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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My kids will NEVER go in the water again.....

So we love the beach, up until August when the Jellyfish season begins. Then we all sort of coil and disappear out of the water, because well for the most part my kids are well...

But then I read this article:

Giant Jellyfish Sink 10-Ton Fishing Boat

Getty Images
A 10-ton fishing boat was sunk and its crew thrown into the sea by the giant jellyfish they were gathering off the coast of Japan.
The three fisherman were hauling a net full of the gigantic creatures, known as Nomura's jellyfish when the weight of them caused the boat to capsize, a story by the Telegraph reported. The fishermen were rescued by another fishing boat.
Nomura's jellyfish are known to be the largest in the world, growing more than 6 and-a-half feet in diameter and weighing as much as 450 pounds. Nomura's jellyfish can be found in the seas between China and Japan.

And 6 and a half feet and 450 pounds?!?!? holy big jellyfish batman!! I mean, if there are creatures out there that can flip a boat are we sure we wanna mess with these guys?

And does this really mean that Spongebob and Dory were the two bravest ones out there?

Things that make you go hmmm. but as for me until I am sure that dude is not in my water I will stick to the concrete beach.

***warning this notice is subject to change next year when it is hot and the pools are not yet open***