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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The wonderful world of ringtones

Did you ever notice how nobody's phone rings anymore? We all have these wild ringtones, present company totally included. Although, I love the ringtones, doesn't anybody ever long for that rrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg we used to hear? ok probably not.. ;o) Psst me either. Ok.. so today's blog is about what ringtones are on your phone. i found a site that helps me make my ringtones and now I am a fiend for them. I have some really cool ringtones on my phone. So now today's blog is dedicated to :::::fanfare drums.. dum dum dum dum:::::: MY RINGTONES!! woohoo. hey its upbeat leave me alone.. I am not bitching about the economy or how screwed up the world is.. today i am taking the day off.

When Chuck and i were driving home last night there was a song on the radio by Randy Travis called "Dig two graves" One of the lines was "You've come to be my heart and soul, You're the air i breathe, heart and soul, so i made up my mind, if its your time, they can dig two graves just carve one stone cause without you here I won't last long.. you're loves the blood running through these veins" And i looked at him and told him that was how I feel.. if he goes I am going with him. He seemed shocked and squeezed my hand. Yea i am a sap.. i love my husband.. so now his ringtone is "Dig two graves" until last night it was Adam Sandler "I wanna grow old with you" with great lyrics like " I wanna make you smile whenever you are sad, carry you around when your arthritis is bad, all i wanna do is grow old with you..i'll get you medecine when your tummy aches, build you a fire if the furnace breaks, it could be so nice growing old with you" its from the wedding singer and its awesome too.

Stepahnies ringtone is All American Girl by Carrie Underwood.. because of the line "she's wrapped around his finger, she's the center of his whole world, and his heart belongs to that sweet little perfect all american girl" She was my first daughter..she is my first daughter... and when i saw her 17 years ago she was perfect.. she still is. mostly lol

Danny and AJs ring tone is All Summer long by Kid Rock.. no exciting reason they just love that song.. ok AJ does.. if danny had his way I would have the Zelda theme song... my phone my rules.. nah nah nah nah

When the house calls me its Blake Shelton's version of the song "Home" mostly because the title was home and i like his voice... and unlike Chuck.. I didnt think i should use Metalica's Sanitarium as appropriate as it is.. lol.. ok he's protesting "I don't have that anymore".. yes now its home sweet home live from when he and AJ went to see Motley Crue in July... Chuck.. again is an addict.. its not his fault

My moms ringtone.. .yea um thats unique one....I have a rintone that says " Answer the phone Yo MAMA callin you..your mommas calling you..your phone is ringing hey answer the phone.. dont you want to talk to your MAMA?" My mom is sweet but man she calls ALOT.. so i totally feel like this ringtone fits her to a T. lol

My text message alert is Gwen Stefani hollerback girl.. but I only used the part that says "the shit is bananas.. b-a-n-a-n-a-s. " and it keeps repeating cause um.. if you know the people who text me you know how WELL that fits lol.. :o)~ (ahem.. Chuck.. Steph.. Mel.. Nikia)

My picture message is "wheres my money bitch" from the Family guy.. lol... Chuck is a sad strage sick man.. but...He's funny.. so now its my picture message alert. lol Sadly Rocky Balboa knows the entire "where's my money thing" though and when he hears it proceeds to beat up whatever sibling is near by ;oX yes we promote abuse in this family..kidding.. don't call CPS or i will send Rocky to visit ya

My brothers... I used family tradition from Hank Williams Jr.. :oX Yea.. we have one of those strange families.. but hey we put the fun in dysfunctional.. :o)~

My nephew Joshua.. has his own special ring tone.. Beer Run by Garth Brooks and George Jones...Yea he calls for those.... not so much anymore but during the summer he sure did lol

My other nephews Keith and Jonathan and my neice KC have "Help from the Beatles because well "Help! I need somebody.. HELP! not just anybody. .HELP ya know i need some one HEEELLLLPPPP" trust me.. its my neice and nephews.. if my phone rings they need something.

Mel... well Mel has her own special ring tone.. there is this guitarist we'll call him McSteamy and he has a song called Love is so much more.. great song.. if I didn't think she would cut me i would tell you where to find him.. he's a helluva guitar player.. great song.. the lyrics i used for her ring tone. "But i was just a boy with my selfish my ways..couldn't let a woman help me to a higher place, I've been in love before and I thought i knew, yea i thought i knew but then you came along and now love is so much more" and trust me.. the song is as good as the lyrics.. he kicks tail. sorry Mel. trust me.. there are songs that are worse.. but in a wonderful way.. ;o)~

Nikia has her own special ringtone because of my blog yesterday when I stated it was incorrect to drink wine before noon and I was informed "well its 5 oclock somewhere" so now courtesy of Alan Jackson her ringtone is "5 o'clock somewhere"

Random friends are "Friends in low places" from Garth Brooks, partly because its Garth and because well um it fits them.. other friends the girl friends are "Fergilicious" LOL. Because every girl is a bit fergilicious in her own special way lol..

And I have a few more i use as alarm clocks cause they are nice and loud... for instance... is Lovebug from the Jonas brothers.. good song and their mommy taught them right they are such nice boys!! and then i have a song called "Get Back" from Demi Lovato.. I downloaded it becausse Stephanie "I am not a fan" Glover wanted it.. and i had to keep it because DAMN its loud.. so those are the alarm clocks. i am quite happy with my loud songs..

We won't even get into the loud horrible alarms my husband uses "Shapoopie" from Family Guy.... man.. let me tell you that song now grates on my nerves... he hits snooze more then he wakes up but hey its better then Saints of Los Angeles from Motley Crue ... oy... ok.. until next time.. i hope you have lots of songs in your head now ;o)~

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