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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Deserted Island...

Ok you know the drill... you are stranded on a deserted island.. what do you bring? who do you bring? Are you a hopeless case or do you build the Swiss Family Robinson mansion? interesting quandry.. I must say.

First of all I would bring my family, if the kids got annoying I would be forced to feed them one by to alligators or donate them to the natives as a peace offering for all the noise they make. But in the end, I have to say I would want the family with me.. There are certain friends I would bring, and they know who they are. Other friends. mmm not so much.

As for supplies, ok.. i don't care who you are......if you are a woman you have to have chocolate. Other food supplies, an unending supply of Dr Pepper, enough food and beverages to live and make it.. we could do it. But then I would be the oddball who would want shampoo, body wash and God knows toilet paper. .because I would NOT want to use the wrong leaf *ahem*

I could survive on an island and while I may not be handy enough to make the Swiss Family Robinson mansion, or the house from Nims island.. we would make it ok.. i mean did you all notice I said I was bringing the family? i am not stupid Chuck and AJ would come up with something. :o)~ lol

The entertainment purposes would see me with the Ipod full of good music (Garth Brooks, Delbert, Rob McNelley, Rascall flatts, Chuck would have Motley Crue, Stephanie would have the Jonas Brothers, AJ would have whatever Chuck and I listen to and Kid Rock, Danny would have Creed, Mary would have the high school musical soundtracks, David would have something that would drive me mental I am sure, and Emily will be mommys girl and listen to my music), movies by the ton to be played on the portable DVD player that would have the courtesy to never die. and the all important uno deck.. i would bring more games but how many times can I beat Chuck at Trivial Pursuit and have him pout before he would become alligator food? After all he does call me Mrs Milton *bleeping* Bradley.

Yea I think we could survive just fine on that island, it may get rough and i can't promise while 8 would arrive that 8 would leave.. but... we would survive.

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Mel said...

Obviously there was a cruise ship involved in my stranding. I'm the girl who would salvage as much of the wreckage as possible. I grew up watching Gilligan's Island, hello!!?! And I am more the professor than a Mary Ann or Ginger.

but if you made me pick those three things I carried on the island with me. Surely I had a beach tote packed and ready for just such an occurrence. (I am Virgo, hear me organize!) So the handful of books to read and sunglasses, and sunscreen etc (only till the tan builds up) and a towel etc are covered.

I would have to have a pair of tweezers. Splinters are the least of a gal's worries. I mean are you gonna great your rescuing hero (or your maker in a worst case scenario) with a unibrow? And when the razor goes dead and dull, you can always pluck body hair. Native People have used clam shells for such purposes forever, but I can't see clamshells on splinter duty.

so #1 is Tweezers

I won't need an iPod cause I'm just gonna borrow Tricia's. (as if I'd be on a cruise without her eh!!) and all the music would be pretty much the same; The cowboy and the guitarslinger are covered. I'm good! (hmmm that sounds like really bad book title; which we could make up during the boring days of house building)

2. some way to make fire. Lighter, handy-handsome-former- eagle-scout-turned-cruise-ship-employee, whatever works. I am not patient enough to wait for the two stick thing to work, or to wait for a convenient lightening strike to catch something.

so #2 FIRE

hmm number three might have to be... hmm ..well if I use the eagle scout method of making fire.. i guess #3 is taken care of...

GET out of the gutter.

I'd have someone to 1. build the tree mansion, 2. put the sunscreen on my back 3. scratch my back.

ya know..the bare necessities.