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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why me Wednesday

All school year long we wait for this.. SUMMER vacation. . two months of fun in the sun... peace and quiet and sleeping in... pure bliss right? No I get "Mom I am bored".. "Mom why can't we go to the beach" .. "Mom!! MOM!! MOMMMY!!! he/she (insert horrible act) ME!!!" Yep welcome to my house during summer vacation.. Why me?

We have bills piling up and the money isn't piling nearly as fast. why me?

I told Danny he could have a friend over for a week.. The thing is Danny's friend is a great kid.. but they don't believe in sleeping at night.. why me?

Mary is being nosey and trying to read my blog while I write it.. mmm hmmm why me?

Since Danny has a friend over for a week.. EVERYONE wants a friend over for a week.. hahahaha NO. Why me?

I need a vacation or something before I snap.. why me?

Vacations require money... why me?

My oldest had her senior pictures today .. I am sad that she is growing up.. why can't they just stay little? Why me?

My oven is STILL broken.. why me?

I am addicted to my camera and while I gave birth to six lovely subjects half the time I am yelling.. "oh come just smile" Why me?

How come the mailman is always on time with the bills but late with the checks you are expecting? Why me?
And finally....there are 82 days until the first day of school.. it will be a long summer. WHY me?
**Truth be told.. I had to think of something. .the summer ones are ok. .minus the whining I really do enjoy having the kids home.. but I sort of do hope September 8th comes fast**

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