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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today as I sat on the beach surrounded by sand, sun and SPF all I could think of was how relaxing it was. The bad part was I knew that when we got home chaos of having six children would ensue. Because you can't have dysfunctional without fun, and that is my family. By the time we were heading up the sand dunes back to the cars, we were toting 3 buckets full of shells. FULL. and 3 petrifed crabs. yep.. and my kids were thrilled. Of course I saw them, and all I could think of was this guy:
Yep, I am a mom. I see a crab and immediately my mind goes to Spongebob. I had a Lady bug who spent the past two days stalking me.. she was all over my bathing suit top. see:

But then we started to question whether it was a girl or boy..... why? because of this guy:

yes, yes we do watch entirely too much TV and Disney Movies here, but I guess it could be worse right? Until next time:

the end ;o)~ (if you are old.. like me.. you know that is how the Wonderful world of Disney ended on ABC in the 1970's and 1980's)


Beth said...

Oh My Goodness! I LOVE you! LOL! Truly ... you make me laugh every time you blog!

Where do you live that the beach is handy (and warm) on May 1st?

Tricia said...

Norfolk, VA :o)~ and awww thanks! btw I saw you were a dieter too. I have another blog as well (and I don't care if its not politically correct to post a link.. mine is