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Monday, October 6, 2008

Things i want to try.....

Don't worry you won't see nude bungee jumping in here. 1) I am scared to death of the thought of a little elastic rubber band holding me extended over a cliff without it giving in and me going splat.. 2) me nude? I feel no reason to scare anyone that badly and scar them forever. you are welcome.. seriously... though i have somethings i would love to try but for whatevr reason (life, money, fear, all of the above)I don't do it. So things Tricia wants to try :

1) before I die, I want a tattoo. Chuck has a bunch, my friends have a bunch, hell, even stephanie has one, but i am a huge wimp. Explain that one. i have given birth seven times, but to this day I hate needles. So my thought of a tattoo while lovely.. is at this point a no go.

2) I love the look of baby legs and want to get Emily a pair but I refuse to spend the money :oX how sad is that? her poor knees take a beating from her moon crawling (backwards crawl) but I won't spend the money. I know. I am weird.. leave me alone.

3) I want to open a catering business, I am told I am a helluva cook but I don't have the confidence to just do it.. its what Mel likes to say is "I suck" syndrome. She has it too. Maybe some day I will get brave.

4) I want to take my kids and husband to New York.. not just New York City but Sag harbor where my family grew up.. its the most amazing place. And they would love it.

5) i want to take the kids back to Disney.. they loved it and it was the vacation of a lifetime . I want to do it again.

So there are my five things.. maybe someday eh? maybe just maybe.

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