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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let freedom ring.

It has been awhile, but I had to take a few steps back from the blog. It started to become more important to slam people via this blog and that was never my intention for the blog. So I stepped away. Now, I am starting to feel semi human again, and decided it is time to start to write again.
Today the United States celebrates our independence. We celebrate that we can vote for whomever we choose (which in turn gives us the right to complain about the elected officials if we see fit)

We can wake up each day without the threat of war, we can wake up and go grocery shopping and enjoy the freedom to do so.
We can walk around freely thanks to the men and women who have fought for many years to keep us free.
We are free to make decisions --sometimes right, sometimes wrong--but free to make them just the same.
As we look up at the night sky, as the fireworks blast over head, remember that you are lucky to be a citizen of such a great land. Where freedom doesn't come cheap.