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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Me Wednesday?

This is the usual complaint ridden post of "Why me Wednesday" Why because we like you.. (M-O-U-S-E). No, I am not drunk.. I am just sort of well punchy.. its been a long day.. so AWAY we gooooooo......

My husbands ex wife is a mental space case, we are trying to be nice so he can talk to his son.. but I am ready to go postal.. why me??

Apparently per a friend of her's who has become more of a friend of mine... she is still in love with Chuck . no I am not worried.. at all.. but the Why me is because eventually he's gonna have to say something.. why me?

My teenager informed me I was old today when she showed me how to do a brainstorming web.... why me? (Ok seriously.. 20th high school reunion is in July.. I really don't remember much.. the last year is a bit of a blur lol)

I noticed two days ago I am starting to break out again.. Why me?

The steroids made my face fat, and I simply can't lose 2 lbs to save my life. I feel as big as a house.. why me?

Stephanie got most of what she needed for prom.. but not everything.. more money has to be sent.. why me?

I am tired of spending everything we have and having no breathing room.. why me?

I am desperately in need of a vacation.. why me?

I wish my children would understand that the house they live in is coming with huge sacrifices for Chuck and I. We worked hard to get this house and they just don't care and I can't get them to clean up. .. its driving me nuts and all I really want for Mother's day is a clean house.. too much to ask for?? Why me?

My energy level is at a 1.5 and it should be higher.. :o( I am just so worn down all the time. I have clue why and its driving me crazy.. why me?

Ok.. there is my bitchy blogfest today... more tomorrow I will try and whine less. but hey it was Why me Wednesday.. right?

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