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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Its bad when i go to write and I can't think of anything to say. I am a mother of six, and God knows there is ALWAYS something going on here. But today it seems like the most exciting thing I have is that I managed to get the house clean in what feels like record time. I have the laundry drying and decided since we have two meetings at the high school tonight that dinner would be quick and easy. I have nothing to do. David stayed home yesterday because he was still not totally feeling perfect.. of course he's still a pill and was very Rockyish by last night. Chuck already called to tell me he was in a mood at 9:07.. oh good.. at least he behaved for five minutes.. groans. I guess we shall see what they say when Chuck gets home at 12 PM with him.

Emily is officially a mover.. and not just a mover but a mover and climber.. Part of me wants to put her in a box and say "no. no no your the last one. .your not allowed to do this until I AM READY" but then I really don't think 19 year olds should be crawling ;o)~ lol. So alas shes growing up.. sighs. A few months ago I asked for a few minutes for her to entertain herself... now she wants to entertain herself with my LAPTOP or anything else she isn't supposed to touch.

Mel found the coolest little laptop lights, the kicker is they are bright purplish pink.. and made by Bratz. We decided we don't care who makes them.. they are cool and they work... oh and they were on clearance for 5 bucks because they were clearly marked "NOT a toy" so Mary is annoyed because I have something Bratz related she can't have. HAHA. Evil Mommy.

Do you know the saddest moment ever is when you have fresh coffee and NO creamer? Thankfully Ashley (Mels daughter) was on Cromwell road right by the house, so she saved the day... ::::whew::::

Have you ever noticed how fast the sock basket empties out when it gets cold.. I think my kids wear them one day and then eat them. thats the only logical answer to why they disappear and don't come back.. Which means of course its time for the semi monthly sock hunt at our house.. oh boy.

wow for someone who didnt have much to say, I said alot. Typical eh? So how much longer will it take before I give in and clean my bedroom? I am trying to hold out for my helper.. who shall remain nameless because he reads this blog... but since there is only one him. .you do the math. Its not really that bad its just all the summer and winter clothes need to be organized and I want help... maybe now that i outed him.. he'll do it. :o)~ please?

Ok more tomorrow... Congrats to Erica and Travis Monk and big sister Alexis who had Ethan Eugene last night at 8:57. Poor Erica was in labor for what must have felt like forever.. he was face up and after 3 hours of pushing had to come via emergency c section.. poor thing ;o( she has the morphine button though and last heard she wanted to know if she could bring it home . Also congrats to Jessica and her husband Jeff and big brother Taylor who gave birth to Brent Chandler on Oct 19th. Apparently the end of 2008 is turning into the year of the boy. ;o)~ cause I know the start was ALOT of girls. more tomorrow!

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