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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Temptation Tuesday....

Since we didn't do Not Me Monday, I figured this was a fine week to make the return of ::::fanfare and drumrolls please:::::::::TEMPTATION TUESDAY!! ::::bum bum bum baaaaa::::: here we go:

1) Fresh Strawberries- Seriously.. I love them... I love that I can eat them and pretend to feel guilty but then realize HA! I am not being so bad.. ROCK on!!

2) Sweet tea-Sweet tea is lovely.. And Chucky made me some lovely Sweet tea and I <3>

3) The beach. I love spring/summer.. I love the beach.. sitting on the sand and enjoying some sun.. watching the kids smile.. and Who can't enjoy seeing this face as she explores her area around her.. so amazing.
4) Baseball.. ok.. so this season hasn't been all wins.. what season ever is? baseball is a temptation. I LOVE baseball!!! Whether its the Mets playing, AJ playing, or well ok anyone playing .. baseball rocks.

5) Facebook- I can't tell you how much of a temptation this is for me, I have found old friends and made new friends. I love facebook!!

6) No alarm clocks going off.. oh how I love getting up at 9 AM. and how I long for the summer .. seriously seriously LONG for it.. 15 more days of school.. we can make it.. right?!?!
7) Dandelions, buttercups, and other flowers that get eaten by the lawn mower- Am I crazy? I love those? Ok .. no I don't really love them.. I love that DAVID brings me bouquets of them..
:::Sniff sniff::: so sweet!!
and finally..
8) Finding families on TV more dysfunctional then mine- ok that one is bad. .I am sorry I said it. .there.. I watch Wife Swap. I laugh.. WOW some of these families. WOW!! but its a temptation I.. can't.. shut.. it ... off..
So what is your temptation?? What do you want to take a bite out of (figuratively) :o)~ Go ahead share its ok. I don't bite... much lol

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