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Monday, May 3, 2010

Just another Manic monday...

Okay, so let's be real there is nothing really manic about this Monday. I am sitting in my living room curled up on my couch, covered with a blanket, tissues in front of me and so congested that Emily keeps asking "K mommy? K?" Yes, Emily I am ok. I am just feel like Mr Snufflupugus today. He always sounded like he had a cold to me.. and if you have no clue who I mean I am talking about Big Birds buddy that nobody knew about til the 1990's when they decided that everyone would know who he was. (And HOW confused must all the kids at home have been when THAt happened.. ok sorry I am back)

This weekend, we spent all 3 days in the sand and sun at the beach. I laid on the sand and soaked up the sun. I was at one point a hammock for my sweet two year old who leaned against me and rested her tired little body. .. Complete with sunglasses because hey a Diva doesn't just lay on Mommy she strikes a pose:

I should have known I would get up feeling less than fabulous since Danny was sick yesterday, Mary was feeling moderately blah, by last night AJ was sick, Steph sounded like she ate a frog, and TADA Mom is sick today. Murphy. I HATE YOU! Just sayin'.

Tomorrow I embark on one of my first major adult civic duties... that's right.. JURY Duty. I have been summoned. So now, my kids in their own unique way have thought of the scene in the Grinch with Jim Carrey when he is throwing the mail into the mail slots "Jury Duty, Jury Duty, Jury Duty, black mail, pink slip" can be seen here (yea yea I am not smart enough to put a youtube video on blogger.. sue me) I told my husband I hope they at least give me something interesting.. although at this point I would settle for not walking into the court room and being excused because some way somehow I know the defendant.. yikes.

I guess we shall see how this goes huh? In the mean time I am going to lay on the couch, and be still like vegetables today, because that is the best way to spend a sick day :o(
Until next time.... :o)~


Laura said...

That stinks that you don't feel good. Hope you are over it soon.

Love the beach picture! Looks like a wonderful time.

Beth said...

So sorry you don't feel well! Hope healing mercies find you soon!