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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another blog of randomness

Good morning. I can say that today. I slept from 9:30 last night until 9:30 this morning, ok yes i was awake from 6 til 730 which is normal for when Chuck goes to Drill.. i wake up to make sure he gets up and goes to work.. if I don't he won't get up. But for the first time in months i feel really rested. Yesterday I woke up early and I ran around the entire day.. by the time 9:30 came around everything around me was moving in slow motion.. it was time for bed. All i remember was crawling into bed and kicking the dog out.. after that.. a nuclear bomb could have went off and i wouldn't have noticed.

I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup yesterday and one of pea soup. I can't believe how fast the weather turned this year.. it went from 85 a few days ago to the 50s yesterday. brrr. In August we are always saying "Boy I can't wait til Fall" and then the first cold day hits and it becomes "what? wait.. no I didnt mean get THAT cold" In the end though it was ok. Minus that i need to stomp on my sons head for turning the AC down below 70 yesterday. What is the malfunction? I have explained it stays on 70 and on auto we don't get cold. duh. He was hot.. he turned it down. I am gonna kill him. And now I want to put the heat on. .because i am chilly. Don't get me wrong. .I still love fall :o)~ i am making a pumpkin pie today.. I love the smell of pumpkin pie

Ya know sometimes its the little things that mean alot... the past few days have been sort of wonky.. I am in a grumpy mood.. part of is that blasted all mighty penny again (its not a dollar anymore).. part of it is Chuck needing to argue with his command about their blatant mistreatment of his situation, which it is now Sunday and still has NO resolution. .. and that just ticks me off. (Not with Chuck.. apparently his XO wants to see him.. he just wants to do it on his time.. AKA the 3rd of Never). I really think its crap. Annnnyyyywwwwaaaaayyyssss......David has a horrible cold, and my thing on my finger keeps busting open. So Mel got rockstar points... she not only bought David medicine, she bought me antibiotic bandaids for my finger, and then she bought me chocolate chip cookies stuffed with orange frosting.. yum! I think I'll keep her

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