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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lets hear it for the boys

Yea I know they are made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.. but they are our boys and we love them. There is the first love, he isn't here anymore, and as much as I loved them, it broke my heart when he died. He in turn made me the woman i am today. So let's hear it for him for showing me how to love, for helping me grow up, for taking care of me, and for loving me forever unconditonally. He is the one man who broke my heart, but if i could have him back for even a minute, it would be forgotten. My daddy. There was no man in this world EVER like my daddy... he has big shoes to fill and nobody has been able to quite do it.

To the guys who make my heart melt when I see them, my boys. Two of them are teenagers now and I know.. we will survive. but man.. there are days.... . My toddler Rocky... he is God's way of paying me and Chuck back for everything we EVER did.. 100 times over. My hat off to my mom who raised four boys.. Threes a challenge too.

My angel boy, who is up in Heaven Matthew Stephen.. his life only 22 hours, and what he endured in those short hours, are more then some people go through in their whole lives. He had diapraghmatic herenia... he had twenty percent of 2 lungs when he was born and no chance at life. As fast as I met him, God took him home. So where everyone has a guardian angel, I am lucky.. I know mine

To my brothers, Rip, Gregg, David, and Mike. I am a lucky girl to have such special brothers all in their own rights. They may drive me crazy but I love them all. David was taken too soon and we miss him daily.. Rip is the eccentric every family needs... Gregg is the one who you never know what you will get the halo or the horns.. and Mike is our family diplomat. Luck is on my side.. I have them all.

To the guy who gave me my first five babies (Matthew, Stephanie, Danny, AJ, and Mary).. .. .We aren't together anymore.. for alot of reasons, but we are friends, and we have some amazing kids. Alot of stuff has happened but in the end, being friends after all we went through is an accomplishment most people can't pull off.

To my guy.. My Tigger (ok I swear I am not writing this to Winnie the Pooh's buddy...Chuck is Tigger and I am Pooh *blush*). There is so much to write about my Chucky.. he is the person I want to see when I wake up, and the person I want to kiss good night (most nights. ). Chuck is the guy who showed me what it feels like to have your heart held carefully, and I love him for it. Chuck is my knight in shining armour, and the large shoes we talked about before of my dads? He is the only one who's got the feet that I think might just get his toes to the end.

To all the guys I've loved before...... (Julio rocks huh? sorry song reference again). They all helped me become who I am so let's hear it for the guys!

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