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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween through years....

Happy Halloween!! Today is like a national holiday in our house.. we are a bit over the top, to include that not just the kids dress up, but we do too. through the years I have dressed up as everything from a witch (boring but i did get to have excellent stage makeup from my brother).. Bobby soxer (aka the 50s chick type dress ok?), a ghost (ok THAT was fun..we wrapped a sheet around me.. my brother painted my face and i had chains aka A Christmas Carol around me.. THAT was a COOL year!), a gypsy...( I got to play in moms jewelry. ROCK on), a pumpkin (numerous times.. everytime I was pregnant i was a pumpkin.. well except last year) Last year i was a BUNNY. (mother of six.. bunnies procreate. often.. and ALOT.. made sense to me), i have been a money tree (my kids didnt find that funny at all.. I thought it was hilarious), Desere and I were desperate housewives two years ago (I can't express how much FUN that was lol), i have done the boring black cat too, and this year I am wearing a spider shirt and a witchs hat.. this year I am boring.. sighs.. I am gonna try and add something to it before the end of the day, we shall see.

OOO I forgot Chuck and I did Tigger and Pooh our first year together, then he has done the black robe and scary mask thing the past few years.. I am gonna find something odd for him today.. if it kills me

Through the years Stephanie has been a ghost (the first year she was two months old.. DIDNT care about the holiday.. how rude), Tinkerbell (cute green fairy costume and all), a las Vegas show girl (my favorite costume she ever did), a doll in a carriage (ok that was fun), a cowgirl, a pretty witch, so many princesses I lost count, a vampiress, last year she was kat von D, and this year she is dressing up as an evil fairy ( all in red with devils horns lol).. I called her Tankerbell lol

Danny the first few years humored his poor mom, he was a cowboy, batman, Woody from Toystory, spiderman, A werewolf, assorted other superheroes, a car accident victim (that was so evil but so fun, a star wars character, a pirate, and this year he is a werewolf again.. but a very cool werewolf

AJ has been the same cowboy, Robin (to dannys batman), Buzz Lightyear (to Dannys Woody), dracula, a baseball player, a car accident victim, a US Navy sailor with injuries fixed with duct tape (you have to know the Navy to get the joke lol), a Star Wars character, and this year he is going to be Mick Mars from Motley crue (dressed as a motley crue fan with a skeleton mask.)

mary has been tinkerbell, Belle, cinderella, a witch, a vampiress, a black cat, Princess Leia, Dorothy, a princess and now this year she is the corpse bride.. Mary has the whole female halloween thing down.. she likes the girly things. The past two years she has still wanted to be girly just "dead" @@ love when they grow up.. really.

David was a lion his first year (which was THE cutest costume EVER), a power ranger, Buzz Light year last year (a MUCH cooler one then AJ ever wore lol), and this year he is going to be a monkey.

Emily this year so far is a cute witch during the day (ya know the tshirt and leggings) and tonight will be a skunk. :o)~ I love halloween. We always do something to decorate for it.. whether its something on the door or windows.. but the house is decked out.

so happy halloween!! I hope it really brings out the little ghoul in you.

oh and um

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKIA!!! Your one of my favorite ghoul friends!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update from earlier blog

I wanted to let everyone know that the two men in California who had the hanging Gov Sarah Palin have removed it. While they still have the John McCain coming out of the flames (which doesn't bother me.. at all lol), I am glad that there was enough public outcry that they removed the noose. Its nice to know that our society hasnt dropped so far down the class toilet that leaving a real person on a noose is not socially ok. Bravo

etc etc etc....

Its sad when you open a blog and see you have written so many in two months that you have NO title.. Like for instance.. i have a title for tomorrows... (yea I am keeping you in suspense.. but I will give you a clue.. tomorrow is Halloween. Duh. ok? Etc Etc Etc is here for a few reasons.. There is so much going on in my brain right now, that I kind of feel its very fitting.

First of all, my night frights have returned... and they suck as much as they always have. The bad part is, the logic behind them isn't even there. Its been awhile since I have had them and now they return out of nowhere. I know our old neighborhood has had some shootings and that bothers me, I know that the schools asking for money every chance they get bugs me, and I know that I am worried about the holidays, because let's face it, who isn't these days? Even with saying "we won't spend money" or "we will be good" its almost laughable because you know, as with every holiday, money will get spent. but then.. last night it hit me.. This is 11 years since David died. David was my brother. And on October 30,1997 he was diagnosed with AIDS. Just 11 days later, he was gone. That was fast. It was a blink of an eye, he was here and then gone. :o( While I have always loved Winnie the Pooh when David died he was buried with a big stuffed Winnie the pooh and shortly after that my obsession with Winnie the Pooh began. I now have oodles of Pooh. (that sounds so dirty but I mean Winnie the) I adored David, and when they wrote out his epitaph for his tombstone it said "David Peter Claassen, if he knew you, he loved you" that was my brother. He was kind hearted to everyone (people and animals), he was a generous soul, and he is greatly missed.

Whew.. ok.. downer over.. everyone take a breath..Ok.. so back to my etc part. From sad I move to angry. While it doesn't matter who you are voting for (as I have said in the past) there are two gentlemen (for lack of a better term) in Hollyweird, who have put up a Halloween display with Sarah Palin on a noose, and John McCain coming out in the flames, I won't put the link to the display here because I find it sickening, but while most people are offended, some people have said they find it funny. Funny? She's a mother! Can you imagine how her children must feel? I am all for holiday fun, but that is in the same bad taste as the OJ Simpson mask from years ago. Its just SICK. If someone was to put something up of Barack Obama on a noose Jesse Jackson would be all over them with a sit in or something, no offense is meant by that but come on.. someone would be protesting. And there would be an uproar (again as well there should be) but society in my opinion isn't nearly as offended of Sarah Palin on a noose as they should be! Shame on you boys in Hollywood for doing this, I am sorry your mothers didn't teach you better!!

And now the last part of my blog for the day, i have caught some flack yesterday for referring to the Duggar's as a cult.. I will say I didn't say they were a cult... I said "Personally they remind me of a cult" think back to this summer when the group was on TV from Texas.. they all dressed the same etc. So I am going to put a disclaimer on this blog.. the opinions stated in this blog are mine and mine alone.. If you don't like it.. tough cookies ;o)~ I am sorry if i hurt anyones feelings, but I do find them a bit over the top for me.

Have a nice day and see you tomorrow

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have such a unique and colorful family. We have six children, and while I know that is unheard of nowadays, if i had to do it over again, I certainly wouldn't skip anyone.... ok MAYBE the teenagers on those rotten teenager days :::and YOU know who YOU are::::nah not even then. I adore my kids. Of course while its very hard to not be noticed while we are out anywhere "wow how many do you have?" reply "One. the other five are just following the cute one in the cart" "how do you feed them all?" reply "We slop em in the morning, noon and night" @@ honestly... people ask stupid questions but I know why.. and it hit me the other day... its not that my family is a freak show.. its mostly.. because of other families who feel the need to put their families on display. Only now after watching some of them. I know we are normal. While we may have to wait for the bathroom, and we may take longer then most families in a buffet line, we are NOT so abnormal...

Which brings me to my point, I have discovered on Monday night on TLC they showcase three families.. each one has similarities to my family.. but I watch and that what people think of when they see us? Oy vey. First of all, let me go on record as stating I ADORE Little People Big World and of the whole line up, I think the Roloff's are the most normal of the group. I think while they have their own challenges, they are an amazing family. They have overcome so much and done it with class and elegance. At times I think Matt's a little over the top (ok seriously. if Chuck came up with half the ideas Matt does, I would kick his tail) but on the whole they are pretty normal....

Then they have the Goslings.. Jon and Kate plus 8. I think the way she runs her house is great! She has control of everything.. but.... sometimes you have to let the control reigns go.. just a little bit. I am not sure I could ever be so uptight, but I do admire her skills to keep 8 kids organized. And I think minus that she yells at Jon soo much, they are genuinely a happy family and again pretty normal...

Which brings me to the last family on TLC at night. The Duggars. Wow. I am not even sure what to say about them. Personally they remind me of a cult.. they are so uniform its scary. They only one that seems to have a personality is the youngest son, who calls himself the lone ranger (hold on to that thought Tonto!) they are deeply religious and there is NOTHING wrong with that.. but...I am convinced she has to be drinking more in her coffee cup each day. Nobody can be that happy all the time and with 17 kids and number 18 on the way, you can bet I would have snapped LONG ago.. or maybe thats just it.. maybe what we are seeing on TV is the "snapped" version of Mama Duggar.. or maybe its just that she's afraid one day they will kick her out of the cult because her name doesn't start with a J (She's Michelle and then everyone else has a J name) While I am sure they too are very nice people (I have no doubt of that actually.. I am not sure they know how to be mean)... I so badly want to see what would happen if they were all given $100 and sent into a store (NOT walmart or Sears.. can't you see them doing the Brady Bunch escalator dance in Sears? sorry I had a moment i am back) but a real store and say "ok your moms not here.. go get something you want.. don't you wonder if one of the girls would grab something trashy? Or would we find out that one of the boys is gay and actually a cross dresser? I just can't see a family of 18 not having ONE kid who wants to be Goth or something ya know? And if they are ALL that normal.. did the lobotomy's the parent's administered hurt? If not where do I sign up? :o)~ kidding.. I think..

More tomorrow until then have a lovely day

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Flashes

You would think i was going through the change of life.. ya know the end of the world for some women as they know it.. in my case, it will just be just another excuse to growl and get away with it. I swear though, I get up in the morning I shower, get dressed put on deodorant, put on long sleeve tshirt and yoga pants. As we head to the bus stop I throw on a hoodie or jacket and off we go. I freeze my tail off and wish it wasn't SO cold. But alas then I get home, get the magic cup of coffee, praise the inventors of coffee and I start cleaning up. Its not that the kids are pigs or slobs, its just that they are incapable of putting anything away. They get up, get dressed and plop til "OMG the bus is coming" (ok by October the bus coming and going should NOT be a shock seriously.. ).. by 9 AM, I have laundry on the living room and den area are cleaned up, the baby is in the high chair eating breakfast, I am running through and back to my room for a tshirt. Why? because I am having these heaving hot flashes that make you want to reshower. Ok. its probably because I am neurotic.. but damn. If this is what is in store when I hit the "change of life" No thanks.. I'll keep my 24 hour period. Ugh

So Chuck and I tried fried Oreos this weekend, I believe I mentioned that.. well last night he made fried Oreos.. talk about Heaven in fried doughy form. They are sooo easy.. (yea of course they are, I was sitting ACROSS the room cheering him on "fry those Oreos baby! Good job baby" Hey.. at least he didn't give me angry eyebrows :o)~. (*Muah*)

So our cat is in heat.......(yes i know she should be neutered... yes I do plan on doing it at some point.. yes I do know what will happen if we don't get her fixed (yea like *I* don't know the causes of SEX.. Stephanie, Danny, AJ, Mary, David and Emily (ok Emily was SEX and margaritas.. but still)). anyways she is in that stage where she is rubbing on anyone and anything... my personal favorite was spotted five minutes ago, Emily has a stuffed penguin.. believe me when I tell you.. MY cat just molested the poor thing. Aside from the fact that it obviously isn't going to fix Socks problem.....its a stuffed animal....oy vey..

on that visual i am off to go do something creative.. al beit not as creative as the cat ;oX

Monday, October 27, 2008


I am always so in awe of people who have so much strength, whether it is someone who has gone through amazing losses and overcome, someone who has overcome an illness, or even someone I can say "is my hero". Strength.. its such a big word with so many different meanings.

My Mom is so strong, but if you were to confront her and tell her so, she would deny it. But she is, this woman has been through soo many things, her brother had a massive heartattack and passed away, her parents had strokes, and in turn passed away, her teenage daughter got pregnant, and by the time we were all ready to realize it wasn't so serious, her grandson passed away (Me. and Matthew), her son died from AIDS, and then if God hadn't kicked her in the teeth enough, her husband died. She still manages to dredge on to take care of her family, and only takes a few minutes of each day to lick her wounds. I have never heard "why me" come out of her mouth.. but damn if I don't say it for her or me too for that matter. My mom is a pillar of strength.

My father in law, overcame cancer. he is a little slower but he is so strong. I got an email from them this morning, and wow he's such an amazing guy. he is another one I am proud of his strength, when the going got tough he got going.

My kids. my kids don't get everything they should, they are happy healthy and clothed, but they don't fight and cry and whine. they don't care if their shoes are from walmart or if the are Nikes. My kids are amazing. And very strong. They put up with a lot, ok and they give alot too (yes, grief too)

Strength. its a big word.. and everyone has different meanings for it. To me the strong are people who don't just survive they thrive. Or in my case they thrive to survive. ;o)~ lol. I am not sure I am a "strong" person.. but I definitely try to be. Kudos to those who have strength, t those who can take lemons and make lemonaide.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sometimes when I feel like screaming

Every woman needs to have a Mel and a Nikia. I have decided. I started off today with a rough start.... its not that things are always awful. They aren't... but the past few days there have been waves in the ocean and i felt like i was going under.. fast. by the grace of God (and a blog that let people knw I was going under) Mel and Nikia came in like mighty mouse (er um or is that mighty mice? since there are two of them). "Here I am to save the day" crud.. thats underdog..oh well.. today it will be might mouses theme.. Tricia's rule... Seriously though, Thank God for them. I needed that.

I know Chuck and I need the break they both mentioned too. Who wouldn't? Everyone needs some time, and sadly I don't remember the last time we even had a date night. Its not just the money sometimes its the time. I love Chuck dearly, and I know he loves me. I know that whatever it is that is making us conflict right now will pass. Its just tring to get over the hurdle. But we need help to get there, we need to help each other 1) because nobody should have to do it alone and 2) because my legs are too short to hurdle anything without a helping hand ;o)~

To my lovely friends who saw the need to help me resticky band aid, I thank you. And to my husband, I love you and this too shall pass. (ok not the love the bumpy road). Hugs and kisses til tomorrow ;o)~

Bandaids don't fix everything

Remember when you were little and you thought Band aids fixed everything? You fell down, even if you weren't bleeding. .you wanted a band aid.. because Band aids fixed everything. Even if you were bleeding and it was bad enough that you thought it would fix it (even though your father knew it was going to need stitches) you wanted a band aid. What about when someone bruises your heart? You want to find that same magical power behind that little plastic strip... and then it hits you band aids don't fix everything. I am not sure how much longer this is supposed to go on before we wear out the stickyness of that magical plastic strip. When do we admit we made a valiant effort but maybe it wasn't enough? When do the motions of life start being life and stop being wake up, eat, move about, eat, rinse repeat and do it all over again?

Yesterday he read the blog, said nothing but offered a tender hug.. by the stove.. a one armed hug. He made an attempt.. but he doesn't get it. Or maybe i am just tired of trying to make him understand. I feel like an outsider in my own house, and it sucks. Bad. To make matters worse, I can't say any of this to him, because he will jump to the defensive and that won't solve a thing. The hell with a band aid.. when does "I love you" stop being enough? Or what do you do when it has? What do you do when you realize things are broken, do you sweep up the glass and push them under a rug, or do you try to find the super glue? I can sit here and cry and he will sit in his own oblivion unaware that he's tearing us apart.... Band aids don't fix everything.. and sometimes they don't fix anything.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Angry Eyebrows.

Sometimes being pissy is ok. we all have bad days. But someone I love dearly is just angry all the time lately.. I call it angry eyebrows. He wakes up with them, he goes through his day with them, he comes home with them from work, and sometimes he goes to bed with them.

And its become so tiresome, I never see a smile, I never hear a laugh, he went to hug one of the kids and she flinched, he doesn't hit but she is so unaware that he can show positive re enforcement she was scared. He yells, he finds the bad stuff, and doesn't look for the good. How can you be so angry all the time? And if you are so angry why are you here? Is there some where else you would rather be? With someone else? is it me? is it us? What is it? I know we all have the stresses of money, of life, of bills that are hard to pay, but is life so bad that a smile is so hard to offer? A hand to hold, a kiss on the cheek? A little bit of love goes along way, and not just I love yous when you hang up the phone or say good night turned the other way. I don't sleep long at night because I am thinking of all this, my mind is running in circles, and I don't know how else to ask you these questions. I don't want to open my mouth and ask them because it will start a fight.

This blind item isn't so blind, but its making me sad to think that someone can be so angry that our nine month old does the angry eyebrows. Whats worse is I never noticed it. Someone had to point it out to me. And that makes me so so sad. But that also tells me that's the facial expression she sees the most. Angry Eyebrows. I hate angry eyebrows. And while I love you, and you love me its not enough anymore. And if we can't smile, or share a laugh, or an affection, maybe we need to find our smiles, our laughs, our affections some other way. I don't want to, but if you feel you need to, don't stay angry tell me.

Angry all the time
Tim McGraw

Here we are
What is left of a husband and a wife four good kids
Who have a way of gettin on with their lives
I'm not old but I'm getting a whole lot older every day
It's too late to keep from goin' crazy
I got to get away

The reasons that I can't stay don't have a thing to do with being in love
And I understand that lovin a man shouldn't have to be this rough
You ain't the only one who feels like this world left you far behind
I don't know why you gotta be angry all the time

Our boys are strong the spittin image of you when you were young
I hope someday they can see past what you have become
And I remember every time I said I'd never leave
But what I can't live with is memories of the way you used to be

The reasons that I can't stay don't have a thing to do with being in love
And I understand that lovin a man shouldn't have to be this rough
You ain't the only one who feels like this world left you far behind
I don't know why you gotta be angry all the time

Twenty years have came and went since I walked out of your door
I never quite made it back to the one I was before
And God it hurts me to think of you
For the light in your eyes was gone
Sometimes I don't know why this old world can't leave well enough alone

The reasons that I can't stay don't have a thing to do with being in love
And I understand that lovin a man shouldn't have to be this rough
You ain't the only one Who feels like this world left you far behind
I don't know why you gotta be Angry All The Time

I don't know why you gotta be Angry All The Time

The magic of cherrios.

We are at walmart last night looking at the baby cereal bits..I could have bought this little 1 oz bag of cereal pieces dipped in yogurt for $2.54 i was thinking "WOW thats not too bad" then I had an epiphany.. I remembered Cherrios makes a yogurt burst cherrio. Duh. so for $2.76 we got a 12.2 oz BOX.. Well mommy didn't raise a dummy. we went with the box. .(seriously who wouldn't? Emily is in the stage where people food is much more appetizing then anything that comes in jars or neat little packages.. except.. her puffs. she would sell her brother for a can of puffs. I did give in and buy the little box of Earth's best organic crackers, that are in the shape of Elmo and Big Bird. Yes, I gave into temptation there.. its ok. I am over it. I think if Emily had discovered her love of Elmo sooner we would have landed up with an Elmo costume instead of a skunk costume. But I gotta tell you. i have the worlds cutest little stinker.. ;o)~ biased? who me? Don't believe me.. ask her daddy..

Last night while at walmart they had this stand outside that benefits childrens miracle network. .I wanted a shaved ice (NO I am NOT pregnant lol) with orange.. it was pretty good but tart.. sighs. but then we were telling Mel (who will now be identified as enabler) that they had fried oreos.. Chucks dieting.. Mel said to Chuck "I think as a southern gentleman its your job to try them" Damn. the van turned around.. (ok.. like we needed justification.. but damn.. oreos.. and they were FRIED) So we try them. there are 7 on the plate. ...I ate one .. o m g. I think i had a religious experience. holy crap. So we decide the enabler needs some. we bring her two. Chuck eats one... then we each eat a second.. oh hell there is one left on the plate.. rock paper scissor? No too complicated.. and takes too long. I eat half... then force feed the dieter the other half. (ok there was no force.. I offered he took it). We called the enabler she agreed they are heaven. and we need to find the recipe.. trust me. I WILL.

Ok off to begin the weekend day.. more probably later on because I am being deserted as everyone is going off for adult communication aka work. damn. oh well at least Emily is entertaining.. DAMN Chuck should not be allowed to be near me when I am blog.. I apparently entertain him.. he is sitting here asking me "ARE YOU DONE" Does Perez Hilton go through this? geesh.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Really does say it all doesn't it? Thank God It's Friday. The best part is, in a way we have a three day weekend. While Chuck works on Monday, the kids are all off for the whole weekend. I swear Norfolk public schools have more teacher workdays, seminars, and holidays then any school system I have ever seen. I really don't mind them being home though.. usually it means mommy gets to sleep in, and who wouldn't be in favor of that eh?

Today is payday. its supposed to be a good thing.. but instead we pay all the bills, and in the end we look and go "thats it?" But ya know, we aren't starving, the bills are paid, the car is still in the driveway. And for some bizarre reason I am content with that.. I must be from another planet lol. Most people freak if they are broke, to me I look at the good things about it, and breathe. Ok.. not always but today my mantra is "don't panic.. it will be ok" why not? Its easier then freaking right?

So forever.. Chuck has been eating Grits.. I always looked at it and thought it looked like gruel. (ya know think of the stuff they show you in Oliver when they slap it in the bowl) but this week for whatever reason I decided I was going to try them. OMG they are so good. who knew? And Emily eats them too.. I have to somehow keep this quiet from the other kids or they will eat em all. lol. (bad mom). So now breakfast in the morning is Grits and a cup of coffee. yum-o.

Who watched ER last night? WOW the sister of the one girl.. WHAT a freak!! And the scarey part is Chuck called it.. he knew she was the problem.. and someone needs to tell the mom "denial isn't just a river in Egypt" . Good show last night. I am sad this is their last season.. but hopeful they resolve alot. Ugly Betty was good last night, but I will be glad when Lindsay Lohan goes back to whatever she is doing elsewhere.. Its not that I dislike her I just don't want her on my show.. Grey's was good last night, I love that show.. but I have to say.. I sort of miss the sexual tension between Meredith and Derrick... and I am sort of having a problem believing O'Malley as a straight guy since I know in real life he's gay.. Its just hard to picture.. I also really don't know if I like him with Lexie. Sighs. Although... I do like that they made Dr McSteamy squirm with the Callie thing lol. Wow I just realized if you watch Grey's and haven't seen last nights I gave it away.. WOW I suck.. sorry.. next time I will write **spoiler** first.

Ok time to get ready to go to the base.. we have a few things to do today.. sighs. hopefully it won't take all day.. or even half the day for that matter. oooo wait.. one more thing. .1) Stephanie made the Step team (white girl CAN dance.. who knew?) and 2) Danny made the wrestling team.. yay! way to go guys. ;o)~ More tomorrow.. tune in next time when you will hear me say....(I don't know either.. but I wanted to leave you guys in suspense)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And in this corner......

Weighing in at a whopping 61 lbs... ROCKY. Yep.. thats right he's home.. well he didn't actually hit anyone (that I know of) he did however decide today was NOT a day to listen. I am telling you... I think they have Chuck on speed dial.... Fabulous. I feel like I owe the teacher a day at the Spa for her Christmas present or at least two or three therapy sessions. Oy vey. He came in and we did homework, he is ridiculiously smart. Part of me kept thinking, maybe he doesn't get it. I have now seen that he gets it. He knows almost all his letters and numbers, can color and cut (on the LINE!), and read me the book "Patterns" I am sure they read it in the class but stilll.......

There is a teenager on TV who was playing with a gun and the gun went off and killed her.. I have problems with this on SO many levels. 1) why did the teenager have access to the gun in the first place? and 2) why was it loaded? I realize that with where the gun shot happened it is in the same crappy area we used to live in. MSNBC had an article on our old neighborhood.. discussing how 20 people have been shot there this year..5 of them since we moved.. 4 of those in our old cul de sac. Thank God we are gone. The latest one shot in that neighborhood was a 15 year old boy. Tragic. Someone who's life should just be starting and now he's gone. My daughter and son used to play on that playground.. my mind keeps running a mile a minute thinking 'what if' I know you aren't supposed to do that.. but how do you NOT do that? I am just thankful we are all safe.

I took a nap yesterday at 3:30, I haven't done that in months but I was just worn out yesterday. I landed up waking up to a night fright in a cold sweat, I have no idea what I dreamed about I just know I blocked it. I do that when they are really bad. I was scared to go to sleep last night that the same dream would return. Sadly I know when I am awake that they are just dreams and they can't hurt me, but when they hit, its hard to tell myself its ok to go to sleep. I haven't had any in awhile, and I am sure its lifes stresses that are bringing them back. Sucks.

on an upnote its Thursday and with Thursday comes Ugly Betty, Grey's anatomy and ER. WOOHOO ;o)~ something to look forward to. ;o)~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

44 Things about me

Right now Mel is seeing the topic of this blog and thinking crap.. I created a monster.. ah well Tis the season eh?

44 ODD Things about you!
If you opened this, FILL IT OUT! Learn 44
things about your friends, and let them learn 44 things about you!
Send back to me and to several more friends !!

1. Do you like blue cheese? Yes I adore it.. and I really love to dip chicken, french fries or potato chips in Mazzetti's dressing.. No its not good for me.. but it really helps those bad days when you need comfort food.

2. Have you ever smoked? guilty as charged.. not in a LONG time. but yes.. I did.

3. Do you own a gun? yes. a super soaker. Its hardcore.. when the box says it will soak you.. It means it dammit.

4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? Cherry.. and NO red is NOT a flavor..

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Yes. I practically hyperventilate

6. What do you think of hot dogs? They are more comfortable to cuddle with then cold dogs.. kidding. I love beef hot dogs.. when I was pregnant with Emily I discovered I DO like sauerkraut.

7. Favorite Christmas movie? The Santa Clause movies and Christmas Shoes. its a cheesy CBS movie but I love it.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? french vanilla creamer with coffee thrown in to warm it up.

9. Can you do push ups? Not without 911 being called

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My necklace, my mothers ring, my engagement ring from Chucky, my grandmothers engagement ring and my Claddaugh.. ok. thats everything I wear.

11. Favorite hobby? baking

12. Do you have A.D.D.? have you EVER read this blog?

13. What's one trait you hate about yourself? The list for what I love about myself is shorter....

14. Middle name? Marie

15. Name 3 thoughts at this moment? 1) How the hell didn't I know the house had Gas? 2) Whats in the kitchen thats sweet to munch on and 3) Why do I feel so blah?

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Coffee, dr Pepper (yea I know its not good for me.. but I need it), water

17. Current worry right now? Bills.

18. Current hate right now? People who don't set their priorities right.

19. Favorite place to be? sleeping.

20. How did you bring in the New Year? Contracting on my couch.. I am SUCH a party animal...oh and avoiding gun shots at midnight..

21. Where would you like to go? Walt Disney World

22. Name three people who will complete this? Its a Blog.. Mel already did it.. the rest I don't even really know if anyone reads this other then Mel, Nikia and chuck.. this is basically my cheap therapy.

23. Do you own slippers? No but I can't tell you how bad I want a pair.
. .
24 What shirt are you wearing? My yellow delbert thermal that Molly was soo right about, black yoga pants, and one sock because Lily took one off of me

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I am not a big fan of slip and slides.

26. Can you whistle? yes, but not the uber cool whistle with the fingers

28. Would you be a pirate? Argh.

29. What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever is in my mind.

30. Favorite Girl's Name? Emily, Stephanie, Mary

31. Favorite boy's name? Matthew, Daniel, Andrew, David

32. What's in your pocket right now? No pockets

33. Last thing that made you laugh? umm I don't know... sad.

35.Worst injury you've ever had? I broke my foot and fractured my ankle at the same time catching AJ from falling down the steps when he was two.. he was fine.. my foot was barney purple for a month

36. Do you love where you live? finally. yes.

37. How many TVs do you have in your house? there are six if you include Mel's which is in the corner in Steph's room unplugged

38. Who is your loudest friend? Nikia or Concert Mel lol

39. Do you have any pets? Lily the beagle lab, Socks the female bitchy cat... and Hercules the confused tabby/dog lol

40. Does someone have a crush on you? I so doubt it

41. Your favorite book? The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I could read it 1000 times and never tire of it.. and Suzanne's diary for NIcholas by James Patterson.. oh and PS I love you by Ceceila Aherns..

42. Who is your favorite sports team? New york Mets and Washington Redskins

43. What song do you want played at your funeral? Here I am Lord, Morning has Broken, Eagles wings, and I wish We'd all been ready by DC talk

44. Do you watch reality shows? yes. I love Big Brother, its my summer addiction. I love Dancing with the Stars, Project runway. ooo Top Chef.. ummm.. lots of others.

WhatNot Wednesday

I have no idea what a "whatnot" is.. but ya know its like when you were talking to your grandmother so many years ago and she would go on and on and she would tell you that "So so and the family were coming for a visit and Whatnot" So today is What not wednesday because its pretty much the kitchen sink right?

Last night Stephanie ordered her class ring. No her father didn't help.. because he "can't". I guess its more important to take care of the girlfriends needs. whatever. We found the perfect ring.. she got the classic class ring,with her information etched into it, and the same stone I got... 20 years ago. Gulp. Is that possible? I was telling the Balfour guy I still have my ring, he looks at me and sas "WOW not many people can say that". I love my ring.. I see it everyday.. on Chuck's finger. He took it from me in December of 2001 and I have only gotten visitation about 3 times since then.

oooo speaking of Chuck.....he paid attention to my blog and cleaned the room last night. I am quite excited. I mean we have more we could do, but its still something. ( see Chuck i said i would mention it)

Danny is doing NJROTC with Stephanie...where Stephanie takes it so seriously I am fairly certain the Navy is in a WORLD of trouble if she joins because she's so damn bossy..Danny is more laxed... he wears the uniform.. but forgets his belt.. (which is a no no), he goes outside without his squid lid (Garrison, pisscutter, or whatever else his hat is called.. personally though i like squid lid lol) I figure in time he will take it seriously.. but for Danny.. right now he is just enjoying being part of something in school that isnt associated with being a nerd.

AJ recently has started taking on this almost snotty boy attitude.. i couldnt figure it out until literally 1:30 AM when I was watching Discovery Health.. (yea don't ask. I am not sure what I was doing up either.. except sorting baby clothes) Anyways.. apparently... attitude is BIG in redheaded boys who are going through puberty.. THANK God hes my last redheaded boy eh? Sensitive.. grumpy.. and just genuinely an alien compared to my usual AJ.. the next few months should be FUNNNN.

Emily has found her first favorite person other then any of us..... she loves.. Elmo. damn. I am the one who laughs at the people who spend 50 bucks buying the Elmos who dance etc. But of course they have an Elmo live at BJ's. and we were pushing his foot to see what he does. Emilys in love. She was moving stuff in the cart out of her way to get to Elmo. something tells me at some point hes going to be in my house. fun fun fun. :o)~

Until next time "Elmo loves you.. mmm hmmm" (yes, thats what he says)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Its bad when i go to write and I can't think of anything to say. I am a mother of six, and God knows there is ALWAYS something going on here. But today it seems like the most exciting thing I have is that I managed to get the house clean in what feels like record time. I have the laundry drying and decided since we have two meetings at the high school tonight that dinner would be quick and easy. I have nothing to do. David stayed home yesterday because he was still not totally feeling perfect.. of course he's still a pill and was very Rockyish by last night. Chuck already called to tell me he was in a mood at 9:07.. oh good.. at least he behaved for five minutes.. groans. I guess we shall see what they say when Chuck gets home at 12 PM with him.

Emily is officially a mover.. and not just a mover but a mover and climber.. Part of me wants to put her in a box and say "no. no no your the last one. .your not allowed to do this until I AM READY" but then I really don't think 19 year olds should be crawling ;o)~ lol. So alas shes growing up.. sighs. A few months ago I asked for a few minutes for her to entertain herself... now she wants to entertain herself with my LAPTOP or anything else she isn't supposed to touch.

Mel found the coolest little laptop lights, the kicker is they are bright purplish pink.. and made by Bratz. We decided we don't care who makes them.. they are cool and they work... oh and they were on clearance for 5 bucks because they were clearly marked "NOT a toy" so Mary is annoyed because I have something Bratz related she can't have. HAHA. Evil Mommy.

Do you know the saddest moment ever is when you have fresh coffee and NO creamer? Thankfully Ashley (Mels daughter) was on Cromwell road right by the house, so she saved the day... ::::whew::::

Have you ever noticed how fast the sock basket empties out when it gets cold.. I think my kids wear them one day and then eat them. thats the only logical answer to why they disappear and don't come back.. Which means of course its time for the semi monthly sock hunt at our house.. oh boy.

wow for someone who didnt have much to say, I said alot. Typical eh? So how much longer will it take before I give in and clean my bedroom? I am trying to hold out for my helper.. who shall remain nameless because he reads this blog... but since there is only one him. .you do the math. Its not really that bad its just all the summer and winter clothes need to be organized and I want help... maybe now that i outed him.. he'll do it. :o)~ please?

Ok more tomorrow... Congrats to Erica and Travis Monk and big sister Alexis who had Ethan Eugene last night at 8:57. Poor Erica was in labor for what must have felt like forever.. he was face up and after 3 hours of pushing had to come via emergency c section.. poor thing ;o( she has the morphine button though and last heard she wanted to know if she could bring it home . Also congrats to Jessica and her husband Jeff and big brother Taylor who gave birth to Brent Chandler on Oct 19th. Apparently the end of 2008 is turning into the year of the boy. ;o)~ cause I know the start was ALOT of girls. more tomorrow!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Being the grown up.

Sometimes it sucks to be the grown up. Sometimes its not fair, and sometimes you want to pull your hair out and do what you did when you were four and hold your breath until someone gives in. But.. its not practical...and blue really isn't my color.

Grown ups pay bills...Mortgage, car, car insurance, power, water, cell phone bill, credit card bills (2 left woohoo!), food for the family, Internet and cable (hey I deserve one vice.. that one is mine), clothes as needed, and so many misc things its too much to list (Class rings, field trips, lab fees, class dues and more)

Grown ups realize that some things are more important then others.. and sometimes, yes it truly does suck to be the grown up. I would love to be one of those people who are free to run and roam when they see fit, to eat out (ok I had lunch out yesterday and it cost me more then I thought it would, in cash and guilt for spending so much money).. but... I have responsibilities and with great responsibilities come great sacrifices. (movies.. dinner night. nails..) It happens.. It SUCKS but it happens.

Growing up comes with alot of things that in the end you just want to scream, but it also comes with great rewards. My kids may not have designer brands, but they are dressed and clean. My house may not be straight out of Better home and Gardens, but its my home. My nails may not be pretty, but my lights are on. My hair may not be stylish, but I have the freedom to play on the Internet when I want. My car may not be snazzy, but its insured and the payment is made. My world may not be glamarous, but its perfect with tiny finger prints all over it. So while it sucks to have to cut corners, at least I know which ones to cut.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another blog of randomness

Good morning. I can say that today. I slept from 9:30 last night until 9:30 this morning, ok yes i was awake from 6 til 730 which is normal for when Chuck goes to Drill.. i wake up to make sure he gets up and goes to work.. if I don't he won't get up. But for the first time in months i feel really rested. Yesterday I woke up early and I ran around the entire day.. by the time 9:30 came around everything around me was moving in slow motion.. it was time for bed. All i remember was crawling into bed and kicking the dog out.. after that.. a nuclear bomb could have went off and i wouldn't have noticed.

I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup yesterday and one of pea soup. I can't believe how fast the weather turned this year.. it went from 85 a few days ago to the 50s yesterday. brrr. In August we are always saying "Boy I can't wait til Fall" and then the first cold day hits and it becomes "what? wait.. no I didnt mean get THAT cold" In the end though it was ok. Minus that i need to stomp on my sons head for turning the AC down below 70 yesterday. What is the malfunction? I have explained it stays on 70 and on auto we don't get cold. duh. He was hot.. he turned it down. I am gonna kill him. And now I want to put the heat on. .because i am chilly. Don't get me wrong. .I still love fall :o)~ i am making a pumpkin pie today.. I love the smell of pumpkin pie

Ya know sometimes its the little things that mean alot... the past few days have been sort of wonky.. I am in a grumpy mood.. part of is that blasted all mighty penny again (its not a dollar anymore).. part of it is Chuck needing to argue with his command about their blatant mistreatment of his situation, which it is now Sunday and still has NO resolution. .. and that just ticks me off. (Not with Chuck.. apparently his XO wants to see him.. he just wants to do it on his time.. AKA the 3rd of Never). I really think its crap. Annnnyyyywwwwaaaaayyyssss......David has a horrible cold, and my thing on my finger keeps busting open. So Mel got rockstar points... she not only bought David medicine, she bought me antibiotic bandaids for my finger, and then she bought me chocolate chip cookies stuffed with orange frosting.. yum! I think I'll keep her

Saturday, October 18, 2008

5:50 AM.. and I am reheating quiche?

Ok... this has to be love.. he may drive me crazy.. he quite possibly drives me insane.. but dammit, it is 5:50 AM and I am up reheating quiche for Chuck's command breakfast. I can honestly say this is the ONE weekend I won't even walk in the door to say hello or greet anyone. I have nothing to say that doesn't involve the words "how could you" for some of the people, and the others have always seen me nice and friendly and we don't need to end that charade today. I actually do love the people in his command, there are a few that I think are just lovely lovely people.. but.. others.. not so much. Anyways.. off the topic at hand.. did you notice how good I am at that? I swear.. .and I yell at the kids for not focusing.. I wonder where they get that from.. LOOK a bird! haha made you look.

2008 my year in review.. ;o)~ Wow. 2008 brought us so many different things.. we have had the uppest ups and the downest downs... but in the end it was alot of ups i think. The end of 2007 stunk, I was 9 months pregnant with Emily, I spent all day in the hospital on Christmas day and it was JUST miserable. But then...

January 5, 2008, a beautiful little little girl (5 lbs 4 oz and 17 1/4 inches long) came into our lives. She was just this little peanut, with these big big blue eyes (yea color me shocked.. all my girls have brown eyes.) the spitting image of Daddy (go ahead Daddy.. tell me she isn't yours.. I'll bring you on Maury to watch him slap the hell out of ya ) Emily Catherine is the perfect exclamation point to our family, and I can't tell you how lucky we are to have her.

February 2008 saw what would have been Matthew's 18th birthday.... when you sit back and think of all the milestones you miss when a baby dies, it breaks your heart. He should have registered to vote (not that the choices are that great), he should have graduated high school and went to his prom, he should have LIVED. but alas God decided differently and he grew wings 22 hours after he was born. 18 years have passed, and I am still mad. Does it ever go away? Does holding a perfect little baby that's body just didn't have everything he needed to live ever make sense, that in the same breath hello is goodbye? no. it doesn't. February on a happier note, brought Miss Emily to nanas to finally meet her. :o)~ Which was very sweet.

March 2008 saw my mom inform us when she retired she was going to give us 25,000 dollars to buy a house. our old neighborhood was full of so much violence all she wanted was us out of there, but March also brought alot of issues and struggles, with that came meeting a friend I am not sure how I lived before her. She answered an ad on Craigslist where I asked for prayer that we would get over a rough time, she offered prayer and more. She makes me laugh and smile... and she makes me a better person just for knowing her. Even if she does constantly ask "are you mad or annoyed at me?" One day I am gonna answer yes just to confuse her .. haha kidding.

Easter 2008 I will never forgot... my best friend in the whole world.. my other half of me, had her life change when her husband and her decided it was best to go their own ways.. 20 years and 2 kids later. Its not fair to have to start over, but if anyone will prevail its Mel. She is the most amazing person I know, and when I grow up, I think I want to be her.

April 2008 brought my friend Vickie FINALLY delivering Dasha.. that baby was born at 9 lbs 4 oz and the day she came home weighed only 2 lbs more then Emily (it was a sight to see them next to each other).

May 2008 brought so much turmoil to friends of ours, they had everything that could go wrong that month go wrong, he lost his job, they fought an eviction that in the end happened in July. But her faith never wavered, she still believes God will get you through it. I wish i had that faith.

June 2008, the kids finished what would be their last year in newport news public schools... imagine my shock when Mary's school finally said "we think she needs an IEP" really? i said that four years ago. But I digress they listened. . finally.

July 2008..we found and moved into our beautiful home. The world looked down and smiled for a moment, and it felt good. I feel safe, since we moved there have been numerous people shot all in the cul de sac we lived in. the windows to our old house SHOT out. Thank heavens we are home and safe.

August 2008-Present 2008 has brought us to this point, the start of school, the hustle and bustle of fall, the preparation of all the holidays. All in all, Iam ok with the way 2008 has went so far, while we didn't win the lottery and Ed McMahon didn't show up at our house on Superbowl Sunday with a check for ten million dollars, I have highlights I would not trade for anything.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pretentious? Indeed.

My ex husband called me and asked me if he was pretentious...... I will admit I had to pull out Websters to get a good definition of the word. After I read it and saw cocky, self absorbed, and arrogant as synonyms, I can answer without a shadow of a doubt, the answer is yes.. he was supposed to give us an extra 53 dollars today to pay for our daughters field trip... he did mostly.. but he shorted a few dollars.. then said "i figured you could do that" bite me. While he does give $800 a month child support, $800 only goes so far when you have four children..... I asked him today about Stephanie's class ring, she is a junior after all.. I got told "I can't help you with that"

Really? Are you serious? I realize he DOES give $800 a month, let me ask you.. do you spend more then $200 a month on your child? Damn Straight. Child support is supposed to handle the living expenses, and while it does assist, it totally does NOT cover them. You figure between clothing expenses (depending on the child that is anywhere from 20-150 dollars a month.. with zero exaggeration), food and drinks (again depending on the child its anywhere from 150-200 and then some.. this isn't McDonald's or Burger King this is household meals... feeding the kids.. some eat more some eat less), medical expenses (as little as 10 dollars as much as who knows what?.. broken bones? unexpected illnesses that require prescriptions), Misc expenses (sports, school expenses, activities... these things cost out the wazoo..even the smallest pack of kids pictures is now 14 dollars for 2 5 x 7s and 14 wallets.) We dine in, we are ok with that, Chuck and I are damn good cooks....(tonight we had quiche aka egg pie and they are so good!)

So you ask why am I blasting my ex tonight.. he and his girlfriend are out eating at Outback Steakhouse... you are going to short me a few measley dollars for your daughters field trip and tell me you can't help with her class ring and THEN have the nerve to ask me if you are pretentious as you eat your steak dinner.. oh yes.. plus many many other adjectives.....

Alien invasions and other items..

I know what you are thinking.. Alien invasions? Yes.. Chuck was abducted by aliens.. and I can prove it. Last night after a loud conversation.. ok it was a fight.. Chuck and i went to our neutral corners.. (to bed) by then we were speaking to each other... so at least we didn't do the " don't go to bed angry"thing. I grumbled my back hurt.. and he MASSAGED my back.. ok seriously.. i don't think, minus pregnancy, he has EVER done that without an alterior motive (see previous blogs). I was in shock.. and in bliss.. my back stopped hurting and I fell asleep and slept good. So two points to Alien Chuck... and I KNOW again he's an alien because his first words out of his mouth to me this morning were "You were right" GASP... what? You talking to me? two more points to Alien Chuck..

There is alot to be said for Fridays.. you wake up and you have that sense of "ahhhhhh its Friday" about you.. even if you have to work on the weekends its still such a relief to be able to say "I made it through another week" But then there is also the sense of "I have SO much to do this weekend" I am making my mental list now and its huge.. its crazy.. and the worst part is, its not that I have tons to do.. I just make it out to be that way. I think I am losing it.. but hey.. at least in a padded room I would have peace and quiet.. well except the voices in my head.. but its ok they know me ;o)~ kidding.

Did you ever notice how fast the last four months of the year go? September school starts and once you get past throwing the confetti in the air that you are sending them back, you spend just short of what is in Donald Trumps bank account to send them back (bookpacks, school supplies, clothes and shoes OH MY!!) Then you send them off and then BAM October hits and the stress of halloween costumes.... this year we have a skunk (Emily.. thanks to Miss Nikia for the adorable costume.. although ironically i think 1/2 the ladies on the January board also have skunks this year I guess that means January babies are little stinkers huh?), a monkey (David. .and I am proud to say I made a scooby doo shell of a costume into a monkey costume. its not perfect but he loves it and that makes my day), and the Corpse bride (Mary.. old princess leia white dress redid with black and white tulle I am proud lol). As for the older ones. . they are teenagers.. and will come up with something.. although I am not sure what... and that should scare me.. but hey.. its halloween the one day of the year its ok to be completely over the top right?? Right around the corner from halloween is thanksgiving... where we eat too much, spend time with the family (groans.. i am sort of dreading that this year) and then if you are me, Chuck and Stephanie.. rev up for BLACK Friday. WOOHOOO its like our superbowl.. we head to walmart at 3 AM plant our feet near the good stuff and BAM we shop til we drop. Usually dropping Chuck off at work at 7 then we try and head home to bed by 11 AM sleep til its time to get Chuck and then come home and eat leftovers.... only.. some Black Fridays Steph and I land up heading BACK home with Chuck at 4:30.. hey we are professionals.. don't try this at home. ok? We usually have our plan of attack done the day before.. the budget is set and we go. Then its time for Christmas.. my favorite time of year... I am ready for the Christmas Carols now but I won't play them until after Halloween. I love the smells, the sights.. everything about Christmas!!!

And like that the year is over and a new one begins. So, now my question is. . if you have to reflect on 2008.. what would you say about it? tune in tomorrow for my answer... or later today.. if i get bored. Suspense isn't it grand?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something is not right.

If you have ever read Madeline, the tale of the little girl who wore the yellow hat and lived with the nuns, and lived in a house covered in Vines in Paris.. "In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines, they left the house at half past nine..The smallest one was Madeline" by Ludwig Bemelmans'.... well one night the Nun in charge awoke because someone was sick and said "Something is not right" That is how I feel today. First of all my brother Gregg, who I just can't stand anymore. .for alot of reasons.. aside from the fact that he thinks my mom has the word Welcome tattooed on her, so she must be a door mat, he is also feeling he needs to be in everyone's business... ok more specifically MY business. But rather then calling me directly because he's a spineless weasel he calls another brother to tattle... What a tool. I have nothing to say to him. Well.. ok that's not true.. I have alot to say just nothing I can that doesn't involve ALOT of swear words. I am so over him... but the worst part is he is making me feel so small... my mom has helped us quite a few times thanks to all the crud with the Navy... she helps out.. we work it out.. we give it back when we are able and when not it gets put in the "bill" ya know the bill at sometimes that feels like it resembles the national debt. ugh.. anyways.. he apparently checked my moms account and has been keeping a running tally of what has been borrowed... like its HIS business and HIS money.. which btw.. none of it is his business. I hate him. Ok i don't hate him.. hate is a strong word.. I STRONLY dislike him... and that I mean.

Anyways all this crap led to me not sleeping last night... I was up at 1:30 I think to watch the clock for a few minutes. I debated getting up and trying to watch TV, and then decided to just close my eyes.. that worked til 2:45 when I woke up to pee ( don't worry no toilet paper was killed in my visit to the potty). ... at 4 AM I woke up because my head was throbbing... and now I have been pretty much up since head is still throbbing. .I am still irked with my brother.. now I wanna kill Rocky because Chuck is on the way to get him because he is "not cooperating today" fab... i had a feelin today was going to be rough because he woke up snarky.. I should have let him stay home.. but instead we sent him. Hindsite being 20/20 as always man I wanna kick myself for that. oh well at least the day isn't boring.. right?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WFD Wednesday

Today's blog title is familiar to anyone who has ever read a message board, for the rest of you, it means What's for Dinner Wednesday. I realize that it is only 10:01 AM, but for whatever reason I got up at OMG in the morning.. I would love to blame it on Emily but since she didn't even budge til 7.. well surely that won't fly... I got up at 5:45 this morning, I grabbed my phone called the bank as I do every morning to see what had cleared and what was in the account (remember yesterday when I told you I balance my checkbook? I failed to mention its usually done before my feet hit the floor.. unless there is a major discrepancy.. at any given moment I can tell you if what the bank and I both have listed is the same or not. *ahem its right.. go me* And its not as depressing as first thought so that was mildly encouraging. We aren't talking lets go out and splurge but if I want to get something extra at the grocery store for the kids its feasible. go me.

So did anyone else just notice i blogged for a WHOLE paragraph and never mentioned dinner?? I am getting to that.. promise... I then grabbed a shower..growled at the children to wake up.. growled at Danny because his belt for NJROTC is missing in action and of course its every one's fault but his.. cue the angst.. @@ While I KNOW we all lose things in this house.. I always seem to wonder why its NEVER the guilty party's fault.... it always seems that someone else caused it to happen.. ok.. we have to get Ida Know and Not Me out of this house (remember the ghosts from Family Circus?.. the mom would ask who broke this glass "Ida know" or "Not me".. that ghost lives here.... and um I am ready to move her to a new house.. just ask and you can have her.. promise)

Ok.. then I drove Chuck to work..then came home relieved Mel of Emily duty since she had to go to court today (not for her.. she had to go for work because some idiot decided he wanted to steal .. got caught and then decided he didn't want to pay the restitution he had to pa... wait it gets better.. then he decided to REVISIT the scene of the crime recently and do it again..ya know AGAINST his court order that told him to STAY off the property.. EGGEHEAD

Ok.. THEN I put dinner on (woohoo FINALLY she's on topic!!) I put on a BBQ pork roast that I slow cook on low for 8 hours. With it we will have cornbread (*I* think), tater tots (for my weird kids who won't eat white rice.. how can you NOT eat white rice.? I will never understand) and probably corn. Dessert will depend on whether or not I feel adventurous.. if I do.. i am thinking ice cream. (see I even tied in the splurge at the grocery store.. come on say your proud.. you KNOW your proud).

Ok. I am off to call the middle school back.... I have to go argue with them about the fact that they aren't taking AJ's disability into consideration and gave him Saturday school. AJ's teacher is well aware he has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).. he should be writing down homework at the BEGINNING of class.. no this idiot had him do it at the END of class..... he didn't get it written down in time due to his dysgraphia (it takes him 10 minutes to get things from his mind to his fingers they get scrambled) before he had to be in the NEXT class.. so the all knowing all seeing security guard sent him to the dean who gave him Saturday school.. So I am raising hoo ha because they are going 1) against his IEP and 2) against the Americans with disabilities act that says "a student with an IEP will have that IEP taken into consideration".. obviously.. they didn't... schools love me.. really they do..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


From what i heard on Good Morning America this morning, Google Mail (Gmail) is now making you take a math test before you send emails during late night hours.. damn. I am glad I don't use Gmail. I am the Queen of grouchy emails.. (ask Chuck and anyone else who has ever received a tongue lashing from me) I am not capable of writing emails at decent hours.. no no its far more fun to type them out it 1 AM after I have stewed all day about whatever is irritating me. Aside from the fact that I am not a Math whiz and my emails would NEVER get sent anyways... although I must say... don't you want to set up an account and go to send an email JUST to see what the math questions are like? I mean if we are talking 1+1 I am golden.. but if we are talking what is X-Y+B= then I am with Bill Engvill "When did they start putting letters in there?" I am sure Chuck is snorting at me.. because he has seen me do quick math in my head, and balance our checkbook with the greatest of ease.. yea he calls it ease.. I call it the calculator :oP. OK like you don't use one. whatever. And no its not that the numbers are THAT big.. I wish. its more to make sure in the end the number is right.. please oh please. And yes if you are one of those people who don't keep a check register... ::::cringes::: you drive me insane... I can't handle that.. it drives me over the edge.... And if push comes to shove.. search me out, I will show you how easy it is. ;o)~ Promise!! ( says Tricia.. the accountants daughter)

Even though its Tuesday it feels like a Monday... I hope this week goes by quick but I have this horrible feeling it will be a LONG week but I think its because I am dreading Chucks drill this weekend.. I have nothing positive to say about it. I just hope they can resolve all this crud somehow. But of course I want to see a positive reply.. which I am having my doubts. The one person who I think can help out, as reached out an olive branch sort of.. but Chuck didn't tell him what is going on.....while I do understand there is certain military protocol.. I also think that if someone tells you something, they should back up their word. I have a huge problem with the way things went down.... Chuck is due to get an award this weekend (two actually... *giggle* woohoo.. a Navy Achievement Medal and a Navy Reserve good conduct) I normally go watch him get his awards but... I am not sure it would be for the best... I am not sure I can remain quiet on how I feel and I am 90% sure I will accidentally kick Ensign Pain in my butt in the ankles if I see him.. I loathe that man.. oh WAIT I forgot the best part.. he got an email last night that they are having a DRESS blues inspection.. DO what? four days notice? Jerks.. oh well.. breathe.. we will get through this..ironically we have the uniform almost TOTALLY together.. which if you know Chuck and me is DAMN impressive :o)~ woohoo.

Ok. .off to begin my day.. anytime we have a three day weekend my house resembles what the tazmanian devil does to a room when he leaves...I hope your day is lovely. ;o)~

Monday, October 13, 2008

20 minutes til midnight

Wow this is the closest I came to NOT getting in a blog in the day... and damn if Chuck and Nikia let me know that my True Blood blog didn't count... geesh.. rough crowd.


We went for the conferences earlier today, let me go on record as stating I was wrong about Rocky's teacher.. she is AWESOME and very funny. She had us smiling and told us that David is getting it.. he's like a sponge.. but.... he is also VERY defiant.. i wonder who's fault that is **cough cough** Chuck **cough cough** I did really enjoy talking to her, and I plan on going in to make spiders with the class for Halloween (they arent pumpkins or witches so its ok.. stupid politically correct world @@) And then I volunteered to chaperone a field trip on Nov 10. pray for me. lol

Then we went to Mary's class... her teacher is so much different then any Mary has ever had.. she understands Mary... and Mary needed that.. She needed someone who will not see her struggling stop but then go on and ignore it.. She needs kid gloves and thank goodness her teacher sees that.

I steered clear of the middle school and high school.. I am waiting for a phone call tomorrow from Drama Queen's counselor.. but Nikias hubby Josh started helping Steph with Geometry and Stephanie thinks she FINALLY gets it.. ::::oh please oh please oh please::::::AJ and Danny I had spoken to their special ed teachers and counselors last week so there was no reason to have one with them. So far I am thinking this move has been positive for the kids, and for that I am grateful beyond words.

Ok time for bed another busy day tomorrow.....toodles! oh and PS five sentences or fifty if it appears here and has a comment.. ITS a blog.. so there :oP Tricia's rule

Sunday, October 12, 2008

its 1:00 in the morning.....

And we are all sitting up watching True Blood on HBO....... This show is wild, and the cast of characters in it are even wilder. Let me tell you, and I thought the episode of "My big Redneck Wedding" where the brother and the sister get married was bizarre... well this is just as over the top in a very outstanding way........Picture this.....its set in the deep south.. ok.. no picture this.. picture Anne Rice with southern accents...picture everyone you have ever seen at a State Fair...rednecked to the nines.....with fangs. AKA Mama's family.. WITH fangs. ;o)~ (thanks Mel). Sitting down and watching as the show sets up and it just gets better and better.. but now we are stuck waiting for each Sunday night to get here to watch the new episode.. its like a new TV addiction only this one bites ok.. i am officially delirious but if you have HBO check out this show... I mean really who can't love a show with tag lines like "Friends don't let friends.. drink friends"

Misc Musings

Misc thoughts of my day... today is Sunday, I should not be required to stay on one topic so today I make it totally ok to go off topic. Like it matters but my blog my rules :o)~.

I love taking Emily out anywhere..she has this desire to bop and move whenever we are like she has a jukebox on in her head. People think it is hilarious and we constantly hear people stop and say to her "Get it girl" as she sits there and bounces up and down.... and funnier then that she is worse if there is actual music... she LOVES to dance. And I think she may have escaped Mommys white girl can't dance rhythm....WOOHOO.

This morning we woke up at 9:30... do you know how nice it was to sleep in? do you know hoad sad it is that 9:30 is now sleeping in? We did get greeted by Mary and David around 8:30 something about the dog biting Mar because she wouldn't let him eat the chocolate David got down because David is half mountain goat and climbs the counters to get the chocolate down.. fabulous.. THANK God he didnt get the pumpkin kisses..which btw I did find and OMG are so good.

Argh the stupid St Louis Rams just scored a touchdown against the Redskins.. its now 10-7. sighs.. maybe this is the day they finally blow it. ;o( I hope not..

Ok... so the grouchies went away for a few days.. they have returned.. .sighs.. it was nice while it lasted.. blah.

I have decided that I love the smell of homebaked items.. cookies. .cakes whatever.. the bad part is then you are almost inlcined to eat them all. .. damn. the holidays are around the corner.. with that comes every possible good smelling food. Yum-O .. so diet in January bring in 2009 right.. for now...just go.

Tomorrow is conference day so tomorrows blog will be late because I am sure I will have ALOT to blog about after talking to Davids teacher......I also have a feeling that the high school conferences will be enlightening... to say the least.. Until them I am going to go watch the Redskins blow this game.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lets hear it for the boys

Yea I know they are made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.. but they are our boys and we love them. There is the first love, he isn't here anymore, and as much as I loved them, it broke my heart when he died. He in turn made me the woman i am today. So let's hear it for him for showing me how to love, for helping me grow up, for taking care of me, and for loving me forever unconditonally. He is the one man who broke my heart, but if i could have him back for even a minute, it would be forgotten. My daddy. There was no man in this world EVER like my daddy... he has big shoes to fill and nobody has been able to quite do it.

To the guys who make my heart melt when I see them, my boys. Two of them are teenagers now and I know.. we will survive. but man.. there are days.... . My toddler Rocky... he is God's way of paying me and Chuck back for everything we EVER did.. 100 times over. My hat off to my mom who raised four boys.. Threes a challenge too.

My angel boy, who is up in Heaven Matthew Stephen.. his life only 22 hours, and what he endured in those short hours, are more then some people go through in their whole lives. He had diapraghmatic herenia... he had twenty percent of 2 lungs when he was born and no chance at life. As fast as I met him, God took him home. So where everyone has a guardian angel, I am lucky.. I know mine

To my brothers, Rip, Gregg, David, and Mike. I am a lucky girl to have such special brothers all in their own rights. They may drive me crazy but I love them all. David was taken too soon and we miss him daily.. Rip is the eccentric every family needs... Gregg is the one who you never know what you will get the halo or the horns.. and Mike is our family diplomat. Luck is on my side.. I have them all.

To the guy who gave me my first five babies (Matthew, Stephanie, Danny, AJ, and Mary).. .. .We aren't together anymore.. for alot of reasons, but we are friends, and we have some amazing kids. Alot of stuff has happened but in the end, being friends after all we went through is an accomplishment most people can't pull off.

To my guy.. My Tigger (ok I swear I am not writing this to Winnie the Pooh's buddy...Chuck is Tigger and I am Pooh *blush*). There is so much to write about my Chucky.. he is the person I want to see when I wake up, and the person I want to kiss good night (most nights. ). Chuck is the guy who showed me what it feels like to have your heart held carefully, and I love him for it. Chuck is my knight in shining armour, and the large shoes we talked about before of my dads? He is the only one who's got the feet that I think might just get his toes to the end.

To all the guys I've loved before...... (Julio rocks huh? sorry song reference again). They all helped me become who I am so let's hear it for the guys!

Let's hear it for the girls!!!

No this is not a post about boobies (sorry Chuck), this is a post about my girls.. (no, I mean it.. its REALLY not about boobies). This is a cheer to my friends!! Every woman has their girls, the girls they can go to in the blink of an eye, the ones who they know no matter how odd, bizarre or any other adjective will be there for them. That's my girls.

You have old faithful, that is the girl who you know will be there through thick and thin, she may drive you insane at times, and you drive her insane back, but damn if she's not there when you need her. (ahem Mel).

There is the girl who you meet and when you talk you wonder where she's been your whole life, she is your complete match, *you complete me...*tear**, she listens to you when you need a friend, and you listen back.. you plot your husbands demise together knowing that while it sounds good, you really do love them and just have to get it out to someone who won't call the FBI and have your phone wiretapped (Ahem Nikia).

There is the girl who you gave birth to, the one who makes you laugh and smile, you see yourself in this girl.. she's you, but in a younger more agile and cuter body... no fair. I want that body back. These girls are your Princesses whether 9 mos or 17. and it doesn't matter because they will always be your baby. (Ahem Steph, Mary, Emily) (Love the boys too we will get to them shortly.. equal time here)

There are the girls who you love for different reasons, for IMing you and asking you where you are when you have fallen off the face of the planet.. even though you know its only been 24 hours.. (ahem Karen, Heather and Amanda). There are the girls who you went through pregnancy with and they helped you survive those last few weeks of pregnancy hell... and time with the new baby. (Ahem back to Karen, Heather, Amanda, also add the girls from my July and January boards.

And lastly the rest of my girls, who are special in there own ways... life would not be the same without you. I raise a glass to you and say I love you all!! Here's to the girls!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Frusturations

Today is not a good day.. i woke up in a snit, and I still in a snit. While I could simmply say that and leave this blog empty. . I really think if i don't get out whats on my mind, i am going to lose my mind..........

Its the complete aggrivation that at the end of the day, i have paid all the bills due this week to the best of my ability and left in its wake is $60.. fab. Thank God we have food or we would be in trouble.. now i just get to worry about little things like Gas. Chuck isn't one of those people that has to eat every meal out of the house. He usually will grab something he can munch on during the day or eat when he gets home. Remember those nails I talked about in I think my second or third blog? They are leaving probably by the end of the weekend.. I have two popping up and ya know as nice as they are.. they aren't a necessity.. i love having them.. i love that for two weeks i would look down see them and smile, but its not worth it.. that money is better spent on diapers or wipes or things the older kids need. So on my list of things to go.. good bye nails.

Stephanie came home with three different papers from school.. ALL of them want money.. $153 for a field trip to Washington DC, $200 for a class ring,$75 for something with the swim team, although I think that one has been dropped.. she get's irked when we tell her no, but I merely ask her to point me to the money tree.

The other frusturations come from grumpyness. and sadly its not just one person it seems like everyone has an attitude.. and I am tired of it.. Everyone is pissy and grumpy. the only one who seems to smile at me is Emily and even she growls periodically. Lucky for her we can blame teeth with her. :o)~

i am gonna go be Oscar the grouch in my corner.. I promise to try and be less grouchy tomorrow.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interim reports

Interim reports are a schools way of telling you how your child is doing, we all remember those lovely days when we were in school... where we would plot in our minds what to tell our parents "SHE HATES ME!" "SHE FAILED EVERYONE ELSE TOO!" oh and my personal favorite "I didn't get one" ::::As I scrawled my dads name on my interim, I was so good at it my friends had me sign there's too:::::: It wasn't that I got horrible grades in school, I actually did pretty well, but the interim for me was usually the slap me silly time of the quarter "oh crap. they really did WANT that homework assignment" I never wanted that wake up call and now the usual suspects I am SURE are feelng the same.

The social changed to protect the guilty.. why am i protecting her.. eh why not. Did great in most subjects but has two (one the same one as LAST year....geometry.. ARGH!!!) Anyways she told me that the teacher said its REALLY a D we shall see on Monday. conference day... fun stuff... The other subject is Enviormental science...her teacher again told her it should be higher.. we shall see.. the rest are excellent.. she does very well but can't grasp Geometry.. we are one step from a tutor.. :::Volunteers please send applications::::: ***edit*** to include that when i saw the social butterflys actual interim and her Enviormental science grade has been changed to an A.

The gamer.... I am shocked to report that the gamer brought home an impressive interim report!!! There was one grade that requires some make up work.. but on the whole i am sooo proud of him!! School adjustments have always been rough for the Gamer but damn if he didn't pull it off.. Go kid go!!

The baseball player.... is going to get my foot in his tooshie if he doesnt start applying himself more. apparently he doesn't understand civics and they did place him in a mainstream class (He has an IEP(individualized education plan) and should be in an inclusion class..I will be barking about that on Monday as well) grrrrrr. the baseball player needs a 2.0 to play in the spring. the baseball player needs to get working on that.

Lil Miss Firecracker... was labeled as being nearly unteachable last year.. .gee maybe it was the school.. she has the MOST amazing interim!! she got o's (for outstanding and V's for Very good, and S's for satisfactory. . NO Bad notes.. i am so tickled you don't understand.. this child has been through the ringer since she had Satans little sister as a teacher in second grade (the first time) so to be told what a bright wonderful daughter I have made my day!!

Rocky doesnt have a interim but we have a conference on Monday.. i am scared of what she has to say... "rocky is a good student but would be better fitted in a boxing ring" groans.....

I will reupdate this blog when we get the actual report cards... in the meantime.. pray for me.. and pray for them that I don't kill them..

Creepy critters at 3 AM

I know I shouldn't post what happened to me at 3 AM, I know because when my husband and children read this I am going to be teased unmercifully. And when they are done, the snickers and giggles will go on for days afterwards... ok... :::deep breaths::::: I can do this... I get up at 3 AM to use the bathroom (note to self STOP drinking a bottle of water before bed), I don't flip the light on because I know how many steps it takes to get the potty.. thats right I got potty skills. I am taking care of business and out of the corner of my eye i see something about 2 inches long wiggling... i freaked "OMG we have mice!" I jumped up and start stomping on the mouse... i am stomping and stomping like some crazed lunatic.... yea.. then i realize i feel nothing crushing.....or scampering or anything... so i flip on the light...i had killed it.. it was murdered in my bathroom! Victory was mine.. that wad of toilet paper was never going to harm anyone again. Yep. thats right I am one lean mean tp killing machine..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It feels like i am falling for Fall.

ok if you have ever been subjected to Noggin you have heard Moose A Moose sing this song.. but today that is me. I LOVE fall!! I heart fall!! I love that my long pants are back.. (woohooo Goodbye razor burn... ok not total goodbye.. just not as often.. hello winter coat!). My long sleeve shirts are back, and may i say with having Emily last January i am able to wear ALOT of them I wasn't able to wear last year!! (insert WOOHOO here). .. my hoodies.. my beloved hoodies are back.. (now if someone will please send me help as to how to keep the teenagers off of them, my gratefulness will never end).

I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread and pumpkin smells!! I love pumpkin!! (btw if anyone finds the pumpkin hershey kisses.. let me know.. I can't find them and i am DYING lol). I love pumpkin (although Jones and Co pumpkin soda is blech )

I love watching the trees change, one of my favorite things about having this house, is seeing the big tree outfront changing colors.. its so pretty. ask me again in two months when the tree is bald.. and then i am sad. yea i know I make no sense. I love the smell of the air during fall, I love the look.

I love the neat stuff you see in the stores, the decorations and the new items.. we have ghosts on our windows and skeletons on our porch.. we are so seasonal!!! I love having a place to decorate and make so much fun. I love that the holidays are drawing closer, and that means time with my family and good times (when we arent fighting we really do love each other)

I love that you can turn off the AC and open the windows, that you can sleep in comfy cozy pjs insteado of next to nothing. I love apple cider, and the crunch a fresh apple makes. But since i started by quoting moose a moose i will continue and also say I have to agree with him.. "cause i don't like candy corn.. NO I don't like candy corn" ok.. its not that bad.. but its not my favorite... ;o)~

Happy FALL!! If you haven't already done so . fall for fall!!

Deserted Island...

Ok you know the drill... you are stranded on a deserted island.. what do you bring? who do you bring? Are you a hopeless case or do you build the Swiss Family Robinson mansion? interesting quandry.. I must say.

First of all I would bring my family, if the kids got annoying I would be forced to feed them one by to alligators or donate them to the natives as a peace offering for all the noise they make. But in the end, I have to say I would want the family with me.. There are certain friends I would bring, and they know who they are. Other friends. mmm not so much.

As for supplies, ok.. i don't care who you are......if you are a woman you have to have chocolate. Other food supplies, an unending supply of Dr Pepper, enough food and beverages to live and make it.. we could do it. But then I would be the oddball who would want shampoo, body wash and God knows toilet paper. .because I would NOT want to use the wrong leaf *ahem*

I could survive on an island and while I may not be handy enough to make the Swiss Family Robinson mansion, or the house from Nims island.. we would make it ok.. i mean did you all notice I said I was bringing the family? i am not stupid Chuck and AJ would come up with something. :o)~ lol

The entertainment purposes would see me with the Ipod full of good music (Garth Brooks, Delbert, Rob McNelley, Rascall flatts, Chuck would have Motley Crue, Stephanie would have the Jonas Brothers, AJ would have whatever Chuck and I listen to and Kid Rock, Danny would have Creed, Mary would have the high school musical soundtracks, David would have something that would drive me mental I am sure, and Emily will be mommys girl and listen to my music), movies by the ton to be played on the portable DVD player that would have the courtesy to never die. and the all important uno deck.. i would bring more games but how many times can I beat Chuck at Trivial Pursuit and have him pout before he would become alligator food? After all he does call me Mrs Milton *bleeping* Bradley.

Yea I think we could survive just fine on that island, it may get rough and i can't promise while 8 would arrive that 8 would leave.. but... we would survive.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh my God. when did it happen?

I swore it would never happen.. I was 99% sure I even meant it... but as I grow older and with that comes the teenagers, the tween, the toddler and the infant.. I see it more and more every day.. I am becoming.. MY MOTHER!! Gone are the days of sleeping until 12 PM, the bedroom with the clothes all over the floor (have i mentioned how I loathe clothes on the floor?), the eating whatever I want and actually eating veggies!! The not spending money on things I want because its not mature, paying the bills... I am a grown up. But now I also realize.. I am not just a grown up, I am my mom.

"This room is a pigsty" said to a teenager.. I have heard that countless time as I grew up. As a matter of fact, I once had a Miss Piggy left in my closet with a note attached that said "please even I can't take it anymore" (she's so funny)

"There is PLENTY of food in the house" Said to the kid who just announced "theres nothing to eat in this house! and i am going to starve!" usually said because the twinkie box is empty.

"please don't bite the dog" ok it was only one time i had to say that. and i am not sure my mom ever said that about the dog... my brother.. probably.. but never the dog.. too hairy

"I am not HEATING/ACing VA! Close the door" Yes, i have said it... i am mortified.. but i have said it.

"Just wait til your father gets home!!" Usually said to Rocky as his head spins off its axis. And i am trying to figure out how to exorcise the demons.

and my favorite...

"do you think money grows on trees??" said to any of the kids as i get asked for one thing or the other.

You see.. I am becoming my mother. At first it scared me, but then I realized.. I am not so bad... it could be worse. I could be Joan Crawford (I don't fear wire hangers my kids are fine.. promise), I could be anyone of those crackhead moms you see on Cops, but in the end.. I am MY mom and I am really ok with that.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Things i want to try.....

Don't worry you won't see nude bungee jumping in here. 1) I am scared to death of the thought of a little elastic rubber band holding me extended over a cliff without it giving in and me going splat.. 2) me nude? I feel no reason to scare anyone that badly and scar them forever. you are welcome.. seriously... though i have somethings i would love to try but for whatevr reason (life, money, fear, all of the above)I don't do it. So things Tricia wants to try :

1) before I die, I want a tattoo. Chuck has a bunch, my friends have a bunch, hell, even stephanie has one, but i am a huge wimp. Explain that one. i have given birth seven times, but to this day I hate needles. So my thought of a tattoo while lovely.. is at this point a no go.

2) I love the look of baby legs and want to get Emily a pair but I refuse to spend the money :oX how sad is that? her poor knees take a beating from her moon crawling (backwards crawl) but I won't spend the money. I know. I am weird.. leave me alone.

3) I want to open a catering business, I am told I am a helluva cook but I don't have the confidence to just do it.. its what Mel likes to say is "I suck" syndrome. She has it too. Maybe some day I will get brave.

4) I want to take my kids and husband to New York.. not just New York City but Sag harbor where my family grew up.. its the most amazing place. And they would love it.

5) i want to take the kids back to Disney.. they loved it and it was the vacation of a lifetime . I want to do it again.

So there are my five things.. maybe someday eh? maybe just maybe.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest...

Apparently... some people don't believe that sunday is a day of rest.... I can prove this three ways. of course if you ask Chuck he will tell me i am guilty of this as well, as we got up early (ok it was 9:30) to start sorting clothes in our garage... (trying to pull in the fall/winter stuff before we REALLY need it) I am also washing all of it because we moved and it still has that old house smell.. EWWWW..

1) Mel is actually home past 9 AM for the first time in about two weeks, she has to work again tonight, its not that she's a workaholic. well yes she is a workaholic, but its also that she really doesn't want to spend forever on my couch.. (I just don't understand her attitude.. we are fun people.. .ok so we are noisey... and um.. loud.. and the cat thinks she's his personal pillow. But she has had no time..someone called her this morning to see if she wanted to work.. imagine that she said no.. so then said chic asks her to ask Chuck.. um No lol.. she told him he wasnt here. and it was true.. he ran to Foodlion for Gravy for the porkroast. Anyways..... That poor girl has had no rest... she needs it. .badly.. now we just gotta tell her that!! Shes allegedly off on Wednesday i think i am gonna hide her keys

2) As noted above.. while we are also watching football, we are doing laundry, cleaning up around the house, and shortly I am going to start cooking dinner.. dinner tonight is a Porkroast, my homemade mac and cheese and a veggie.. I am not sure what veggie but a veggie. mmmmm ok maybe working on Sunday isn't so bad.. and Stephanie made brownies. have I mentioned how awesome my house smells? i think I am going to make pumpkin cookies tonight too. (they are so easy and just heavenly). WOW I have total blog ADHD today i am all over the place.

3) ok.. this is where I out my dear friend for this blog.... Sweet wonderful Nikia... I love you, but as you can see I wasn't doing nothing as i didn't post this blog, I was doing other stuff. so SEE while I too love the Amish (the books are divine.. wow.. ok no pun intended I swear.. but they are really good!!!) But no I am not Amish and I do work on Sunday.. and I curse way too much to be Amish.. so there :oP

so what have you done today?? Happy Sunday!! I hope its relaxing!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The wonderful world of ringtones

Did you ever notice how nobody's phone rings anymore? We all have these wild ringtones, present company totally included. Although, I love the ringtones, doesn't anybody ever long for that rrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg we used to hear? ok probably not.. ;o) Psst me either. Ok.. so today's blog is about what ringtones are on your phone. i found a site that helps me make my ringtones and now I am a fiend for them. I have some really cool ringtones on my phone. So now today's blog is dedicated to :::::fanfare drums.. dum dum dum dum:::::: MY RINGTONES!! woohoo. hey its upbeat leave me alone.. I am not bitching about the economy or how screwed up the world is.. today i am taking the day off.

When Chuck and i were driving home last night there was a song on the radio by Randy Travis called "Dig two graves" One of the lines was "You've come to be my heart and soul, You're the air i breathe, heart and soul, so i made up my mind, if its your time, they can dig two graves just carve one stone cause without you here I won't last long.. you're loves the blood running through these veins" And i looked at him and told him that was how I feel.. if he goes I am going with him. He seemed shocked and squeezed my hand. Yea i am a sap.. i love my husband.. so now his ringtone is "Dig two graves" until last night it was Adam Sandler "I wanna grow old with you" with great lyrics like " I wanna make you smile whenever you are sad, carry you around when your arthritis is bad, all i wanna do is grow old with you..i'll get you medecine when your tummy aches, build you a fire if the furnace breaks, it could be so nice growing old with you" its from the wedding singer and its awesome too.

Stepahnies ringtone is All American Girl by Carrie Underwood.. because of the line "she's wrapped around his finger, she's the center of his whole world, and his heart belongs to that sweet little perfect all american girl" She was my first daughter..she is my first daughter... and when i saw her 17 years ago she was perfect.. she still is. mostly lol

Danny and AJs ring tone is All Summer long by Kid Rock.. no exciting reason they just love that song.. ok AJ does.. if danny had his way I would have the Zelda theme song... my phone my rules.. nah nah nah nah

When the house calls me its Blake Shelton's version of the song "Home" mostly because the title was home and i like his voice... and unlike Chuck.. I didnt think i should use Metalica's Sanitarium as appropriate as it is.. lol.. ok he's protesting "I don't have that anymore".. yes now its home sweet home live from when he and AJ went to see Motley Crue in July... Chuck.. again is an addict.. its not his fault

My moms ringtone.. .yea um thats unique one....I have a rintone that says " Answer the phone Yo MAMA callin you..your mommas calling you..your phone is ringing hey answer the phone.. dont you want to talk to your MAMA?" My mom is sweet but man she calls ALOT.. so i totally feel like this ringtone fits her to a T. lol

My text message alert is Gwen Stefani hollerback girl.. but I only used the part that says "the shit is bananas.. b-a-n-a-n-a-s. " and it keeps repeating cause um.. if you know the people who text me you know how WELL that fits lol.. :o)~ (ahem.. Chuck.. Steph.. Mel.. Nikia)

My picture message is "wheres my money bitch" from the Family guy.. lol... Chuck is a sad strage sick man.. but...He's funny.. so now its my picture message alert. lol Sadly Rocky Balboa knows the entire "where's my money thing" though and when he hears it proceeds to beat up whatever sibling is near by ;oX yes we promote abuse in this family..kidding.. don't call CPS or i will send Rocky to visit ya

My brothers... I used family tradition from Hank Williams Jr.. :oX Yea.. we have one of those strange families.. but hey we put the fun in dysfunctional.. :o)~

My nephew Joshua.. has his own special ring tone.. Beer Run by Garth Brooks and George Jones...Yea he calls for those.... not so much anymore but during the summer he sure did lol

My other nephews Keith and Jonathan and my neice KC have "Help from the Beatles because well "Help! I need somebody.. HELP! not just anybody. .HELP ya know i need some one HEEELLLLPPPP" trust me.. its my neice and nephews.. if my phone rings they need something.

Mel... well Mel has her own special ring tone.. there is this guitarist we'll call him McSteamy and he has a song called Love is so much more.. great song.. if I didn't think she would cut me i would tell you where to find him.. he's a helluva guitar player.. great song.. the lyrics i used for her ring tone. "But i was just a boy with my selfish my ways..couldn't let a woman help me to a higher place, I've been in love before and I thought i knew, yea i thought i knew but then you came along and now love is so much more" and trust me.. the song is as good as the lyrics.. he kicks tail. sorry Mel. trust me.. there are songs that are worse.. but in a wonderful way.. ;o)~

Nikia has her own special ringtone because of my blog yesterday when I stated it was incorrect to drink wine before noon and I was informed "well its 5 oclock somewhere" so now courtesy of Alan Jackson her ringtone is "5 o'clock somewhere"

Random friends are "Friends in low places" from Garth Brooks, partly because its Garth and because well um it fits them.. other friends the girl friends are "Fergilicious" LOL. Because every girl is a bit fergilicious in her own special way lol..

And I have a few more i use as alarm clocks cause they are nice and loud... for instance... is Lovebug from the Jonas brothers.. good song and their mommy taught them right they are such nice boys!! and then i have a song called "Get Back" from Demi Lovato.. I downloaded it becausse Stephanie "I am not a fan" Glover wanted it.. and i had to keep it because DAMN its loud.. so those are the alarm clocks. i am quite happy with my loud songs..

We won't even get into the loud horrible alarms my husband uses "Shapoopie" from Family Guy.... man.. let me tell you that song now grates on my nerves... he hits snooze more then he wakes up but hey its better then Saints of Los Angeles from Motley Crue ... oy... ok.. until next time.. i hope you have lots of songs in your head now ;o)~