I am psyched for him so Thumbs up AJ!!

Signing off as the mom of a now high school senior, sophmore, and freshman. A fifth grader and a kindergartener and Emily who gets to JUST be little :o)~

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT turn 38 yesterday because well as you can plainly see I am not a day over 29.. again.

I did NOT toss and turn til 3 AM on Saturday night because it was hot as h-e- double hockey sticks.

I did NOT just use H-E-Double hockey sticks on here, because I am out of elementary school.

I am NOT counting down the days til the kids are on summer vacation and happy but also dreading it because they will ALL be home for 24 hours a day.

I did NOT do absolutely nothing yesterday because hey it was my birthday :o)~

I did NOT eat a bowl of fruit this morning, and find a piece of chewed up orange in there because Emily had apprently returned a piece she didn't like.. ewww..

I did NOT just tell the kids to clean up and we would go to the beach.. for it to fall on completely deaf ears.. sighs.

I did NOT forget to pull anything out for dinner because I declared tonight C.O.R.N. dinner.. nice and easy (C.O.R.N. = Clean out refridgerator night)

I did NOT write my mother in law a fairly nasty email in reply to a REALLY nasty thing she did, and I would never stoop to her level.. except this one time.

and finally.. I did NOT feel the least bit guilty about said email becuase I was defnding my husband from an attack he did not warrant. (no really I mean it.. I didnt feel guilty)

Ok what did you do or not do???

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The week in Review.....

Ok.. I know I suck. I haven't blogged in a week. but I can explain.. Noooooo! Don't leave I promise!! ok.. so here is my week in review :::doo doo doo doo doo doo remember Saturday morning in the news on CBS when we were watching cartoons when we were little? or am I the only one from the 1970ish that remembers that???

Monday- Posted Not Me Monday, paid bills, did laundry.. ok so Monday was a bit of a wash but I promise it gets better ok?

Tuesday- figured out what I was getting Chuck for his birthday went to a meeting at Mary's school for her behavior plan for next year. All marveled at how she didn't get suspended since January. (those words would haunt us). Came home made dinner, AJ went to baseball badda bing badda boom another day in the books.

Wednesday- Spoke to a really nice man from Cornerstone about Mary and needing some behavioral help.... Scheduled Davids 5 year kindergarten check up and Emilys 18 month check up.... got the phone call of doom.. "Mrs Mapes, Mary was fighting with a student over a boy, she punched her in the face." I kick myself for the sentence the day before and then as I am kicking I hear "and when the teacher was pulling her OFF the student she swung at the teacher" ggggrrreeeaaatttt... suspended for two days. lovely. Mary comes home we ground her until shes 50, we have Mac and cheese and meatloaf for Chucks bday that night.

Thursday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCK!! Mary and I are home with Emily during the day. Mel and I run out to get new shirts to wear to a concert on Friday, and we find some great stuff at a thrfit store ( a new vacuum (singer for 16.98), a really nice purse for me ($2.98) and a pair of my favorite sandals that were eaten by the dog last year (2.98) NOT bad. Chuck and I go out to dinner for our mutual birthdays (he is June 4th I am well. today :o)~ heehee) Red Robin Yummm!!! I tell the Waiter its Chucks birthday.. hand him burger coupons for both of us.. damn... they SANG to both of us. its ok .dinner was great! I got Chuck a Reds hat with Tigger embroidered on the side, and a Motley Crue CD that got cracked.. he was tickled! We ran to the mall to walk off dinner and run to Bath and Body Works.. I ran to potty. I met him and he said "ok we are done" But.. I didn't shop!! He hands me a bag that weighs shortly less then Emily.. and I peek inside 9 bottles of bath and Body works sprays and a lipgloss!! Apparently they had a HUGE sale.. 4-5 dollars a piece.. holy crap!! (ok if anyone is wondering what the scents are they were: 2 mango and mandarin, 1 juniper breeze, 1 cucumber melon, 1 sweet pea, 1 rainkissed leaves, 1 moonlight path, 1 wild honeysuckle and 1 sea island cotton. Then I got one of the good green minty lipglosses.. YUM!! Chucky did good (I told him I am giving him credit for my shirt and pants.

Friday- Stephanie has a Dr's appt, I have to run to the bank, then Mel and I leave on our trip to Manteo, NC to see Delbert and the boys.. What fun we had!! it was a blast!!!! Delbert wished me a happy birthday and Mel and I talked to our buddies and just had a ball. (of course anywhere Mel and I go is a ball!!) She is going to fan fair this week so my birthday gift came early!! So much fun!! Well cept the thing that Chuck had hit with my van and neglected to tell me so it spent the better half of the drive home clacking and driving me nuts!!!

Saturday- AJ was supposed to have baseball called on account of rain.. AGAIN!! grrr!! During the day I pretty much stayed in bed, I was beat from the day before. By the night time we ran to BJs fed the kids dinner, and just hung out at home. Oh and the AC died.. we thought it was just frozen.. um no. It was dead. great...........We go to bed toss and turn all night..

Sunday- Wake up hot, sweaty and miserable.. Please a freecycle S.O.S. asking for help getting an AC guy.. have a wonderful breakfast (Not like Mothers day this one was awesome!! Pooh bear waffles on the waffle maker and a kiwi. oh and coffee but um hello I was already in the third stage of menopause so coffee not on my list.. lol) We called the greatest AC guy in the world who came right over and only charged us $105 to fix our AC!! holy crap!! I was ecstatic!! Chuck and I go to Walmart get a few things we needed and then.... we snuck off to Coldstone creamery for our birthday ice cream.. YUM! (a cheap and free date) and finally we head home watch the Mets win 7-0 (In honor of my bday? hey I'll take it), I field phone calls, texts and facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday. Chuck made me his wonderful burgers and fries for dinner.....stephanie made a great birthday cake and now we are watching Family Jewels (love this show!!)

TADA that is your week in review... more tomorrow for not me Monday!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT spend half the weekend not speaking to my husband because we were in a fight about fighting.. which is crazy and who would get mad about that (ME)

I did NOT just get paperwork about Stephanies Senior pictures :o(

I did NOT then open my invitation reminder to my 20th high school reunion. ..Because that would be wrong to get both the same day.

I did NOT vote for a friends little boy on 3 different emails... every day for the past week :oX but in my defense, one is mine, one is Chucks, and one is MINE and Chucks so its not like I voted alone right?

I did NOT wake up this morning and get dressed and accomplish all I had to do ontime because the odds of that happening on a Monday are slim...

I did NOT forget to pull something out for dinner tonight, then discovered there is enough left over chicken to make chicken alfredo.. cause only a bad mom would do that.

I did NOT spend all day talking to a good friend who came over with her three kids, rather then cleaning house. :o)~

And lastly, I did NOT forget today was NOT Me Monday until a minute ago.. cause how could I ever forget something this fun?? :o)~