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Friday, May 14, 2010

Letters of intent


Letters of Intent over at Julie's blog located at Foursons, was found a few weeks ago.. and well ever willing to join in on something fun and freeing.. here I am! Please join in and link up! they are so fun to read

Dear Lovely two year old daughter-

I think it is time for you and I have to have an important chat. Recently, you have decided that naps are for sissies and you are not taking any chances. (well, except yesterday when you were found like this:

(Oh and to you supermoms who’s kids were off pacis at 11 months, I am proud of you. I am! But Emily and I are working on it and day’s when she is having more explosions than Old Faithful:

I digress) Mommy would appreciate it greatly if you would not cut nap time out of your schedule though, because nap time as much as it is for you is REALLY for mommy. This prevents Mommy needing to bond with a big bottle of wine each night. (Are you seeing where I am going with this?)

While Mommy understands you are exploring your terrible two side, Mommy is exploring her “Mommy needs an hour or she’s gonna explode side”

Please cooperate.

Dear Telemarketers-

In the past two weeks, you have called at 8:30 AM on Saturday (which is punishable by death in some areas…do it again… you’ll find out). You have called TWICE at dinner time, and once as I was trying to put David on the bus.
I tell you what, I am a reasonable gal…give me your number I will call you back tomorrow morning, your up at 5:30 right?

The annoyed.
Dear Nick Jr characters-

Where are your parents? In the past weeks I have witnessed the following events that disturbed me:

1) Go help release all the dogs form the dog catcher, I am talking to you Dora! You can’t assume every dog is nice!! Where is your mother?

2) Diego, where do you find that bag that turns into 100 different things? I could really use one of those nowadays.

3) Team Umizoomi…I appreciate your show, you make her think but now she wants to watch my belly screen and mine doesn’t light up. How rude.

4) Yo Gabba Gabba, DJ Lance Rock letting Jack Black wear your Gabba suit was disturbing.. don’t do that again.

I think part of your problems is lack of parental guidance, I know my kids would never think of doing these infractions, and if they do well trust me Mama will be there to NIP it in the bud.

Just sayin’
The concerned Mom who will still let her kids watch because she cares.


Beth said...

Good luck with that nap thing. Some of them grow out of it way too fast!

Foursons said...

This line..."This prevents Mommy needing to bond with a big bottle of wine each night." Classic. I cracked up reading that!!!!

I am so glad my kiddos are past the "learning" cartoons on Nick Jr. The only one I really liked was Little Bill. I'd sit and watch it with them, but all the others are A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G.

Thanks for linking up, I hope the telemarketers move onto someone else this weekend!