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Thursday, May 28, 2009

This and That.

As always when a Thursday post is impossible to come up with I go to my old "Stand by" Is that considered cheating? I hope not because well.... I am a mother of six.. sometimes I am forced to borrow old ideas. (See not stealing.. not cheating. .borrowing.. I am good huh?)

This-We are mere days away from me being the mother of a high school senior, a high school sophmore and a high school freshman. *Sighs* whoever granted these children permission to grow up, please be aware you can have the older ones.. but I am keeping Emily small. TYVM!

That-Exactly how many times a day can one child watch Wall E? This question I am pondering as we are on our 3rd viewing today. David is in love with this movie. You know the same kid who wanted NOTHING to do with it this summer..

This-I am questioning the sense of men. No, its not Chuck he didn't do it. We have a friend who's husband told her he wants a divorce (they have two kids) and then proceeded to tell her "I never loved you.. I just felt sorry for you.. is that bad?" I told her I personally would have mule kicked him and asked I don't know.. does that hurt?

That- AJ is trying out for a team that is going to Cincinnati for baseball as the team that presents Norfolk, VA. He is excited.. mom is nauseous.. he has made it through the first two.... and now the biggee is Sunday.. pray for him.. he really wants this.. pray for me that I survive.

This- Ok who kept Desperate Housewives from me for so long? I found it on Lifetime and I am hooked. .. its so evil but so good.

That- I refuse to post about a certain family of 10 other then to say, I think both parents suck. I agree with after hearing the Aunt and Uncle that sadly they are exploiting those kids :o(

This- There is a new summer show on A&E called Tattoo highway.. if you EVER watched Inked. watch this show.. it is Thomas and his wife Monica on a traveling tattoo "bus" It is AWESOME.

That- Farkle. It is a game on Facebook. It is evil. .avoid it.. that is all.

This-My tooth hurts and my head hurts.. ahh yes it is spring.. fun fun

That-Would someone please send the maid and the laundry fairy back to my house please? I would be grateful. Thank you in advance. :o)~

Ok. Time for me to go eat dinner (yes its 9:21.. I know) I will write more soon. I won't promise tomorrow but soon is within 3 days so that works right? Oh a very dear friend of mine Lisa. who is the mother of the ever adorable Bryan, has requested people vote for him as the most huggable. .when you see this little boy you will see why he is.. oh he is SOO is.. he is on this page she would love for you to vote for him so please do :o)~ 93.9 WLIT-FM - The Lite (And no I did not receive any payment for this ad (kidding) I just want to help out a good friend with the most huggable little boy and the one who doesn't know it yet but he is auditioning to be Emily's future husband by being so cute :o)~

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Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

FARKLE is evil and some evil friend seems to publish something about each night when i'd otherwise sign off and go to sleep i'm then sucked in and play for an hour...

and a BIG GIANT hug for posting about Bryan. ((((()))))) thanks