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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

post it note tuesday

Ok here we are again… another week I am ready… are you?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Absences and Promzilla.

Normally, during the week I make a point to blog, half the time it is therapy for me. This past week after feeling like more of my blogs were coming across as a crash and burn than something worth reading I decided to take a break. Life lately has been complicated and rough, we are dealing with quite a lot of problems and it seems like everytime we might get control something else sprials us further out of control.

You guys have heard me trash my ex husband in jest, but really I am frusturated. He has been out of work for 9 weeks, while I know the economy stinks, he is habitually unemployed. This is killing us right now. To top that off, Stephanie had her senior prom tonight and with that comes tons of expenses and by the time tonight hit, I was ready to scream. Making things worse, we seem to keep adding more and more stress on ourselves lately. It seems like everytime we think "ok we will make it" something else breaks or gives in. The next thing to break or give in, will likely be me.

I do however want to show you what happens to a teenage girl as she gets ready for her prom, it looks something like this:

beautiful teenage daughter
Surely you have all heard of bridezillas, in the past 72 hours my sweet daughter has had head spinning moments that would make even Mother Teresa want to kick her tail. I love her, and she looked GORGEOUS going out today but man oh man oh man.. what a rough few days!! I however, would not have missed them for anything. Isn't my baby beautiful? Er um.. the one in light green not the other one.
Well, I think that covers it for now, if you pray and want to toss a prayer or two our way we would gladly accept them. I promise, I don't look gift prayers in the mouth.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Story Tuesday

There is a blog, Once upon a Miracle, that really makes me go through my memory box... to peddle through the memories the good ones of growing up as a military brat with my family, the bad ones (my divorce), the good again meeting my knight in shining armour (or camo armour) The not so great my son David's diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome and the good again.

My mind you see is an open book, sometimes I think I should close it and other times I want to fast forward to the next chapter to see what happens next. So, today I go back into the vault of Memories and from it I pull this:

In 2001, shortly after August I told my husband that I was done with being married to him. few months later, as I was leaving (on a jet plane.. no seriously I was) that I was totally done and when I got home we would work things out. I tried to make things work for a long time and was going to wrestle with my mind while I was in Los Angeles and we would talk when I got home about what to do and how to do it. My husband had been exposed in August 2000 of having a three year affair with my then best friend. At the time, I tried my hardest to forgive him but every fight "I didnt sleep with your best friend" came up. The day I found out, I searched out a very dear friend of mine on the Internet. My friend Chuck and I had been talking for nearly three years on the Internet, he and I both had marital woes (his mostly that his wife was a drunk who did not really think of their child). I found my friend and told him what I found out and he nursed me through my broken heart, hearing me tell him I was going to make it work "for the kids." In the midst of this in Decemer 2000, Chucks wife went on a two week "visit" to Iceland, and never came back. She kidnapped his son. (Insert bad word here). She kept telling him he was coming back til he moved his Duty station to Norfolk, VA when she told him she was not coming back she wanted a divorce. He searched me out and together we licked our wounds.

Fast forward, I was leaving on November 7th to go to LA to go see Garth Brooks with a very good friend Susan who knew I needed a vacation. While there I forgot my problems and had a ball. I returned home to a little girl who had been effectively neglected while I was gone, Mary was still in diapers and I returned home to diapers that had hardly been changed. I was not amused at all. GW and I fought I reiterated that I was done. We agreed to live together but we were apart (until he could get out), and we would not tell the kids just yet. Fast forward two weeks, Garth is going to be down in Norfolk, VA (Yes, I was that fanatical.. who are we kidding I AM tht fanatical). I went down there with my friend Mel (who is now the BFF).. called my buddy Chuck to see if he could get us on base (yea I used that Navy lifeline I admit it) he was unable to meet us, but told me to call him later. I called him later as I was getting ready to head home to Alexandria and said "its Now or never..." he said "Now" and told me where to meet him.
I was a nervous wreck, although finished and separated with my first husband I was meeting a MAN. I was insane. .what if he was a serial killer (turns out he's just a cereal killer--dude can put away a box of Frosted Shredded wheat by himself I mean it!) So, I stood there waiting and he shows up gives me a GREAT big hug and I knew I was toast. In that second the electricity that shook us both could light up three city blocks during a blackout. Chuck and I took it slow but we have been together since.

He treats me like a queen, even on days when I don't deserve it. He treats my kids like gold and even respects my ex which is impressive cause half the time I can't pull that off. He took on four kids that were not his own, has paid for my ex's indiscretions numerous times (mostly because I have trust issues) and still loves us all uncondionally. I am lucky to have him, and I do have to remember to tell him more often.

We never did get to see Garth that day, but on March 12, we went over to the Capitol building in Washington DC. Chuck always knew that I had met Garth but did not believe he knew me by name.. til it happened. When he saw us he said "hey Tricia, let me put Trisha in the car and I will be right back to you" Chuck's mouth hit the floor, Garth is just the nicest guy you will ever meet. He immediately asked if I brought him cookies (well yes sir, I had and roses) he asked for them (I make him sugar cookies with M&M's he loves them and has told me so before as he has dug in BEFORE leaving us. (I have met him 10 times. yea I hate me too). Garth and Chuck spoke for a few minutes and Garth was as impressed with Chuck as Chuck was with Garth. Chuck registered the whole thing and was just shocked. The next day I had to rush to get the pics developed (cough long time ago) and online so he could show is senior enlisted officer he was not bsing.. he REALLY was late cause he met Garth lol. So there you have it.. a story within a story within a story.. sad (my divorce), happy (my knight in camo armour), and fun (I met Garth). See you back next week? :o)~

Post it Note tuesday

Ok here we are again… another week I am ready… are you?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Garfield is right..Mondays..blech

The weeks that start after a weekend of Chuck having drill are always a blur to me, sure I know that in theory what we just experienced was a "weekend" but the fact of the matter is, it feels like a regular week.

This past weekend was no exception to the rule, Chuck had drill and my alarms were set for 5:45 AM, 6:00 AM, and 6:10 AM (btw one FULL hour earlier than we have to set them during the work week. In my infinite wisdom I downloaded on the my new Droid Eris (btw the COOLEST phone EVER.... no really I mean it.. EVER!.. it does everything but make coffee and give it time, there will be an app for that).


This new alarm clock App is called Wake up! Get this.. when you go to hit snooze it asks you "are you really up? Enter this code" Ok now keep in mind I have a touch keypad.. and at 5:45 AM I am your typical garden variety IDIOT. (yep, I said it) you know those people who text at 5:45 AM and are peppy and awake?

That is NOT me. I am the one who means to say "Still sleeping" and sends "rujmm tmffnimh" Yes that is me, so I have to enter a code? Seriously? Let me tell you how well that went. It involved me cussing at it, and we are talking those $5.00 words that make sailors blush. (did I mention I am not a morning person?)

So, the alarm clock goes off this morning, and with it comes the ringtone that is chosen (btw I so need to put something that is not peppy.. because right now I want to kill Train and "Soul Sister". ) but the alarm clock goes off, I have to enter numbers it goes like it did over the weekend and here I am awake and snarly.. oh yea.. that rocks... not.

Dear Monday- not really fond of you.. not too fond of Tuesday either.. but come Friday I can turn off the alarms (no codes! woo!!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Letters of intent


Letters of Intent over at Julie's blog located at Foursons, was found a few weeks ago.. and well ever willing to join in on something fun and freeing.. here I am! Please join in and link up! they are so fun to read

Dear Lovely two year old daughter-

I think it is time for you and I have to have an important chat. Recently, you have decided that naps are for sissies and you are not taking any chances. (well, except yesterday when you were found like this:

(Oh and to you supermoms who’s kids were off pacis at 11 months, I am proud of you. I am! But Emily and I are working on it and day’s when she is having more explosions than Old Faithful:

I digress) Mommy would appreciate it greatly if you would not cut nap time out of your schedule though, because nap time as much as it is for you is REALLY for mommy. This prevents Mommy needing to bond with a big bottle of wine each night. (Are you seeing where I am going with this?)

While Mommy understands you are exploring your terrible two side, Mommy is exploring her “Mommy needs an hour or she’s gonna explode side”

Please cooperate.

Dear Telemarketers-

In the past two weeks, you have called at 8:30 AM on Saturday (which is punishable by death in some areas…do it again… you’ll find out). You have called TWICE at dinner time, and once as I was trying to put David on the bus.
I tell you what, I am a reasonable gal…give me your number I will call you back tomorrow morning, your up at 5:30 right?

The annoyed.
Dear Nick Jr characters-

Where are your parents? In the past weeks I have witnessed the following events that disturbed me:

1) Go help release all the dogs form the dog catcher, I am talking to you Dora! You can’t assume every dog is nice!! Where is your mother?

2) Diego, where do you find that bag that turns into 100 different things? I could really use one of those nowadays.

3) Team Umizoomi…I appreciate your show, you make her think but now she wants to watch my belly screen and mine doesn’t light up. How rude.

4) Yo Gabba Gabba, DJ Lance Rock letting Jack Black wear your Gabba suit was disturbing.. don’t do that again.

I think part of your problems is lack of parental guidance, I know my kids would never think of doing these infractions, and if they do well trust me Mama will be there to NIP it in the bud.

Just sayin’
The concerned Mom who will still let her kids watch because she cares.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things that make me smile...

Lately, I have been having it rough... my kids and my husband are amazing so that is definitely not what it is. My ex (you've heard me mention him recently) is still unemployed... for a short while I was desperately concerned that my oldest would miss her prom but things have been happening soo fast it made my head spin. I want to tell you guys about things that make me smile:

1) January Moms-two of them in particular- Tabitha and Lisa who jumped in and gave us money towards Stephanie's prom. Her ticket is PAID for. My heart is smiling, because my baby gets to go be a princess for a night because people have huge hearts.

2) Other friends- I have had other friends jump in and help, I thought this was supposed to be the age of the selfish? People who did not have to help, helped in other ways. Stephanie went from a possibly eh prom to what will be a great night for her. I am just tickled about it.

3) My husband- He works so hard, goes to school full time and doesn't complain (much) about it. He does it because its necessary. Something my ex never understood. He makes me smile.

4) My kids- Even on the worst day someone can make a gesture or do something that makes me smile ear to ear and remind me why being a Mom just rocks. :o)~

There are so many other things, movies--Tv shows--success on the scale--My mom--Most of my family--life in general. You have to understand earlier this week I didn't think I had anything to smile about and now I realize how wrong I was .. Smiling is so easy and can change a room. Yes.. I am glad I get to smile.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

True story Tuesday

Last week I found this wonderful blog, Once upon a Miracle, she is brilliant and does a blog called True Story Tuesdays. Here I am again, This week I had struggled with what to tell...and then Saturday baseball happened. So I will start this today with a joke (trust me it fits) --What is the difference between a Northern fairytale and a Southern fairytale.. Northern Fairytales begin "Once upon a Time" and Southern fairytales begin "Ya all ain't gonna believe this sh*t"

Forgive me for the crass ending.. but I have to tell you this week, my husband and I are the Southern fairytale. We were sitting waiting for AJ's game to begin, watching the scenes and exchanging words with his coach (who I adore). We were talking about how AJ used to play ball in Hampton and that we were not particularly fond of his coach (trust me.. what was said was not as clean as that.. in reality it was much more colorful. So here we are sitting eating lunch and Chuck says "The Ump looks like Dave" (btw he's the evil coach) I reply "No way" So Chuck in his infinite man wisdom yells "Dave" and he turns around. Ya all... there was our "ya all ain't gonna believe this sh*t" moment! Right away my mind says "oh crap! he's gonna spend the day striking out my kid!!" btw he never even heard us he was over by the other team but still! So we exchange pleasantries (I can fake it real good.. ask my ex husband.. oops sorry!) and I point out AJ on first base, he goes "oh hey"

So he heads back to behind the plate and I zip over to see Billy (Good coach) and tell him he starts to laugh and he replies "no sh*t" (yea we are just not good people in the language department.. but in my defense I am married to a sailor). I laugh and head back over to sit with Chuck, AJ comes by and Chuck tells him and he is just stunned (I am sure he said it too.. he's 15 and he has diarrhea of the mouth as well).. we go sit down watch a rough game (they lost 7-1 and he struck out twice.. but my moment in the sun? Oh AJ played beautifully at first base and I know Dave was thinking "well holy sh*t look how good he is" Cause in my mind he was saying it too :o)~

Until next time..... :o)~

Post it note Tuesday

I am not sure I can express how much I love Post it Note Tuesday, mostly because I love that you can express how you are feeling in one little stickie.. It really is fun...and freeing. So here are mine for today: