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Friday, October 17, 2008

Alien invasions and other items..

I know what you are thinking.. Alien invasions? Yes.. Chuck was abducted by aliens.. and I can prove it. Last night after a loud conversation.. ok it was a fight.. Chuck and i went to our neutral corners.. (to bed) by then we were speaking to each other... so at least we didn't do the " don't go to bed angry"thing. I grumbled my back hurt.. and he MASSAGED my back.. ok seriously.. i don't think, minus pregnancy, he has EVER done that without an alterior motive (see previous blogs). I was in shock.. and in bliss.. my back stopped hurting and I fell asleep and slept good. So two points to Alien Chuck... and I KNOW again he's an alien because his first words out of his mouth to me this morning were "You were right" GASP... what? You talking to me? two more points to Alien Chuck..

There is alot to be said for Fridays.. you wake up and you have that sense of "ahhhhhh its Friday" about you.. even if you have to work on the weekends its still such a relief to be able to say "I made it through another week" But then there is also the sense of "I have SO much to do this weekend" I am making my mental list now and its huge.. its crazy.. and the worst part is, its not that I have tons to do.. I just make it out to be that way. I think I am losing it.. but hey.. at least in a padded room I would have peace and quiet.. well except the voices in my head.. but its ok they know me ;o)~ kidding.

Did you ever notice how fast the last four months of the year go? September school starts and once you get past throwing the confetti in the air that you are sending them back, you spend just short of what is in Donald Trumps bank account to send them back (bookpacks, school supplies, clothes and shoes OH MY!!) Then you send them off and then BAM October hits and the stress of halloween costumes.... this year we have a skunk (Emily.. thanks to Miss Nikia for the adorable costume.. although ironically i think 1/2 the ladies on the January board also have skunks this year I guess that means January babies are little stinkers huh?), a monkey (David. .and I am proud to say I made a scooby doo shell of a costume into a monkey costume. its not perfect but he loves it and that makes my day), and the Corpse bride (Mary.. old princess leia white dress redid with black and white tulle I am proud lol). As for the older ones. . they are teenagers.. and will come up with something.. although I am not sure what... and that should scare me.. but hey.. its halloween the one day of the year its ok to be completely over the top right?? Right around the corner from halloween is thanksgiving... where we eat too much, spend time with the family (groans.. i am sort of dreading that this year) and then if you are me, Chuck and Stephanie.. rev up for BLACK Friday. WOOHOOO its like our superbowl.. we head to walmart at 3 AM plant our feet near the good stuff and BAM we shop til we drop. Usually dropping Chuck off at work at 7 then we try and head home to bed by 11 AM sleep til its time to get Chuck and then come home and eat leftovers.... only.. some Black Fridays Steph and I land up heading BACK home with Chuck at 4:30.. hey we are professionals.. don't try this at home. ok? We usually have our plan of attack done the day before.. the budget is set and we go. Then its time for Christmas.. my favorite time of year... I am ready for the Christmas Carols now but I won't play them until after Halloween. I love the smells, the sights.. everything about Christmas!!!

And like that the year is over and a new one begins. So, now my question is. . if you have to reflect on 2008.. what would you say about it? tune in tomorrow for my answer... or later today.. if i get bored. Suspense isn't it grand?

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My Three Sons said...

they are a bunch of adorable stinkers though!!! and Bryan is actually going to be Yoda, officially but I had to get the skunk cuz his nickname is stinky or stinky boy. haven't had him in it yet though.