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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Facebook... need I say more?

You know the conversations you have that are social "hey how are you?" The replies "Fine thanks and you" Blah blah blah. Now, hardly anybody I know has these conversations, instead they are having them on Facebook via status messages.

I admit it, I am one. I am probably one of the biggest offenders... if not THE biggest offender.

Some days, whether you want to know about my day or not you will find out. Is this the reason you have barely had a blog to read. Yep, sure is. I am addicted to Facebook. Its sad, its pathetic, and I love it. My mother will give me an update on a family member, to which I reply "I know, I read it on Facebook". We keep teasing her that if you really want to know anything about us, join Facebook. On an average day, I have read statuses of friends that say things like:

"Dear Coffee God. Thank you for your bounty." --Obviously this is someone who is not a fan of mornings, and a big fan of the bean.

There is the whoa is me person "I am having a bad day, and I do not want to talk to anyone" which means post 30 comments so I know I am loved. Attention getter, yep. Effective for the most part.. sad.. definitely.

"home sick because my stomach exploded from the inside out" Thank you for sharing that information, I know now 1) that I need to stay away until it clears out and 2) to make sure if I go anywhere near you to bring hand sanitizer. Gross.

"3 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours, 5 minutes and 3 seconds until (insert item here)" when you have it broken down that far, you need a life. Sadly you are probably so far gone that you have already mapped your route to the place you are going and mentally planned a test run. Don't worry I don't judge. I have been that person too.

"(Insert item to be pimped) is the coolest thing I have ever used!! You have to try it" Ok. I am sure you are a huge fan of whatever item you have, that is great. One post a day is fabulous, 30 is annoying.

"(insert name) has just sold their crops in Farmville" ugh. anything related to Farmville, Cafe World, Farmtown, lil Farmtown, fishworld.. any of the other ones oh wait and even Mafia wars I don't mess with. I have enough addictions I don't need more, however if you are not on my farkle list, I will add you and send Chips (see?)

"Good morning! the sun is shining!! and today is a wonderfully fantastic supercalafragilisticexpialidous day!!!" Yea this person just needs to have the crap slapped out of them on prinicpal.. nobody is that happy without a drug test. Quick someone let's get this puppy tested.

"is proud of her child ______ because he rocks" I love these. I do. I love anything that anyone shares about their kids or their pregnancy. These we will keep forever :o)~

"Did you see tonights episode of NCIS? I was so shocked to see what happened to _________ and ______" only they don't use the blanks. Nope, they tell you.. ARGH!! ok ok I did it this summer with Big Brother.. .but I wont do it again (after i got growled at) but i see people do it all the time.. yep I get it now.

then there are the ones "little Peggy Brown is gone, she has been missing forward this to 100000 people and she will get found if it was your kid, you would want someone to do it" Ok. the problem is nobody checks which tells you Peggy Brown does not exist. She is not missing. Use snopes people.. seriously.. ok? ok. Whew got that out.

Ok. I have vented now. I gotta go. . I have a status to update :o)~ More soon. Oh and a winner to my blog contest. I have some email entries and one comment. Come on people.. Jennie's bows are amazing!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Dormant Blog.

For almost a full year every day I wrote on this blog, whether it was the good the bad or the ugly--I wrote. Then summer hit and the blog sort of fell to the wayside. I was busy with the kids, busy with the pool, busy with anything else but it seems this blog. I was also experiencing a writers block that a sledgehammer could not have broken. Every now and then I would pop in, but really I just did not know what to say.

Now, the holidays are approaching, the kids are back in school and it seems as if more of than not, I have TONS to say. My oldest is a senior, did I mention that? I am sure I have. She is going through all the motions of preparing to graduate and then move on to college. college! How is that possible? I still remember her being 6 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. Who gave her permission to grow up and turn into a lovely lady? Can I sue? Its not fair. I am not ready for this.

Danny and AJ are shaving.. WHAT?!??!?! I remember when they were flushing stuff down the toilet (I swear it was like 12-13 years ago not last week!) and now they are shaving. Danny ditched us on Halloween to go watch a girl play soccer. What am I doing wrong? I got ditched for a girl?!?! sighs. AJ who used to be my sweet lovable guy has turned into a real jerk as of late. I know part of it is teenage boy, but geesh I hope it passes fast.

Mary. Wow. 11 year old. hormonal.. aka bitchy. enough said right? David loves kindergarten and I had to break his heart today and tell him he had to stay home today (something about vomiting at 4 am that makes me pretty sure they do not want him in school ya know?) fun stuff. really fun.

Chucks working his butt off at school right now and work. Somedays I see how exhausted he is but other days I think I see the energizer bunny chasing him down the hallway..drum and all. He just keeps going and going.

As for me, I am as big as a house right now.. ok or I feel that way, I have to do something but I don't know where to start. And why start now with the holidays staring me down? Well, because if I don't I won't. I know me. So insert one last party weekend, Monday starts the diet. This time it has to work. It just has to! .

Ok there I caught everyone up, tied up with a neat bow, speaking of bows, I am running a blog contest about two blogs down. Enter it. even if you don't have a daughter or grand daughter someone you know has a little girl who will love this bow. Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My kids will NEVER go in the water again.....

So we love the beach, up until August when the Jellyfish season begins. Then we all sort of coil and disappear out of the water, because well for the most part my kids are well...

But then I read this article:

Giant Jellyfish Sink 10-Ton Fishing Boat

Getty Images
A 10-ton fishing boat was sunk and its crew thrown into the sea by the giant jellyfish they were gathering off the coast of Japan.
The three fisherman were hauling a net full of the gigantic creatures, known as Nomura's jellyfish when the weight of them caused the boat to capsize, a story by the Telegraph reported. The fishermen were rescued by another fishing boat.
Nomura's jellyfish are known to be the largest in the world, growing more than 6 and-a-half feet in diameter and weighing as much as 450 pounds. Nomura's jellyfish can be found in the seas between China and Japan.

And 6 and a half feet and 450 pounds?!?!? holy big jellyfish batman!! I mean, if there are creatures out there that can flip a boat are we sure we wanna mess with these guys?

And does this really mean that Spongebob and Dory were the two bravest ones out there?

Things that make you go hmmm. but as for me until I am sure that dude is not in my water I will stick to the concrete beach.

***warning this notice is subject to change next year when it is hot and the pools are not yet open***

Itty Bitty Little Pretty thing.

I am the mother of three girls, all of them in my opinion are the prettiest girls in the world. Biased? Nah.. ok maybe a little bit. Recently I discovered that I adore bows in my little girls hair.. ok bows or flowers, or other pretty adornments. I really do love them. I have since discovered the most wonderful bow designer her name is Jennie, and she creates Jennie's bows. I am not sure if she has a website, but I know she has a facebook and can be found here: Facebook Jennie's Bows Now, I know what you are thinking.. "and why do we care?" well, I am getting to that. .don't be pushy :o)~
I spoke to Jennie about doing a blog give away for one of her beautiful bows, and I will include pictures to show them modeled by the lovely Emily :o)~ I have discovered that Jennie is not just another mom out there who makes bows, she is a genuinely sweet person who makes me smile everytime I see her. She puts 150% in to each bow she makes for a little girl, and her turn around time is fantastic!!
So, who wants in? AKA "how do I get it?" :o)~ This giveaway is for a bow of your choice, examples to follow in a second but first the conditions: All I want to know from you is what makes your heart smile? It can be serious, it can be silly, it can be fun. The bow does not have to be for you or if you do not have a dear daughter you can enter someone else, there is never anything wrong with paying it forward on this blog :o)~ So what makes your heart smile?
Now for the prize, these are only a few of the bows Emily has (Mommy need a Jennie's bow 12 step program)

she made this one to match Snow white, even has a snow white bottle cap in the middle!! (and isn't she cute??)

This feeds our princess obsession (and its PINK!!)
team spirit!! at least she looks cute since the Redskins stink so bad this year!!

Tinkerbell :o)~

a pretty flower on her head so pretty!!

pink stripies!! she has tons of ribbon (I know I have seen it all!!)

If you can't see how amazing her bows are, ask Cinderella :o)~
Go ahead enter the contest! win a bow!! Good luck!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not watch with joy as my husband spoke to his birth mother after 21 years, it did not bring a tear to my eye to see him reconnect with her because it was just plain awesome. Nope not me.

I did not take a princess, black cat, Mr Incredible, a pirate and a Gothic tinkerbell out trick or treating because one of them is 18 and surely I would not allow her to still trick or treat.

I did NOT under any circumstance root for the New York Yankees to win their World Series games because that is like rooting for the Cowboys.. blech patooie . Iam after all a Mets fan and a good self respecting Mets fan would never root for the New York Yankees.. well unless they are playing the Phillies. :o)~

I did not enjoy a break from football this week after watching the Redskins fall apart and realizing that we are probably looking at a 2-14 season.

I did not wrestle David's Mr Incredible Mask out of his backpack today because what kind of a mom would have to wrestle a mask after Halloween out of someones backpack.

I did not confiscate all the candy when it entered the house and sort it out into 10 separate ziploc gallon size bags!

I did not cringe thinking of the dentist who is probably planning his retirement thanks to my kids teeth (which is why I hid the candy in the first place)

I did not enter day five of a headache today.. with no end in sight and realize a little bit ago that it is probably blood pressure related.. dammit.

I did not find an adorable puppy in front of walmart and scoop her up and take her home because she was deserted. :o( She has not since taken over every family members heart because she is quite frankly adorable :o)~

And finally, I did not miss a whole month of blogging without a single excuse except I really had nothing to say. Hopefully I will get some inspiration..soon.

So what have you done? Not done? Go on tell me! And please pray for Mr Stellan who is in the PICU :o(