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Thursday, October 30, 2008

etc etc etc....

Its sad when you open a blog and see you have written so many in two months that you have NO title.. Like for instance.. i have a title for tomorrows... (yea I am keeping you in suspense.. but I will give you a clue.. tomorrow is Halloween. Duh. ok? Etc Etc Etc is here for a few reasons.. There is so much going on in my brain right now, that I kind of feel its very fitting.

First of all, my night frights have returned... and they suck as much as they always have. The bad part is, the logic behind them isn't even there. Its been awhile since I have had them and now they return out of nowhere. I know our old neighborhood has had some shootings and that bothers me, I know that the schools asking for money every chance they get bugs me, and I know that I am worried about the holidays, because let's face it, who isn't these days? Even with saying "we won't spend money" or "we will be good" its almost laughable because you know, as with every holiday, money will get spent. but then.. last night it hit me.. This is 11 years since David died. David was my brother. And on October 30,1997 he was diagnosed with AIDS. Just 11 days later, he was gone. That was fast. It was a blink of an eye, he was here and then gone. :o( While I have always loved Winnie the Pooh when David died he was buried with a big stuffed Winnie the pooh and shortly after that my obsession with Winnie the Pooh began. I now have oodles of Pooh. (that sounds so dirty but I mean Winnie the) I adored David, and when they wrote out his epitaph for his tombstone it said "David Peter Claassen, if he knew you, he loved you" that was my brother. He was kind hearted to everyone (people and animals), he was a generous soul, and he is greatly missed.

Whew.. ok.. downer over.. everyone take a breath..Ok.. so back to my etc part. From sad I move to angry. While it doesn't matter who you are voting for (as I have said in the past) there are two gentlemen (for lack of a better term) in Hollyweird, who have put up a Halloween display with Sarah Palin on a noose, and John McCain coming out in the flames, I won't put the link to the display here because I find it sickening, but while most people are offended, some people have said they find it funny. Funny? She's a mother! Can you imagine how her children must feel? I am all for holiday fun, but that is in the same bad taste as the OJ Simpson mask from years ago. Its just SICK. If someone was to put something up of Barack Obama on a noose Jesse Jackson would be all over them with a sit in or something, no offense is meant by that but come on.. someone would be protesting. And there would be an uproar (again as well there should be) but society in my opinion isn't nearly as offended of Sarah Palin on a noose as they should be! Shame on you boys in Hollywood for doing this, I am sorry your mothers didn't teach you better!!

And now the last part of my blog for the day, i have caught some flack yesterday for referring to the Duggar's as a cult.. I will say I didn't say they were a cult... I said "Personally they remind me of a cult" think back to this summer when the group was on TV from Texas.. they all dressed the same etc. So I am going to put a disclaimer on this blog.. the opinions stated in this blog are mine and mine alone.. If you don't like it.. tough cookies ;o)~ I am sorry if i hurt anyones feelings, but I do find them a bit over the top for me.

Have a nice day and see you tomorrow

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