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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The magic of cherrios.

We are at walmart last night looking at the baby cereal bits..I could have bought this little 1 oz bag of cereal pieces dipped in yogurt for $2.54 i was thinking "WOW thats not too bad" then I had an epiphany.. I remembered Cherrios makes a yogurt burst cherrio. Duh. so for $2.76 we got a 12.2 oz BOX.. Well mommy didn't raise a dummy. we went with the box. .(seriously who wouldn't? Emily is in the stage where people food is much more appetizing then anything that comes in jars or neat little packages.. except.. her puffs. she would sell her brother for a can of puffs. I did give in and buy the little box of Earth's best organic crackers, that are in the shape of Elmo and Big Bird. Yes, I gave into temptation there.. its ok. I am over it. I think if Emily had discovered her love of Elmo sooner we would have landed up with an Elmo costume instead of a skunk costume. But I gotta tell you. i have the worlds cutest little stinker.. ;o)~ biased? who me? Don't believe me.. ask her daddy..

Last night while at walmart they had this stand outside that benefits childrens miracle network. .I wanted a shaved ice (NO I am NOT pregnant lol) with orange.. it was pretty good but tart.. sighs. but then we were telling Mel (who will now be identified as enabler) that they had fried oreos.. Chucks dieting.. Mel said to Chuck "I think as a southern gentleman its your job to try them" Damn. the van turned around.. (ok.. like we needed justification.. but damn.. oreos.. and they were FRIED) So we try them. there are 7 on the plate. ...I ate one .. o m g. I think i had a religious experience. holy crap. So we decide the enabler needs some. we bring her two. Chuck eats one... then we each eat a second.. oh hell there is one left on the plate.. rock paper scissor? No too complicated.. and takes too long. I eat half... then force feed the dieter the other half. (ok there was no force.. I offered he took it). We called the enabler she agreed they are heaven. and we need to find the recipe.. trust me. I WILL.

Ok off to begin the weekend day.. more probably later on because I am being deserted as everyone is going off for adult communication aka work. damn. oh well at least Emily is entertaining.. DAMN Chuck should not be allowed to be near me when I am blog.. I apparently entertain him.. he is sitting here asking me "ARE YOU DONE" Does Perez Hilton go through this? geesh.

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Mel said...

So...I can take the heat of a Enabler...ok...

Now that Pat Monahan song is stuck in my head.

I am barely stable.
I am afraid to be alone.
I am sorry that I always enable,
And every day I try to find another way to you.

I can admit to my addictions,
And wish I could be a better friend.
I am three kinds of crazy,
And every day I try to find another way to you

Hey....I might have lead you toward the darkside, but you sure jumped in with both feet, and it's been a helluva ride eh????