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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Itty Bitty Little Pretty thing.

I am the mother of three girls, all of them in my opinion are the prettiest girls in the world. Biased? Nah.. ok maybe a little bit. Recently I discovered that I adore bows in my little girls hair.. ok bows or flowers, or other pretty adornments. I really do love them. I have since discovered the most wonderful bow designer her name is Jennie, and she creates Jennie's bows. I am not sure if she has a website, but I know she has a facebook and can be found here: Facebook Jennie's Bows Now, I know what you are thinking.. "and why do we care?" well, I am getting to that. .don't be pushy :o)~
I spoke to Jennie about doing a blog give away for one of her beautiful bows, and I will include pictures to show them modeled by the lovely Emily :o)~ I have discovered that Jennie is not just another mom out there who makes bows, she is a genuinely sweet person who makes me smile everytime I see her. She puts 150% in to each bow she makes for a little girl, and her turn around time is fantastic!!
So, who wants in? AKA "how do I get it?" :o)~ This giveaway is for a bow of your choice, examples to follow in a second but first the conditions: All I want to know from you is what makes your heart smile? It can be serious, it can be silly, it can be fun. The bow does not have to be for you or if you do not have a dear daughter you can enter someone else, there is never anything wrong with paying it forward on this blog :o)~ So what makes your heart smile?
Now for the prize, these are only a few of the bows Emily has (Mommy need a Jennie's bow 12 step program)

she made this one to match Snow white, even has a snow white bottle cap in the middle!! (and isn't she cute??)

This feeds our princess obsession (and its PINK!!)
team spirit!! at least she looks cute since the Redskins stink so bad this year!!

Tinkerbell :o)~

a pretty flower on her head so pretty!!

pink stripies!! she has tons of ribbon (I know I have seen it all!!)

If you can't see how amazing her bows are, ask Cinderella :o)~
Go ahead enter the contest! win a bow!! Good luck!!


Louise said...

WOW what Beautiful Bows! I wish I had a little girl to gift those too. LOVE the redskins outfit and bow..too cute.

fyrgrl said...

Ok so I think I leave my comment here? You know I'm slow! What makes my heart smile is knowing my friends/family are happy, and love me just the way I am. Even if they have to tell me 100x that they do! LOL

Tutu said...

I didn't enter before because Luke would look plain silly in a bow. Although other members of my family won't let me cut his hair, so it would work! :) But I do have a 17 month old niece, so I'm entering now!

And what makes my heart smile is the smile on my 8yo's face when she sees my car in the parent pick up line after school.