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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring, the Jonas Brothers, and misc other stuff.

Spring is here. It sprung and with it my allergies have sprung too. My eyes are watery, I find myself sneezing, I am about 90% sure I am allergic to Virginia. Or Spring. :o)~ But I love getting up in the morning and putting on capris.. and flip flops.. and dressing Emily in her cute little dresses or shorts and tshirts. Spring is beautiful.

We are being subjected in this house to the new Jonas brothers show. Why? Because well...I am pretty sure I am being paid back for something.. but hey. Stephanie is not a fan. I know because when she entered a contest last year to go see them in concert.. she told me "I am not a fan.. But.." then she won the tickets.. and then Joe, Nick and Kevin hugged her and *poof* a fan is born. Now if they so much as breeze on our TV sets Stephanie turns from almost 18 year old "I am an ADULT" to screaming 13 year old preteen hormone that will DIE (DIE DO YOU HEAR ME??) if she doesn't see them. Yep.. its pathetic.. its a good thing her mommy isn't like that.. (ok.. yes I am.. for one guy.. Garth. I would let him eat crackers in bed.. JUST saying)

So we went to BJ's today which was a zoo. Not just like five or six people.. we are talking WALL to WALL people. It was insane. I was 1/2 way convinced that they were giving away a car or something.. Then we saw the sign "now accepting EBT cards" ahh.. and its the first weekend of the month. That is all well and good, with everything so rough for people right now more and more people are receiving help.. however... One of the cashiers was telling us that they had 27 baskets of reshops because people were grabbing things they could not buy or shocked that you could not get one or two items. I felt so bad for them, and at the same point feel as if big Warehouse shops like that are going to accept food stamps they need to at least explain the rules.. I know they know most of them (food items only) but what about "yes you do have to buy 6 cans of tomatoes, no we don't care if you only need two" Ok that was my mini vent.

Chucky and I made calzones tonight.. they are so good. They are just the perfect meal on a Saturday. Yum-o. Later on we will have ice cream sundaes. yum-o x 2. On that note. I am off to eat dinner then sundaes.. more soon!!! :o)~

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