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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things that make me smile...

Lately, I have been having it rough... my kids and my husband are amazing so that is definitely not what it is. My ex (you've heard me mention him recently) is still unemployed... for a short while I was desperately concerned that my oldest would miss her prom but things have been happening soo fast it made my head spin. I want to tell you guys about things that make me smile:

1) January Moms-two of them in particular- Tabitha and Lisa who jumped in and gave us money towards Stephanie's prom. Her ticket is PAID for. My heart is smiling, because my baby gets to go be a princess for a night because people have huge hearts.

2) Other friends- I have had other friends jump in and help, I thought this was supposed to be the age of the selfish? People who did not have to help, helped in other ways. Stephanie went from a possibly eh prom to what will be a great night for her. I am just tickled about it.

3) My husband- He works so hard, goes to school full time and doesn't complain (much) about it. He does it because its necessary. Something my ex never understood. He makes me smile.

4) My kids- Even on the worst day someone can make a gesture or do something that makes me smile ear to ear and remind me why being a Mom just rocks. :o)~

There are so many other things, movies--Tv shows--success on the scale--My mom--Most of my family--life in general. You have to understand earlier this week I didn't think I had anything to smile about and now I realize how wrong I was .. Smiling is so easy and can change a room. Yes.. I am glad I get to smile.

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