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Monday, May 17, 2010

Garfield is right..Mondays..blech

The weeks that start after a weekend of Chuck having drill are always a blur to me, sure I know that in theory what we just experienced was a "weekend" but the fact of the matter is, it feels like a regular week.

This past weekend was no exception to the rule, Chuck had drill and my alarms were set for 5:45 AM, 6:00 AM, and 6:10 AM (btw one FULL hour earlier than we have to set them during the work week. In my infinite wisdom I downloaded on the my new Droid Eris (btw the COOLEST phone EVER.... no really I mean it.. EVER!.. it does everything but make coffee and give it time, there will be an app for that).


This new alarm clock App is called Wake up! Get this.. when you go to hit snooze it asks you "are you really up? Enter this code" Ok now keep in mind I have a touch keypad.. and at 5:45 AM I am your typical garden variety IDIOT. (yep, I said it) you know those people who text at 5:45 AM and are peppy and awake?

That is NOT me. I am the one who means to say "Still sleeping" and sends "rujmm tmffnimh" Yes that is me, so I have to enter a code? Seriously? Let me tell you how well that went. It involved me cussing at it, and we are talking those $5.00 words that make sailors blush. (did I mention I am not a morning person?)

So, the alarm clock goes off this morning, and with it comes the ringtone that is chosen (btw I so need to put something that is not peppy.. because right now I want to kill Train and "Soul Sister". ) but the alarm clock goes off, I have to enter numbers it goes like it did over the weekend and here I am awake and snarly.. oh yea.. that rocks... not.

Dear Monday- not really fond of you.. not too fond of Tuesday either.. but come Friday I can turn off the alarms (no codes! woo!!)

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