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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wicked What nots....

Have you ever had someone who used the phrase "What not?" Ya know the person who goes through a long story and ends it with "and what not..." like there is more but they just want to drop it there. Fair enough. Today is the What not post. I have a billion things going on in my brain and it definitely feels like a what not day... here we go:

My high school reunion is in July, I am now being bombarded with emails from class members who are pleading for people to buy tickets. Ok let's review, tickets are $110 per PERSON. While I do understand some members of my class are independently wealthy (And kudos to those of them that are) some of us live paycheck to paycheck. Some of us have kids who come first over a party. Some of us have teenagers who are getting ready to be seniors and with this senior year comes so many fees.. class dues, prom, SAT fees, class pictures, military ball, homecoming, field trips (that BIG class trip), and I know there are more I am missing. The thing is, while $220 for an evening out is chump change to some people.. it is REAL money to others. There is a big part of me that would LOVE to be there, LOVE to see the grown ups people have become, but how do you justify the ends to meet the means?

And what not....

I am on a New York Mets strike. They are in a personal time out with me until they start playing like a team. I realize they have injuries and I do know that has to make things terribly hard on them. However, last week they stole 11 bases in 2 games, this week I think they had that many errors in the same amount of games. Who replaced my MLB team with a little league team? And can I please have back the real guys. Thank you.

And What not...

I have discovered that Facebook for me is not just an addiction, it is a way of reconnecting with my past. I have found people who I have not heard from in 20 years and talking to them again has been so amazing. There are some who well to be honest, could stay lost and I would never give them a passing thought, but others wow.. welcome back. you were missed.

And what not.....

I have come to realize I am a hermit. But wait it gets better I am a hermit with cabin fever. It is not that I can not leave, I have the ability to get out. My van is outside the house, I just have no stinking desire to go anywhere. Or when I do have the desire it does not last long. I will go grab lunch with Mel, or run to BJ's (sad that is a trip out.. the grocery store). And that usually fixes it for a few days. Chuck and I never go out anywhere... sometimes it is the money excuse.. sometimes it is the time excuse and others it is the "I am just too tired". Hermit. Yep. thats me

And what not....

This is the big serious one. Are you ready? I am not sure I am. What do you do when you realize that the big picture is not always what it appears to be? Sometimes I have this problem, i am ridiculiously nice, because of that I tend to get taken advantage of. And usually I do not even realize it until after it happens. People take advantage of a kind heart, and I can say that and I can even say I know right now as I am typing this it is happening. Will I fix it? nah. not yet. I will sit back and watch it continue because hey I am the nice guy remember?

I think this concludes the what nots for today.. I am going to go find my rock and crawl back under the safety of it all. (by rock I mean laptop keyboard of course) I am here, I don't stray, and for the most part I think that is a good thing.

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Karen said...

It is just easier to not like baseball! =)~

Richard just reminded me of your blog. I told them we were NOT going to Ikea if they dont have the tv room picked up. I did the whole mean mommy thing and pretended to call my sister and saying that they werent doing what they were told so we couldnt go. So he is picking up and trying to get the other two to help him. He just yelled out "FASTER MONSTERS! FASTER!" lol Reminded me of the blog you wrote!