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Friday, October 17, 2008

Pretentious? Indeed.

My ex husband called me and asked me if he was pretentious...... I will admit I had to pull out Websters to get a good definition of the word. After I read it and saw cocky, self absorbed, and arrogant as synonyms, I can answer without a shadow of a doubt, the answer is yes.. he was supposed to give us an extra 53 dollars today to pay for our daughters field trip... he did mostly.. but he shorted a few dollars.. then said "i figured you could do that" bite me. While he does give $800 a month child support, $800 only goes so far when you have four children..... I asked him today about Stephanie's class ring, she is a junior after all.. I got told "I can't help you with that"

Really? Are you serious? I realize he DOES give $800 a month, let me ask you.. do you spend more then $200 a month on your child? Damn Straight. Child support is supposed to handle the living expenses, and while it does assist, it totally does NOT cover them. You figure between clothing expenses (depending on the child that is anywhere from 20-150 dollars a month.. with zero exaggeration), food and drinks (again depending on the child its anywhere from 150-200 and then some.. this isn't McDonald's or Burger King this is household meals... feeding the kids.. some eat more some eat less), medical expenses (as little as 10 dollars as much as who knows what?.. broken bones? unexpected illnesses that require prescriptions), Misc expenses (sports, school expenses, activities... these things cost out the wazoo..even the smallest pack of kids pictures is now 14 dollars for 2 5 x 7s and 14 wallets.) We dine in, we are ok with that, Chuck and I are damn good cooks....(tonight we had quiche aka egg pie and they are so good!)

So you ask why am I blasting my ex tonight.. he and his girlfriend are out eating at Outback Steakhouse... you are going to short me a few measley dollars for your daughters field trip and tell me you can't help with her class ring and THEN have the nerve to ask me if you are pretentious as you eat your steak dinner.. oh yes.. plus many many other adjectives.....

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