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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Absences and Promzilla.

Normally, during the week I make a point to blog, half the time it is therapy for me. This past week after feeling like more of my blogs were coming across as a crash and burn than something worth reading I decided to take a break. Life lately has been complicated and rough, we are dealing with quite a lot of problems and it seems like everytime we might get control something else sprials us further out of control.

You guys have heard me trash my ex husband in jest, but really I am frusturated. He has been out of work for 9 weeks, while I know the economy stinks, he is habitually unemployed. This is killing us right now. To top that off, Stephanie had her senior prom tonight and with that comes tons of expenses and by the time tonight hit, I was ready to scream. Making things worse, we seem to keep adding more and more stress on ourselves lately. It seems like everytime we think "ok we will make it" something else breaks or gives in. The next thing to break or give in, will likely be me.

I do however want to show you what happens to a teenage girl as she gets ready for her prom, it looks something like this:

beautiful teenage daughter
Surely you have all heard of bridezillas, in the past 72 hours my sweet daughter has had head spinning moments that would make even Mother Teresa want to kick her tail. I love her, and she looked GORGEOUS going out today but man oh man oh man.. what a rough few days!! I however, would not have missed them for anything. Isn't my baby beautiful? Er um.. the one in light green not the other one.
Well, I think that covers it for now, if you pray and want to toss a prayer or two our way we would gladly accept them. I promise, I don't look gift prayers in the mouth.

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