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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Flashes

You would think i was going through the change of life.. ya know the end of the world for some women as they know it.. in my case, it will just be just another excuse to growl and get away with it. I swear though, I get up in the morning I shower, get dressed put on deodorant, put on long sleeve tshirt and yoga pants. As we head to the bus stop I throw on a hoodie or jacket and off we go. I freeze my tail off and wish it wasn't SO cold. But alas then I get home, get the magic cup of coffee, praise the inventors of coffee and I start cleaning up. Its not that the kids are pigs or slobs, its just that they are incapable of putting anything away. They get up, get dressed and plop til "OMG the bus is coming" (ok by October the bus coming and going should NOT be a shock seriously.. ).. by 9 AM, I have laundry on the living room and den area are cleaned up, the baby is in the high chair eating breakfast, I am running through and back to my room for a tshirt. Why? because I am having these heaving hot flashes that make you want to reshower. Ok. its probably because I am neurotic.. but damn. If this is what is in store when I hit the "change of life" No thanks.. I'll keep my 24 hour period. Ugh

So Chuck and I tried fried Oreos this weekend, I believe I mentioned that.. well last night he made fried Oreos.. talk about Heaven in fried doughy form. They are sooo easy.. (yea of course they are, I was sitting ACROSS the room cheering him on "fry those Oreos baby! Good job baby" Hey.. at least he didn't give me angry eyebrows :o)~. (*Muah*)

So our cat is in heat.......(yes i know she should be neutered... yes I do plan on doing it at some point.. yes I do know what will happen if we don't get her fixed (yea like *I* don't know the causes of SEX.. Stephanie, Danny, AJ, Mary, David and Emily (ok Emily was SEX and margaritas.. but still)). anyways she is in that stage where she is rubbing on anyone and anything... my personal favorite was spotted five minutes ago, Emily has a stuffed penguin.. believe me when I tell you.. MY cat just molested the poor thing. Aside from the fact that it obviously isn't going to fix Socks problem.....its a stuffed animal....oy vey..

on that visual i am off to go do something creative.. al beit not as creative as the cat ;oX

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