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Monday, October 13, 2008

20 minutes til midnight

Wow this is the closest I came to NOT getting in a blog in the day... and damn if Chuck and Nikia let me know that my True Blood blog didn't count... geesh.. rough crowd.


We went for the conferences earlier today, let me go on record as stating I was wrong about Rocky's teacher.. she is AWESOME and very funny. She had us smiling and told us that David is getting it.. he's like a sponge.. but.... he is also VERY defiant.. i wonder who's fault that is **cough cough** Chuck **cough cough** I did really enjoy talking to her, and I plan on going in to make spiders with the class for Halloween (they arent pumpkins or witches so its ok.. stupid politically correct world @@) And then I volunteered to chaperone a field trip on Nov 10. pray for me. lol

Then we went to Mary's class... her teacher is so much different then any Mary has ever had.. she understands Mary... and Mary needed that.. She needed someone who will not see her struggling stop but then go on and ignore it.. She needs kid gloves and thank goodness her teacher sees that.

I steered clear of the middle school and high school.. I am waiting for a phone call tomorrow from Drama Queen's counselor.. but Nikias hubby Josh started helping Steph with Geometry and Stephanie thinks she FINALLY gets it.. ::::oh please oh please oh please::::::AJ and Danny I had spoken to their special ed teachers and counselors last week so there was no reason to have one with them. So far I am thinking this move has been positive for the kids, and for that I am grateful beyond words.

Ok time for bed another busy day tomorrow.....toodles! oh and PS five sentences or fifty if it appears here and has a comment.. ITS a blog.. so there :oP Tricia's rule

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