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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love and Marriage.. .

Many years ago, the song was sung by the great Frank Sinatra "Love and Marriage... Love and Marriage.. go together like a horse and carriage... this I tell you brother.. you can't have one without the other" This song was sung when Marriage was forever. When vows meant something and when you said I do, you meant until death do you part.

Nowadays, marriage is something that is taken entirely too lightly... Bride and Groom, Mr and Mrs, Man and wife, husband and wife, ball and chain, old man and old woman, and many other titles... Any way you look at it, it all means the same thing... you are supposed to be in this for the long haul. For life. If this was true, why is the divorce rate so high? Why do couples feel the need to search outside of their marriage vows for someone else? Why after being together for 20 or 30 years, is divorce even possible? Because while we get married and we love each other, forever is almost impossible to achieve. My parents were married for 38 years. My dad died in 1999, if he was still alive they would be celebrating 48 this year. It breaks my heart. My mom is my ideal example of what a marriage is. A partnership. Today on AOL, I saw this couple
81st Wedding Anniversary 81 years. WOW. If I make it to 10 I will be impressed. And this is my second marriage.

I want to believe that marriage is forever, I want to believe in the fairy tale, but its hard. When you combine a family, it is a challenge to treat everyone the same. To leave the only steps in the house the ones that go up to bedrooms. Don't get me wrong, its not always horrible, most of the time can be wonderful. But also very hard. Marriage is work. Life is work. The couple married say they don't argue. I would love that. My parents first fight was in 1978 over a Christmas tree my mom wanted taken down. I never saw a fight or heard a cross word. I never heard bad words said. I never heard yelling.

Is it too much to ask for forever? Is it unrealistic to think that maybe just maybe that couple isn't just the exception to the rule?

Friday, May 29, 2009

First Friday of Summer time

This week flew by, one day it was Monday and the next it is Friday. I love weeks like this, here one second and gone the next. Which means tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday, and our alarm clocks happily go to the off position.. Yippee!! So now the question asks what are the weekend plans... hmmmm..

Tomorrow we have baseball. Yep.. that time of year. .we live at the baseball field on Saturdays, last year I got my first sunburn at a baseball stadium.. I can see this year being the same :o)~ lol I am excited to see AJ play they had someone work with him on hitting last night. He is a great player but he has a problem with his stance, I am hopeful this meeting will fix that!! When he gets ahold of the ball the ball FLIES. hopefully that will be tomorrow!! GO AJ!

Sunday Chuck is off.. which is wonderful. We have Mass in the morning, and then we will probably head to the beach. It is almost a ritualistic event when it is lovely out. Why stay home when we we can go sit on sand, play in the water and soak up the sun? Then I think we may BBQ burgers. :o)~ As long as the weather holds. AJ also has his final try out.. .a bit nervous but excited too.

Summer time and the sun is possibly my favorite time of year until we get to August and it s so hot that I feel like I am gonna melt into a puddle. Summertime is baseball... and BBQ's... and lemonaide... and sweet tea... and swimming.. and sleeping in during the morning... and taking time to just do fun stuff... I <3>

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This and That.

As always when a Thursday post is impossible to come up with I go to my old "Stand by" Is that considered cheating? I hope not because well.... I am a mother of six.. sometimes I am forced to borrow old ideas. (See not stealing.. not cheating. .borrowing.. I am good huh?)

This-We are mere days away from me being the mother of a high school senior, a high school sophmore and a high school freshman. *Sighs* whoever granted these children permission to grow up, please be aware you can have the older ones.. but I am keeping Emily small. TYVM!

That-Exactly how many times a day can one child watch Wall E? This question I am pondering as we are on our 3rd viewing today. David is in love with this movie. You know the same kid who wanted NOTHING to do with it this summer..

This-I am questioning the sense of men. No, its not Chuck he didn't do it. We have a friend who's husband told her he wants a divorce (they have two kids) and then proceeded to tell her "I never loved you.. I just felt sorry for you.. is that bad?" I told her I personally would have mule kicked him and asked I don't know.. does that hurt?

That- AJ is trying out for a team that is going to Cincinnati for baseball as the team that presents Norfolk, VA. He is excited.. mom is nauseous.. he has made it through the first two.... and now the biggee is Sunday.. pray for him.. he really wants this.. pray for me that I survive.

This- Ok who kept Desperate Housewives from me for so long? I found it on Lifetime and I am hooked. .. its so evil but so good.

That- I refuse to post about a certain family of 10 other then to say, I think both parents suck. I agree with after hearing the Aunt and Uncle that sadly they are exploiting those kids :o(

This- There is a new summer show on A&E called Tattoo highway.. if you EVER watched Inked. watch this show.. it is Thomas and his wife Monica on a traveling tattoo "bus" It is AWESOME.

That- Farkle. It is a game on Facebook. It is evil. .avoid it.. that is all.

This-My tooth hurts and my head hurts.. ahh yes it is spring.. fun fun

That-Would someone please send the maid and the laundry fairy back to my house please? I would be grateful. Thank you in advance. :o)~

Ok. Time for me to go eat dinner (yes its 9:21.. I know) I will write more soon. I won't promise tomorrow but soon is within 3 days so that works right? Oh a very dear friend of mine Lisa. who is the mother of the ever adorable Bryan, has requested people vote for him as the most huggable. .when you see this little boy you will see why he is.. oh he is SOO is.. he is on this page she would love for you to vote for him so please do :o)~ 93.9 WLIT-FM - The Lite (And no I did not receive any payment for this ad (kidding) I just want to help out a good friend with the most huggable little boy and the one who doesn't know it yet but he is auditioning to be Emily's future husband by being so cute :o)~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Temptation Tuesday....

Since we didn't do Not Me Monday, I figured this was a fine week to make the return of ::::fanfare and drumrolls please:::::::::TEMPTATION TUESDAY!! ::::bum bum bum baaaaa::::: here we go:

1) Fresh Strawberries- Seriously.. I love them... I love that I can eat them and pretend to feel guilty but then realize HA! I am not being so bad.. ROCK on!!

2) Sweet tea-Sweet tea is lovely.. And Chucky made me some lovely Sweet tea and I <3>

3) The beach. I love spring/summer.. I love the beach.. sitting on the sand and enjoying some sun.. watching the kids smile.. and Who can't enjoy seeing this face as she explores her area around her.. so amazing.
4) Baseball.. ok.. so this season hasn't been all wins.. what season ever is? baseball is a temptation. I LOVE baseball!!! Whether its the Mets playing, AJ playing, or well ok anyone playing .. baseball rocks.

5) Facebook- I can't tell you how much of a temptation this is for me, I have found old friends and made new friends. I love facebook!!

6) No alarm clocks going off.. oh how I love getting up at 9 AM. and how I long for the summer .. seriously seriously LONG for it.. 15 more days of school.. we can make it.. right?!?!
7) Dandelions, buttercups, and other flowers that get eaten by the lawn mower- Am I crazy? I love those? Ok .. no I don't really love them.. I love that DAVID brings me bouquets of them..
:::Sniff sniff::: so sweet!!
and finally..
8) Finding families on TV more dysfunctional then mine- ok that one is bad. .I am sorry I said it. .there.. I watch Wife Swap. I laugh.. WOW some of these families. WOW!! but its a temptation I.. can't.. shut.. it ... off..
So what is your temptation?? What do you want to take a bite out of (figuratively) :o)~ Go ahead share its ok. I don't bite... much lol

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some gave all.

I am taking the day off from Not Me Monday, to remember those who gave their life for this country. I am the grand-daughter of a US Navy Salior, the daughter of a US Army Solider, the wife of a US Navy Sailor, the daughter-in-law of a US Air Force Soldier, the Aunt of a US Army Soldier, and I am sure I can trace this lineage even further. I also know that I will likely will the mother of a US Navy Salior in the next year and possibly the mother of a US Army Soldier in the next few years. While I can state with absolute pride that my family has gave some, I am thankful that to my knowledge none of my family gave all. The ultimate sacrifice... their life. Today we honor the fallen heroes, the men and women who have fought to keep our great nation safe and made it so we can wake in the morning free. All gave some.. Some gave all. When you see a member of the United States Military, whether you are for or against the war. Thank them for their service. And if you can't do that, then please turn your tail from my blog and never come back. I support the US miitary here, and I am proud of each service member who has the guts to put that uniform on every single day! God BLESS America! And Happy Memorial Day!

Some Gave all

By Billy Ray Cyrus

I knew a man called him Sandy Kane

Few folks even knew his name

But a hero was he

Left a boy, came back a man

Still many just don't understand

About the reasons we are free

I can't forget the look in his eyes

Or the tears he cries

As he said these words to me

All gave some and some gave all

And some stood through for the red, white and blue

And some had to fall

And if you ever think of me

Think of all your liberties and recall

Some gave all

Now Sandy Kane is no longer here

But his words are oh so clear

As they echo through out our land

For all his friends who gave us all

Who stood the ground and took the fall

To help their fellow man

Love your country and live with pride

And don't forget those who died

America can't you see

All gave some and some gave all

And some stood through for the red, white and blue

And some had to fall

And if you ever think of me

Think of all your liberties and recall

Some gave all

And if you ever think of me

Think of all your liberties and recall,

yes recall

Some gave all

Some gave all

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry

So the past week, I have been monitoring my stalkers. You know keeping an eye out for them, because I knew they were up to something. They are ALWAYS up to something. And that is when I observed this:
Sighs. Before I had children, sticking my hand in the toilet was worse then throwing up. I could not fathom any reason I could possibly have to put my hands down the pee & poop throne. Then I had children. Since that time I have chased down the following (but not limited to) items: A cell phone (twice), a bart simpson character, a dry erase board eraser, markers, batteries, a jingle bell 50 times the size of a regular one, a baseball, my necklace (barely got that one back), and my personal favorite..a squirt gun that was apparently trying to be filled per my then 4 year old son. Yep, when it comes to saving big plumbing bills or an item that we can not live for another second without (ok we could) sticking your hand in the toilet isn't as bad as it seems.

Do you know when I go places and I am sitting all alone in that private bathroom stall, I get almost giddy. The door is shut and locked and I am alone. See, I have not had privacy in a potty in so many years I am not sure we actually own a door on our bathroom. There is nothing more eye opening then hearing your four year old announce as you are dropping your pants "WOW MOM!! YOU HAVE A BIG BUTT!" Why thank you son, I just ordered my wide load bumper sticker, it should be here next week. Or how many times have you been in the shower and had the curtain ripped open? " HEY MOM! Can I have a snack" Good lord eat the entire kitchen for all I care, just get the @#*@ out of the BATHROOM!!" Yep, who needs privacy when you have kids?.

Yep, thats right. you want to go out? alone? Please make check payable to (enter name here). Or in the case of a teenager who is a sibling, it is more like an auction. The bidding war begins for the things they want in return for their babysitting the "Spawn siblings" (aren't you wondering if I have ever heard that before? no of course not. haha) In our house, I can usually guilt trip the kids into a date night about once a month. . I walk around the house and sigh.. eventually the oldest gives in. If that doesn't work I announce that if I don't get grown up time soon I am going to have a melt down. Yep, thats right. I threaten meltdowns to get out.. its wrong its evil.. but hey.. it works :o)~

When we have babies, we wait for the first roll, the first crawl, and then for them to walk. Then we wish we had a rewind button. Once a baby begins to walk we have to clear the tables of all belongings we ever cherished. We have to put away anything of value, move all items from the bottom two entertainment center shelves up, and realize that our houses will now resemble Toys R Us or even Romper Room for the next few years. All that money that was spent on collectibles, and the collectibles are up so high nobody can seee them. Sighs.

This is so true. I used to think I was smart, not brilliant but I at least had some functioning brain cells. Then my kids entered school. They brought home math problems with more letters then are in the actual alphabet, and my only reply was "Ask your father" who's only reply was "Ask your mother" . So now when they come to me, I just get a glassy look in my eyes and they turn and walk away --quietly and quickly--and allow Mommy to have one of her "moments".

Ah yes.. you have spent good money on something.. doesn't matter what.. its going to be junk in no time. Whether you spent money on sunglasses (who just can't sustain the pressure of having their arms pulled backwards until they touch), a pooh bear figurine that has a bee knocked off his nose (I don't know how it happened Mommy it JUST fell off.. mmhmmm). Pick an item .. any item..If you put an effort into buying it.. its gonna land up broken and there will be tears.. from the kids and you. Sighs.

Ok.. admit it.. you can relate to one of these if you have kids.. if you have elementary kids probably two of them.. if you have middle schoolers easily 3.. If you have teenagers you could have written this. and if you survived and made it to grown up children. I salute you! And please send any tips my way. :o)~

Friday, May 22, 2009

20 years?!?!

West Springfield Spartans class of 1989

There is no cause for alarm that sound you hear of someone screaming hysterically in the background is just me as I realize that I have been out of school (as of June 15th this year) for 20 years. For some reason, when it is in the teens it does not sound as bad... or nearly as long.. gracious me. But then as I fill out the brag sheet (aka the reunion "what have you done since high school"page) I sigh. I can not help it. A brief review of my years since 1989:

1989- Graduate from high school in June, Find out I am pregnant with Matthew (that would be my prom night present and why my daughters will all wear chastity belts to their proms thank you very much). lose my dear Uncle Stanley, both my grandparents have strokes, my now ex husband moves in to the house with my parents.

1990-Lose my sweet son Matthew to CDH, a disease that is no longer fatal like it was 19 years ago. While I am happy for the parents of babies who survive, I can not help but wonder "what if", my grandfather suffers another major stroke leaving him only able to say a few words one sentence being (no I am not kidding) "Get the hell out of here" usually accompanied by kicking his good leg at the dog, my grandparents move in so we can take care of them, GW and I get engaged, and in October we get married.

1991-My grandfather passed away, which was sad. Nana landed up moving in full time (before shew as splitting time between our house and my uncles), and Stephanie Diane Glover made her so grand appearance on August 21, 1991 at 4:11 PM. Screaming and hollering and has barely stopped since. :o)~

1992- Life with a toddler, nothing much to report from 1992, I worked for Xerox and I loved it. It was an awesome place to work until dreaded cutbacks and then sigh job cuts. I got pregnant with Danny.

1993- Work Work Work through my pregnancy with Danny, GW at this point works for Spencer Gifts. On December 15th 1993 Daniel Matthew Glover made his appearance, on GW's birthday.

1994- Surprise Surprise! 11 months after Danny was born along came AJ on November 12, 1994. I was now the proud mother of 3 under 3. Yikes. I quit working at this point and began to care for my Nana fulltime. She needed someone and I was more patient then my ex sister in law was.

1995 taking care of Nana, living with my mom and Dad, nothing much more to report. GW changed jobs a few times, and that made the thought of moving impossible. November 22, 1995

My beloved Nana passes away from her stomach rupturing. :o( Devestating my mother who as we slowly walked out of Fairfax hospital she said "I am an orphan" and it broke my heart.

1996- Moving through the motions of the day, but nothing that eventful.

1997- Moving is now our only option Mom and Dad are buying a house and its time to get out. Great. We move to a not so great house in Alexandria, me, GW, my brother Rip and our three kids. Well lookie here, I am pregnant. David moves home from Florida after an ugly break up with John. David, Ceasar and Sasha move in with Mom and Dad. A month later, Gregg moves in after Dena (his ex wife) and he break up :o(. November 10th 1997.... after an illness that was only 10 days, we lose David to AIDS. He found out October 30, 1997 entered the hospital and was gone by November 10th. No fair. The most wonderful brother in the world, was now gone :o(

1998- Mary Elizabeth was born on January 5, 1998... she came out and took my bladder with me.. I should have known that she was gonna be trouble RIGHT then huh?

1999- The hardest to write about.....we lose my daddy. Nothing could prepare me for the broken heart I suffered. The anger I felt with God. How could he take my daddy? No chance to say good bye. Nothing. He was gone. My 10 year reunion, what a fun day!

2000- Began to work for, a .com that was going to revolutionize how a permit was run. Great job, Great company.. went bankrupt and did not pay any of their employees GREAT GOD how do we pay our bills?!? in the midst of all this, I find out that GW is having an affair with my best friend. for 3 years. He informed me he would never leave me. @@ isn't that nice? We tried to make things work. Impossible. I could not fight fair, when I fought I used harsh words. we were going through the motions but not really together and headed for divorce. meanwhile Mike and Dana get married. :o)~

2001- Sept 11 2001 reshaped my life, how hard it was to see our country like that? I was running my own permit company and exhausted but happy to be away from home. In November I met Chuck face to face after talking for four years. That day I knew I was gone .. in trouble because my heart was stolen.

2002- We relocate to Hampton Roads, VA and for the first time in a long time I feel like I am home. The kids all thrive at school.. Chuck is in the Navy and going out to sea periodically but its nothing I can't survive.. yet.

2003- Chuck deploys.. My heart breaks. :o( He comes home 3 1/2 months later safe and sound but while he is gone I send him care packages and over 200 letters (1-3 letters and cards a day.. no I am not kidding). In June 2003 he got out of the Navy and in July he started his civilian job. He is still a reservist but home every night. I start working for Planet Video part time. I get a full time managers position and surprise surprise I am pregnant.

2004- July 12, 2004.. arriving from gate 1.. David Erich Mapes (named for my brother and my dads middle name) He is a clone of his daddy. we move to the armpit that is Newport News, VA

2005- Nothing worth reporting lol.. it was just a year like a regular year lol. oooh i started to hang out with Desere more, and started babysitting her two boys.

2006- now here is the tricky one.....We are going through the motions making plans for going to Walt Disney World when a week before.. surprise of our life time. STEPHANIE gives birth... my oldest... she delivers Caleb Micheal on october 28, 2006. WOW talk about your shockers.. we had no idea she was pregnant. yikes. talk about losing your mom of the decade huh? Stephanie made the decision to call my brother Mike and his wife Dana and they adopted Caleb. We still went to Disney World had a blast (thanks to my ex who paid for the entire trip.. yea I know... we put the fun in dysfunctional.. but we really do make terrible spouses and great friends).

2007- Desere and Jim move away :o( that sucks. Life is busy as always and to add to it.. Chuck and I agree he will get a vasectomy.. we have cinco de mayo... margaritas and well hello pregnancy test.!! Followed by a gruesome pregnancy.. that was NO fun I had PIH the whole time.. yuck.

2008- January 5 (yes Mary's birthday). Emily arrives.. .if David was a clone then she was well if Chuck was a girl. we know what he would look like. In July of 2008 my mom retires and we buy a beautiful house in Norfolk, VA :o)~ Ahhh home sweet home. :::the Motley Crue version:::: rest of the year goes by.

2009- Chuck decides to go back to school full time (thanks to the extra money from the VA), as he starts classes I discover I screwed up and should have went to school. Thanks to Facebook, Myspace, and Blogger I reconnect with a lot of old friends. YAY! which brings us to today...

There is my history for the last 20 years.. Its not glamorous, but it is my life. I don't get paid half a million dollars, we do live paycheck to paycheck but ya wanna know something... I am happy with my life. Regrets? who doesn't have them, but in the end I have a legacy. At the end of the day, that is what matters.. life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wicked What nots....

Have you ever had someone who used the phrase "What not?" Ya know the person who goes through a long story and ends it with "and what not..." like there is more but they just want to drop it there. Fair enough. Today is the What not post. I have a billion things going on in my brain and it definitely feels like a what not day... here we go:

My high school reunion is in July, I am now being bombarded with emails from class members who are pleading for people to buy tickets. Ok let's review, tickets are $110 per PERSON. While I do understand some members of my class are independently wealthy (And kudos to those of them that are) some of us live paycheck to paycheck. Some of us have kids who come first over a party. Some of us have teenagers who are getting ready to be seniors and with this senior year comes so many fees.. class dues, prom, SAT fees, class pictures, military ball, homecoming, field trips (that BIG class trip), and I know there are more I am missing. The thing is, while $220 for an evening out is chump change to some people.. it is REAL money to others. There is a big part of me that would LOVE to be there, LOVE to see the grown ups people have become, but how do you justify the ends to meet the means?

And what not....

I am on a New York Mets strike. They are in a personal time out with me until they start playing like a team. I realize they have injuries and I do know that has to make things terribly hard on them. However, last week they stole 11 bases in 2 games, this week I think they had that many errors in the same amount of games. Who replaced my MLB team with a little league team? And can I please have back the real guys. Thank you.

And What not...

I have discovered that Facebook for me is not just an addiction, it is a way of reconnecting with my past. I have found people who I have not heard from in 20 years and talking to them again has been so amazing. There are some who well to be honest, could stay lost and I would never give them a passing thought, but others wow.. welcome back. you were missed.

And what not.....

I have come to realize I am a hermit. But wait it gets better I am a hermit with cabin fever. It is not that I can not leave, I have the ability to get out. My van is outside the house, I just have no stinking desire to go anywhere. Or when I do have the desire it does not last long. I will go grab lunch with Mel, or run to BJ's (sad that is a trip out.. the grocery store). And that usually fixes it for a few days. Chuck and I never go out anywhere... sometimes it is the money excuse.. sometimes it is the time excuse and others it is the "I am just too tired". Hermit. Yep. thats me

And what not....

This is the big serious one. Are you ready? I am not sure I am. What do you do when you realize that the big picture is not always what it appears to be? Sometimes I have this problem, i am ridiculiously nice, because of that I tend to get taken advantage of. And usually I do not even realize it until after it happens. People take advantage of a kind heart, and I can say that and I can even say I know right now as I am typing this it is happening. Will I fix it? nah. not yet. I will sit back and watch it continue because hey I am the nice guy remember?

I think this concludes the what nots for today.. I am going to go find my rock and crawl back under the safety of it all. (by rock I mean laptop keyboard of course) I am here, I don't stray, and for the most part I think that is a good thing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT get hardly any sleep last night due to a teething 16 month old.. :o( No really I didn't..

Because of that, I did NOT let my son AJ stay home today from school since we all woke up late, no a good mother would have gotten up and driven him. I am not a good mom today.

I did not just sit here watching a movie called "Taking Chance" and crying my eyes out.

I certainly do NOT think that everyone in America NEEDS to see this movie (available on DVD tomorrow)

I did not decide Grilled cheese and soup for dinner tonight because simple is the name of my game.

I did not write a blog about monsters yesterday because monsters do not exsist, well except the ones I listed of course.

I did not sleep in til 11 AM on Saturday because Simply sleep and my teenager daughter both rock.

and finally....

I did NOT giggle that David has now began to tell jokes because he is getting a personality and its so wonderful to see that.. even if the jokes are REALLY bad. "MOM MOM why did the chicken cross the playground?" Me: "WhyDavid?" "To get to the other slide.. haha get it Mom?"

I am said to say I did GET IT.. but I did NOT laugh :o)~ ok yes I did .

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Growing up, we faced all kinds of monsters.. as we got older we ignored them but they still exsist. Today, my blog is going to be (hopefully lighthearted) about the wonderful world of Monsters... Yep.. Monsters.

The sock monster- This creature steals and eats socks. Yet he never eats both of them, no he is more content to eat one of the pair leaving you to wonder where your socks are and to curse his name. Yep.. The sock monster never goes away and he only gets worse when the little kids become teenagers.

The money monster- This is the unexplainable expenses that pop up when you least expect it. No matter what you do, this monster will eat at whatever you are trying to save. He may be a small monster but there are times that he may be huge. Bad monster!!

The teenage monster- This is possibly the most vile of all monsters. This is what used to be your sweet toddler. The one that would grab your knees and say "I LOVE YOU!" is now this monster who comes downstairs scratches itself, belches and opens the refridgerator.. which brings me to the...

The Food monster- you know last night you had enough for leftovers tonight, but alas someone attacked the fridge. Nothing is left. There is nothing there. when you question who did it, the answer is "not me" So it MUST be the Food monster, right?

The sleep monster- This is the one that doesn't allow you to get out of bed in the morning. As you hit the snooze button ONE more time for just FIVE MORE MINUTES. You have been taken over by the sleep monster.

The messy monster- Ya know the day when you spent the day before cleaning putting everything back in its place, but then you realize that everything is out of place again!! ARGH!! the messy monster has hit you.

The monster on the bed- no wait thats just the hubby snoring. my bad.

The remote control monster- It disappears on its own.. the remote can not be found .. or did someone steal it. mmm hmmm..

The clothes stealing monster- This monster steals Mom's and Dad's clothes and puts them in the teenagers rooms and sometimes DIRECTLY on the teenager who claims "I don't know HOW it got up in my room" AHA! the answer!!

Edited to add because my friend Michele pointed it out to me:

Paci Monster- Baby can have three pacifiers and then poof they are gone! Where did they go.. only the paci monster knows!!

Ponytail Monster- You know the package says 48 on it... how is it one week after you get them you are down to four?!?!?! WTH!!!!!

Key Monster- You put the keys down when you got home, you know where you put them. You KNOW you know where they were.. dammit.. they are gone NOW... You can look and look and look but they are MIA. Sighs. by the time you steal your spouses keys leave and come back the other set is back.. hmm temporary key vacation? Maybe.. just maybe.

::sighs::: where is the peace and tranquility monster? I want to be visited by that one. Or the "surprise you won the lottery monster" that one can visit more then once..we will even let him sleep under the bed.. or hell on TOP!! Or the "I cleaned the whole house for you" Monster.. that would be nice. No I get the mess makers, the food eaters, the remote contol and sock stealers. Yep, monsters.. the next time your kids tell you something under the bed is drooling.. trust them or you may find out in the morning you are missing a sock.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friend in me Friday....

Today, I have decided to blog about the important of friends. I am one of those people who seems to get along with most people, if walls could talk I would make friends with the wall. Bottom line its my personality. I am friendly by nature (ok unless you tick me off) and will give you the shirt off my back. Recently I have discovered that for every good friend you can count on one hand, you have probably three or four that you can say have hurt you in some way. This is the main problem with being nice and well, vulnerable. People take friendship for granted.

So today, I am going to tell my friends how I feel... I am not naming names.. because it applies to all my friends (and yes my hubby too)

Dear Friend-

Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for touching my life in your own special way.

Thank you for reaching out to me when you saw I needed it.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard something came out of my nose.

Thank you for the moment you made me realize how glad I am to have you in my life.

Thank you for reading my blog, it may not mean that much to you but knowing someone is listening means the world to me. :o)~

Thank you for thinking of me when you have.

Thank you for remembering me in your prayers.

Thank you for holding your breath with me when the moment required.

Thank you for applauding my best moments and mourning with me during my worst

Thank you for being you.

If you can see this, if you can read this, if you are here. This message is for you. Thank you for being a friend. Even if this message does not personally apply to you about me, it does about someone and if nothing else I am thanking you for them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This and That...

This-- Yesterday was my mom's birthday she is 71 years old. :o)~ Happy belated birthday mom!! (late here, I called her.. ALOT).

That-- Chuck has gone back to school full time, this is impressive because well Chuck needed to do that and it is such a smart thing he is doing. The thing is, as we work on assignments and I help him out and I realize I screwed up. I should have went to college, I am a pretty damn good writer and WHY was I so flaky when I was a kid that I screwed up any chances to go!. ARGH!! What.. an.. idiot...

This--Have you ever noticed during the week you pray for Friday to get here.. every day you say "please just get me through to Friday" Then on Friday you say "WOOHOO Friday! Yes the weekend" and two short days later because you cram everything you want to do in a SMALL amount of then complain because its NOW Monday.. sighs. I complain. but i do it. so guilty.

That--Watching the Grey's season finale... OH MY GOD!!!

This--Ok the BEST compliment EVER was just said on Grey's .. "I can't breathe without you" WOW. What a line.. ok thats two in two weeks. just WOW

That--First they win 10 games in a ROW I am so proud and then they screw it all up... STUPID METS!! ARGH!!

This--Isn't McDreamy.. well um Dreamy? Sighs. I really do heart him.

That--OMG!!!!! that was the WORST season finale ending ever :o( oh no.. I am so not happy!!

This--Do you think i can blog about anything else other then Grey's? Apparently not tonight.. sighs.

Ok.. more tomorrow.. i am gonna go complain about the ending.. NOT COOL!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Kayleigh

I am not even sure where to begin today I have a few things I do want to talk about but I feel as if how can I ask why me before I bring this up? When Kayleigh's Story family is suffering a loss from their sweet Kayleigh who went home to God on Monday at 9:44 PM. I am so so sad for them, for 11 months that little girl fought the good fight but finally she flew home to the safe arms of our Lord. And while I do not know them as a mother who has expereienced loss my heart breaks for them. It just hurts so bad to see all your dreams fall before your eyes. I will pray they hold on tight to each other to get through. Fly free little miracle!! Your life on earth was short but you will live forever healthy and healed now!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sueeeeeeyyyyyy here pig pig pig!!

Ok.. I know what you are thinking..
you are thinking
"ok.. someone has lost their mind"
You are right. If I haven't lost it.. it is going.. fast.
I live with teenagers.. Teenagers who are perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves but for whatever reason would rather live in well squalor.
Granted, there are daily fights asking and requesting that they clean up but its similiar to asking a brick wall to do something, it won't happen.
Frusturated? Yes. Extremely.
I can clean up the messes all day they come in afer school turn into spinning Tazmanian devils and what is done becomes undone.
Today, I have put together a chore bowl...
its always the one thing that tends to get them BACK on task ..
because they hate it..
with a passion.
They do it because we give no option..
they complain the whole time (yea that breaks my heart.. not).
So today, I am hoping with the presence of mind of a farmer, I can call out the pigs teenagers and get some order back in this farm
before I have to kill them..
Wish me luck!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday..

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not at anytime this weekend cry because of the attitudes of certain members of my family, that would be like crying over spilled milk and I am a big girl and would not do that.

I did not get into a fight with Chuck's ex wife, even though I was right. Sinking down to her level would be crazy.

I most certainly did not justify that tortillas and hummus are a good lunch because I find it so yummy and it was easy to grab and took little to no effort.

I did not wish that my mother's day would have been a little more special then it was. Not that it wasn't a nice day hanging out in my bed all day but it wasn't as nice as I would have liked.

I did not get brought this meal on a TV tray.

I then did NOT eat it smiling because at least my children made the effort to make me a nice breakfast in bed. (on the plate is Scrambled eggs, pancakes, 1 fried egg, 1 cup of coffee and a glass of V8 splash) and for you moms of little bittys who are laughing.. remember this is coming to you one day

ok I really DID NOT eat the scrambled eggs I took two bites but could not do it. I am already not much of a fan so my husband with the iron stomach did NOT use an old Navy tactic of covering them in ketchup to eat them

I did NOT see my little girl grow up right before my eyes on Saturday when she got dressed in her formal and went and got her class ring. :o( She turned her's 10 times, and i DID not have my turned 89 that would make me old and I am NOT.

So what else did you NOT do? Post about it then link to the lovely McKMama. :o)~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An I.O. U. for My Mom.

Mom, I owe you for all the times you loved me and I didn't really deserve it.

Mom, I owe you for the conversations I will always remember even if I do not show it

Mom, I owe you for making me the mother I have become

Mom, I owe you for teaching me the right from the wrong.

Mom, I owe you for the smiles, the laughs, the moments that aren't forgotten

Mom, I owe you for taking away the tears, and replacing them with hugs and perfect love

Mom, I owe you for my life each day we take for granted

Mom, I owe you for being the one who I can count on without a doubt ever.

Mom, I owe you for holding my hand and leading me on the right path

Mom, I owe you for pulling me back when I started to stray the wrong way

Mom, I owe you for my faith because of you I believe again.

Mom, I owe you for the smiles, the laughs, the tears, my life.

Mom, I owe you so much the dollar amount would be in the bazillions

So Mom, today I tell you to go ahead.. write yourself a check :o)~

(Just please don't cash it).

I love you Mom!!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Being a Mom....

I am writing today about being a mom.. .stop stop I know I am not nuts. .I know tomorrow is Mother's day, but the thing is.. tomorrow I plan to write about my mom. Today I am want to write about being a mom. Where do I start?
In 1990, I got pregnant with my first born son. As in shock as I was because I was only 18 I recovered and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Matthew Stephen on February 21. It was love at first sight, followed by unrecoverable heartbreak when he passed away 20 hours later of CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia). I questioned myself from the day he passed away if I was really a mother, or just the mother of a baby who passed away. But then I was told by a dear friend "you mothered him from the moment you conceived him until the moment he went to God's arms. You are a special mom, you are a mom with a guardian angel"
In 1991 on August 21 I gave birth to my beautiful Stephanie, more specifically it was 18 months to the day after my sweet Matthew was born. She was perfect, she cried and then I cried. Matthew never cried, he never made a sound and I did not get to hold him until after he died. Holding a sweet beautiful pink baby was the best. That moment I was not just a mother, I was a mommy. I have been through good times and bad times with Stephanie, but the good far outweigh the bad. She is now 17 and the most beautiful girl, she has a wonderful soul and will do anything for anyone. Tonight as I type this she is at her junior prom, it breaks my heart to see her grow.. but it makes my heart smile to watch it.

In 1993 on December 15th, on my ex husbands birthday, a loud little boy with a headfull of brown hair made his appearance at 3 AM. To this day this boy favors the nights over the mornings, and is still loud. I kid. My Daniel was my healthy boy, my son who screamed and cried and was so sweet and wonderful to see. Today he is a 15 year old boy, we have struggled like his sister with good days and bad, and his good too outweigh his bad. While he may have his days, he is a wonderful boy who I would lay my life down for.

In 1994 on November 12th, 11 months after Danny was born Andrew (AJ) arrived. AJ decided he didn't want to come out easily. Nope. . AJ decided to bungee jump with his umbilical cord and get all wrapped up... once around a hand, around both feet.. Yep my AJ came via C-section and to this day is the most athletic of my kids. He plays baseball, he loves baseball. He is an amazing boy who has developed a love like no other for a little redhead girl named Emily. AJ is the top of the line, he will do anything for anyone anytime.

In 1998 on January 5th, Mary came, with her was my second daughter a sweet little baby who loves her daddy with a fierceness that still can not be toppled. She has grown into a skinny mini little thing with a big temper and big tude one minute and then can turn around and be the sweetest little girl the next. That is my Mary. Yes, there are days I want to print out the exorcism forms but the Vatican (kidding) but for the most part I know that when Mary gets past this stage she will be the most wonderful lady in the debris.

July 12th 2004, David. David blonde hair blue eyed handsome little boy came into our world, after a rough pregnancy but an AWESOME delivery (ok so I begged for drugs. .sue me), out came my David. Perfect. Handsome. He stole the hearts of his siblings, and his mommy and daddy from day one. We were gone.. hook line and sinker. Sure David has done things, sharpie on my walls comes to mind (thank you Magic Erasers). David has aspergers syndrome, and while that may define him to some people, his sweet heart and his gentle soul define him to me. While he may be a whirly bird with the energy of six four year olds, he is a sweet little boy.

In 2008, Our Cinco de Mayo we drank Margaritas surprise came along, on January 5th..exactly 10 years and 3 minutes from the day I delivered Mary, out came Miss Emily. Our perfect exclamation point. Chucky's first biological daughter, and believe me when I tell you the second he saw that little face he was gone. She is now 16 months old, and he is still putty in her hands. :o)~ She is a beautiful, and sweet and funny, and I love that she is my little girl. (this is right before she pulls out her ponytail.. a daily occasion.. ok hourly in our house)

So there you have it, there are the seven individuals who have made me who I am. They define me as a mommy, they allow me to throw my hat in the Mother's day ring. I love them all with my entire heart and every breath I take. I wish each of you Mommy's out there a wonderful and Happy Mother's day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This and That..

I guess Thursday is my favorite day for this because it starts with the TH sound.. Makes sense right? Logically in my head I say yes, can you see me shaking my head up and down? Ok on to our This and That of today....

This-My two oldest made rank in NJROTC which is so utterly thrilling. We knew Stephanie would, she is just Navy bred that well.. but Danny we were figuring he may get it by next year. Awesome! for both of them. so so proud!!

That-I am exhausted and stresed out, I need a break. even 24 hours away.. soon.

This- My idiot ex tells me today he blew up at a manager at work and was told if it happens again they will fire him. He thinks they are being irreasonable to want him to behave like a grown up. I told him that if he loses his job, I will kill him. He does this every 3 years.. quits or gets fired.. if he does it now with this economy there will be a homicide and I will need an alibi.. who's got me covered?

That- tonight is the big Grey's anatomy wedding.. ok.. let's take a vote.. who doesn't think that its gonna happen? Who thinks it will happen? and who thinks it will be Izzy and Alex who get married instead? Votes are good til 8 PM CST then I am closing them.

This-Mary is 11 and about ready to be on the same chopping block as her dad.... she is just not moody and nasty and I am not in the mood for it... Sighs.. I hope this age passes soon.. because currently I am getting ready to petition the Vatican for an exorcism.

That-Mel kicks butt. Yep there I said it. on my blog in print. She gave Chuck Mothers day off. I have no idea what/if he has planned but still the gesture of it is very sweet. And I appreciate it.. a lot :o)~

Ok more tomorrow.. have a good one!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Me Wednesday?

This is the usual complaint ridden post of "Why me Wednesday" Why because we like you.. (M-O-U-S-E). No, I am not drunk.. I am just sort of well punchy.. its been a long day.. so AWAY we gooooooo......

My husbands ex wife is a mental space case, we are trying to be nice so he can talk to his son.. but I am ready to go postal.. why me??

Apparently per a friend of her's who has become more of a friend of mine... she is still in love with Chuck . no I am not worried.. at all.. but the Why me is because eventually he's gonna have to say something.. why me?

My teenager informed me I was old today when she showed me how to do a brainstorming web.... why me? (Ok seriously.. 20th high school reunion is in July.. I really don't remember much.. the last year is a bit of a blur lol)

I noticed two days ago I am starting to break out again.. Why me?

The steroids made my face fat, and I simply can't lose 2 lbs to save my life. I feel as big as a house.. why me?

Stephanie got most of what she needed for prom.. but not everything.. more money has to be sent.. why me?

I am tired of spending everything we have and having no breathing room.. why me?

I am desperately in need of a vacation.. why me?

I wish my children would understand that the house they live in is coming with huge sacrifices for Chuck and I. We worked hard to get this house and they just don't care and I can't get them to clean up. .. its driving me nuts and all I really want for Mother's day is a clean house.. too much to ask for?? Why me?

My energy level is at a 1.5 and it should be higher.. :o( I am just so worn down all the time. I have clue why and its driving me crazy.. why me?

Ok.. there is my bitchy blogfest today... more tomorrow I will try and whine less. but hey it was Why me Wednesday.. right?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not me Monday..welcome home McKmama and Stellan!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT thoroughly miss MckMama being involved in Not Me Monday.. and I am NOT so tickled to see that she and Stellan are home!!

I did NOT seriously look up "woodland creature" food that she talks about because I am curious about it, and I did NOT know what a raw almond was (don't laugh at me lol)

I did NOT catch David dancing in the bathroom this morning doing the "hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog" Mickey Mouse club house dance.

I was NOT disappointed that Mary was too slow to get my camera to me to catch it on film. ..

I did NOT celebrate the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure" by going to get a bed frame from someone on freecycle. I certainly did NOT sleep better then I have in months because my bed is FINALLY off the ground!

I did NOT thoroughly miss my husband yesterday, which is ridiculious because he was only gone for 8 hours and he goes to work for most days for 8 hours how could I miss him? But I did.

I did NOT sleep in til 10:30 yesterday and wake up and realize there was no way I was going to get to Mass :o( Next week..

I did NOT justify sleeping in because I had taken NyQuill the night before and had a NyQuill hang over.

I did NOT pray over and over and over for a bunch of babies on blogs that I do not even know because they are having health issues and that makes me so sad.

I did NOT just decide that we are having omelets for dinner because we have four dozen eggs in our fridge. WOW! lots of eggs!!

and finally...

I did NOT laugh at our cat who was rolling over on the table and lost his bearings and fell to the floor. . got up and looked around like "you all didn't see that right?"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring, the Jonas Brothers, and misc other stuff.

Spring is here. It sprung and with it my allergies have sprung too. My eyes are watery, I find myself sneezing, I am about 90% sure I am allergic to Virginia. Or Spring. :o)~ But I love getting up in the morning and putting on capris.. and flip flops.. and dressing Emily in her cute little dresses or shorts and tshirts. Spring is beautiful.

We are being subjected in this house to the new Jonas brothers show. Why? Because well...I am pretty sure I am being paid back for something.. but hey. Stephanie is not a fan. I know because when she entered a contest last year to go see them in concert.. she told me "I am not a fan.. But.." then she won the tickets.. and then Joe, Nick and Kevin hugged her and *poof* a fan is born. Now if they so much as breeze on our TV sets Stephanie turns from almost 18 year old "I am an ADULT" to screaming 13 year old preteen hormone that will DIE (DIE DO YOU HEAR ME??) if she doesn't see them. Yep.. its pathetic.. its a good thing her mommy isn't like that.. (ok.. yes I am.. for one guy.. Garth. I would let him eat crackers in bed.. JUST saying)

So we went to BJ's today which was a zoo. Not just like five or six people.. we are talking WALL to WALL people. It was insane. I was 1/2 way convinced that they were giving away a car or something.. Then we saw the sign "now accepting EBT cards" ahh.. and its the first weekend of the month. That is all well and good, with everything so rough for people right now more and more people are receiving help.. however... One of the cashiers was telling us that they had 27 baskets of reshops because people were grabbing things they could not buy or shocked that you could not get one or two items. I felt so bad for them, and at the same point feel as if big Warehouse shops like that are going to accept food stamps they need to at least explain the rules.. I know they know most of them (food items only) but what about "yes you do have to buy 6 cans of tomatoes, no we don't care if you only need two" Ok that was my mini vent.

Chucky and I made calzones tonight.. they are so good. They are just the perfect meal on a Saturday. Yum-o. Later on we will have ice cream sundaes. yum-o x 2. On that note. I am off to eat dinner then sundaes.. more soon!!! :o)~

Friday, May 1, 2009


Today is Friday and for many reasons I am thrilled... least of all today is payday and who doesn't love payday? :o)~ My main issue is with payday comes Child support and with child support comes complaints from my EX husband who thinks he is a martyr and pays too much. (trust me.. he doesn't). Apparently he has gotten my neice to drive him to the bank (no license) and was paying her 20 dollars per trip... today he gave her a pack of cigarettes and told her "I give your aunt all my money" um as if. What he fails to realize is one of the main REASONS we are divorced is because he had a 3 year fling with my former best friend. (Yea.. doesn't the winner sign blink over his head?) So I am annoyed at him because when he does something stupid.. my mother calls me. They like to remind me that I brought him into the family. The only reason I allow him to remain anywhere NEAR my family is because we have children together if we didn't he could quite honestly go suck an egg. It is not that he is a bad guy.. he really isn't a bad person, he is just an idiot. bottom line.

Ok.. :::Whew::: sorry that is my vent there... on to the rest of the highlights from our weekend. This weekend, Stephanie has her SAT's, AJ has a baseball tournament, Chuck and I have groceries to shop for and at some point I do plan on squeezing in some sleep. Other then that maybe getting outside in the pretty weather, I adore spring. Spring rocks! :o)~

Next week we have to get ready for prom. My oldest is growing up. Ouch. I am not ready. I am not ready to be the mother of a senior in high school. I am not ready for her to put in college applications or leave the nest. Why can't they just stay little? Sighs.

More tomorrow have a great day! Thanks Julie. I needed this!