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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something is not right.

If you have ever read Madeline, the tale of the little girl who wore the yellow hat and lived with the nuns, and lived in a house covered in Vines in Paris.. "In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines, they left the house at half past nine..The smallest one was Madeline" by Ludwig Bemelmans'.... well one night the Nun in charge awoke because someone was sick and said "Something is not right" That is how I feel today. First of all my brother Gregg, who I just can't stand anymore. .for alot of reasons.. aside from the fact that he thinks my mom has the word Welcome tattooed on her, so she must be a door mat, he is also feeling he needs to be in everyone's business... ok more specifically MY business. But rather then calling me directly because he's a spineless weasel he calls another brother to tattle... What a tool. I have nothing to say to him. Well.. ok that's not true.. I have alot to say just nothing I can that doesn't involve ALOT of swear words. I am so over him... but the worst part is he is making me feel so small... my mom has helped us quite a few times thanks to all the crud with the Navy... she helps out.. we work it out.. we give it back when we are able and when not it gets put in the "bill" ya know the bill at sometimes that feels like it resembles the national debt. ugh.. anyways.. he apparently checked my moms account and has been keeping a running tally of what has been borrowed... like its HIS business and HIS money.. which btw.. none of it is his business. I hate him. Ok i don't hate him.. hate is a strong word.. I STRONLY dislike him... and that I mean.

Anyways all this crap led to me not sleeping last night... I was up at 1:30 I think to watch the clock for a few minutes. I debated getting up and trying to watch TV, and then decided to just close my eyes.. that worked til 2:45 when I woke up to pee ( don't worry no toilet paper was killed in my visit to the potty). ... at 4 AM I woke up because my head was throbbing... and now I have been pretty much up since head is still throbbing. .I am still irked with my brother.. now I wanna kill Rocky because Chuck is on the way to get him because he is "not cooperating today" fab... i had a feelin today was going to be rough because he woke up snarky.. I should have let him stay home.. but instead we sent him. Hindsite being 20/20 as always man I wanna kick myself for that. oh well at least the day isn't boring.. right?


Mel said...

if it makes you feel any better...

you aren't the only one who thinks your brother Gregg is a piece of shit. He talks to and treats your mother like something that lives on pond scum's shoe. He must recognize whatever that is, because he's living down lower and looking up to see it. I wonder if anyone has ever run a tally on what she's helped him out with over the years. Doesn't she pay for the phones and college crap etc for all of his children. (the college for the one's motivated enough to do something with their life, other than sponge of Nana).

As one of the people involved in your life. I see the "help" that your mother gives you. I also see the times we run to the bank to put the money back in, or to put stuff in for her, until she gets paid. It works out.

And besides the actual money.

When was the last time you broke her heart or made her cry?

Somethings are more important than money. But some people are too emotionally bankrupt to know the damage they do. Some wounds never heal. Some words can't be forgotten.

fyrgrl said...

I LOVE YOU!! and your brother is a butt! You know I am here for you we just need to drink wine and bake! LOL and you me and MEL need to go on cafe (while drinking another bottle of wine). Notice I say bottle not glass.