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Thursday, May 14, 2009

This and That...

This-- Yesterday was my mom's birthday she is 71 years old. :o)~ Happy belated birthday mom!! (late here, I called her.. ALOT).

That-- Chuck has gone back to school full time, this is impressive because well Chuck needed to do that and it is such a smart thing he is doing. The thing is, as we work on assignments and I help him out and I realize I screwed up. I should have went to college, I am a pretty damn good writer and WHY was I so flaky when I was a kid that I screwed up any chances to go!. ARGH!! What.. an.. idiot...

This--Have you ever noticed during the week you pray for Friday to get here.. every day you say "please just get me through to Friday" Then on Friday you say "WOOHOO Friday! Yes the weekend" and two short days later because you cram everything you want to do in a SMALL amount of then complain because its NOW Monday.. sighs. I complain. but i do it. so guilty.

That--Watching the Grey's season finale... OH MY GOD!!!

This--Ok the BEST compliment EVER was just said on Grey's .. "I can't breathe without you" WOW. What a line.. ok thats two in two weeks. just WOW

That--First they win 10 games in a ROW I am so proud and then they screw it all up... STUPID METS!! ARGH!!

This--Isn't McDreamy.. well um Dreamy? Sighs. I really do heart him.

That--OMG!!!!! that was the WORST season finale ending ever :o( oh no.. I am so not happy!!

This--Do you think i can blog about anything else other then Grey's? Apparently not tonight.. sighs.

Ok.. more tomorrow.. i am gonna go complain about the ending.. NOT COOL!!


EmilytheCreative said...

I just watched Grey's and I am just like.. is it time for the fall season to start yet!?!?!? That ending could go sooo many different ways....

Tutu said...

Had to stop reading and not looking at the other comment..haven't watched Grey's yet. Will come back later!

Happy Birthday to your mom!


Tutu said...

Ok, I'm back...finally got a chance to watch Grey's last night. OH MY WORD!! My 11yo watched with me. She was like, "That can't be the end." She even got up this morning talking about it.

The whole time I was talking to the tv saying, "That is George"!

Not cool to have to wait! Between this and LOST, I've got a long summer ahead!