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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


From what i heard on Good Morning America this morning, Google Mail (Gmail) is now making you take a math test before you send emails during late night hours.. damn. I am glad I don't use Gmail. I am the Queen of grouchy emails.. (ask Chuck and anyone else who has ever received a tongue lashing from me) I am not capable of writing emails at decent hours.. no no its far more fun to type them out it 1 AM after I have stewed all day about whatever is irritating me. Aside from the fact that I am not a Math whiz and my emails would NEVER get sent anyways... although I must say... don't you want to set up an account and go to send an email JUST to see what the math questions are like? I mean if we are talking 1+1 I am golden.. but if we are talking what is X-Y+B= then I am with Bill Engvill "When did they start putting letters in there?" I am sure Chuck is snorting at me.. because he has seen me do quick math in my head, and balance our checkbook with the greatest of ease.. yea he calls it ease.. I call it the calculator :oP. OK like you don't use one. whatever. And no its not that the numbers are THAT big.. I wish. its more to make sure in the end the number is right.. please oh please. And yes if you are one of those people who don't keep a check register... ::::cringes::: you drive me insane... I can't handle that.. it drives me over the edge.... And if push comes to shove.. search me out, I will show you how easy it is. ;o)~ Promise!! ( says Tricia.. the accountants daughter)

Even though its Tuesday it feels like a Monday... I hope this week goes by quick but I have this horrible feeling it will be a LONG week but I think its because I am dreading Chucks drill this weekend.. I have nothing positive to say about it. I just hope they can resolve all this crud somehow. But of course I want to see a positive reply.. which I am having my doubts. The one person who I think can help out, as reached out an olive branch sort of.. but Chuck didn't tell him what is going on.....while I do understand there is certain military protocol.. I also think that if someone tells you something, they should back up their word. I have a huge problem with the way things went down.... Chuck is due to get an award this weekend (two actually... *giggle* woohoo.. a Navy Achievement Medal and a Navy Reserve good conduct) I normally go watch him get his awards but... I am not sure it would be for the best... I am not sure I can remain quiet on how I feel and I am 90% sure I will accidentally kick Ensign Pain in my butt in the ankles if I see him.. I loathe that man.. oh WAIT I forgot the best part.. he got an email last night that they are having a DRESS blues inspection.. DO what? four days notice? Jerks.. oh well.. breathe.. we will get through this..ironically we have the uniform almost TOTALLY together.. which if you know Chuck and me is DAMN impressive :o)~ woohoo.

Ok. .off to begin my day.. anytime we have a three day weekend my house resembles what the tazmanian devil does to a room when he leaves...I hope your day is lovely. ;o)~

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