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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let's hear it for the girls!!!

No this is not a post about boobies (sorry Chuck), this is a post about my girls.. (no, I mean it.. its REALLY not about boobies). This is a cheer to my friends!! Every woman has their girls, the girls they can go to in the blink of an eye, the ones who they know no matter how odd, bizarre or any other adjective will be there for them. That's my girls.

You have old faithful, that is the girl who you know will be there through thick and thin, she may drive you insane at times, and you drive her insane back, but damn if she's not there when you need her. (ahem Mel).

There is the girl who you meet and when you talk you wonder where she's been your whole life, she is your complete match, *you complete me...*tear**, she listens to you when you need a friend, and you listen back.. you plot your husbands demise together knowing that while it sounds good, you really do love them and just have to get it out to someone who won't call the FBI and have your phone wiretapped (Ahem Nikia).

There is the girl who you gave birth to, the one who makes you laugh and smile, you see yourself in this girl.. she's you, but in a younger more agile and cuter body... no fair. I want that body back. These girls are your Princesses whether 9 mos or 17. and it doesn't matter because they will always be your baby. (Ahem Steph, Mary, Emily) (Love the boys too we will get to them shortly.. equal time here)

There are the girls who you love for different reasons, for IMing you and asking you where you are when you have fallen off the face of the planet.. even though you know its only been 24 hours.. (ahem Karen, Heather and Amanda). There are the girls who you went through pregnancy with and they helped you survive those last few weeks of pregnancy hell... and time with the new baby. (Ahem back to Karen, Heather, Amanda, also add the girls from my July and January boards.

And lastly the rest of my girls, who are special in there own ways... life would not be the same without you. I raise a glass to you and say I love you all!! Here's to the girls!

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Flip Flop Mommy said...

Well crap I wanted to here about boobies. LMAO Love ya!!!