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Sunday, October 12, 2008

its 1:00 in the morning.....

And we are all sitting up watching True Blood on HBO....... This show is wild, and the cast of characters in it are even wilder. Let me tell you, and I thought the episode of "My big Redneck Wedding" where the brother and the sister get married was bizarre... well this is just as over the top in a very outstanding way........Picture this.....its set in the deep south.. ok.. no picture this.. picture Anne Rice with southern accents...picture everyone you have ever seen at a State Fair...rednecked to the nines.....with fangs. AKA Mama's family.. WITH fangs. ;o)~ (thanks Mel). Sitting down and watching as the show sets up and it just gets better and better.. but now we are stuck waiting for each Sunday night to get here to watch the new episode.. its like a new TV addiction only this one bites ok.. i am officially delirious but if you have HBO check out this show... I mean really who can't love a show with tag lines like "Friends don't let friends.. drink friends"

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Mel said...

The current addiction to True Blood is probably my fault. I saw actual ads online for the synthetic blood that is the premise for the show, and got hooked before the show even started. Seriously HBO has a winner here, and it's a good thing because I was severely pissed that ROME only lasted two seasons.

But I think this show and Dexter and the Tudors (TRICIA!!! how are we gonna live without SHOWTIME AND HBO???)

And while I love vampires, I have to confess a large affection for Sam the Bar manager/friendly neighborhood shapeshifter.

He's the warm fuzzy alternative to the Tall Dark and Dead Bill.