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I mother six our house sanity is optional.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunshine and how time flies.

We spent 3 hours at the pool today. Not a single person got a sunburn, because I am the queen of Sunblock. (SPF 45... hear me ROAR!!)
Anyways... we have a friend in from out of town visiting us and that makes this whole visit fun. Jay is here for Stephanie's 18 birthday on Friday... I just can't even imagine how that is possible. How have 18 years gone by? How have they passed as if I stopped blinking for a minute? I look at her and I see this amazing young woman. She is only 18, yet she knows she wants to go to college to be a Navy JAG lawyer.
At 18 my main concern was what on earth was I going to wear the next day....
then I found out I was pregnant with Matthew....
and then we lost him.
And like that I grew up.
In the past 18 years, I have raised six children
I have found out that my ex husband was having an affair with my best friend
realized that even though I was afraid to leave I had to divorce my husband because I could no longer trust him,
met Chucky (my knight who dresses like Popeye :o)~ lol)
relocated my kids and myself to Norfolk, VA,
married Chuck,
survived a deployment,
Chuck got out of the Navy,
we had David,
and then we added Emily.
Doesn't sound like that much.. but it really is.
18 years
What on Earth will I do with the next 18?
I can't wait to find out!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A day in the life.....

Without any kind of doubt I can tell you that while I may not be your traditional 1950's mom, and I am certainly not really a crunchy granola mom. But I figured maybe someone would like a peek into my day. Normal not really? About to change.. yes. sadly... they go back to school and Mom's sleeping in comes to an end.. sighs. So let's do this list shall we:

5:30 AM- I yell at the alarm clock that is going off to wake up Chuck
5:45 AM- I yell again.......He stirs does not move.
6:00 AM- Chuck! he's up and normally out of bed at this point..
6:01-8 AM- It sounds A LOT like this...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
8 AM- I field the first phone call from my mother who asks me "are you still in bed" I reply "yes" she says "oh ok." then proceeds to talk to me for usually 15 minutes.. its ok.. it jars me but it does not effect my sleep pattern.. don't you worry I can fall back asleep.. oh yes I am an *expert*
8:15 AM-8:30 AM- this is normally when Chucks first text message comes in, I am always happy to get this because I know he has made it to work safely.. corny yea.. get over it. Sometimes I reply sometimes I roll over....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
9:00 AM- Mary tries to tiptoe in.. AKA Mary comes in banging pots and pans (if she doesn't it just sounds like it) and takes Emily out of her crib. Emily departs for breakfast...I go back to sleep
10:00 AM- David comes in to inform me that he is just gonna take ONE sip of my drink of the bedside table.. he then departs.. my phone rings my retired mother calls to complain about my brother, my ex husband, my neice and nephews and sometimes she complains about me.
10:00-10:45 AM- I wake up get motivated... I call the bank balance the checkbook, figure out what is for dinner... drink some sort of morning liquid (sometimes coffee sometimes not)..get dressed.. get Emily bathed and dressed and TADA the day has begun. .:::trumpets and fanfare:::
11 AM- Field yet another phone call from my mom who has to talk to me about one thing (mom is like a toddler some days "just one more thing" oy)
1130 AM-12 PM- David and Emily get their grub on.. older kids fight me that they don't want to clean up but eventually it happens.
1230-3:30 PM- Make a plan of attack for when chuck gets home, avoid the daily fights (everything from fights over the Wii to tell her to cut it out.. shes not the BOSS of me!!)
4:00 PM-look for the alleve by now I have a headache.
4:30 PM- Chucky comes home.. AKA DADDY's HOME! The kids and dog all go ballistic
5 PM- Chuck and I make dinner (or sometimes me.. or sometimes Chucky)
6 PM-10 PMish Dinner time.. followed by clean up.. followed by TV and Chucky working on homework.. followed by kids getting ready for bed.. followed by bed!!
For them....
For me.. it then continues
11 PM- Get on Facebook, read emails, check things out
12 AM- Decide I have got to start going to bed earlier but I am just gonna wait for the bank to update to see what cleared (yea I am that sad).. Check all my bill websites..
1 AM- Decid that I really HAVE to start going to bed earlier.. still wide awake.. grrrr
2 AM- Put on Roseanne I will fall asleep right?? Nope not yet.... grrrrr

See its not horrible. .I just don't sleep right now thanks to the Insomnia from my Ex.. sighs. it will come back soon right? But to make me feel better let's do the dog.. ok?

5 AM- Bark at the train that is going by!! WOOFF WOOF WOOF! how dare you come by my house.?!?!? WOOF!!
530 AM- Lay back down.. the house is protected by Lily the Wondermutt!! WOOF!
6 AM- Follow Chuck to the bathroom, pray he leaves the seat up.. really parched and that bowl in the kitchen of water is just not as fun as the one in the bathroom.
630 AM- Take Chucks spot in the bed.. Mom needs me here. I will lay with her!!
7 AM- Stroll through the house, eat something, harass the cat. go back to bed with Mary.
9 AM- Mary gets up, I get up with her. I must follow her. I will stay on her heels. I am here for you Mary.
930 AM- Mom?? you still in bed.. SWEET!!
10 AM- Stick my tongue in Moms ear. It was there, I was there.. it was meant to be.
1030 AM- Wander through the house, go to bay window and bark. Nothing particular but make family feel protected. WOOF!!
11 AM- Lick self for good 30 minutes. anything worth doing is worth doing well after all
12 PM- Go wait for Emily and David to drop lunch scraps.. WOOHOOO 1/2 a hot dog!!
1230 PM- Bark again. Mailman..grrrr I hate your outfit .grrrrr woof!!
1 PM- Snuggle down for a PM nap.
130 PM- YAY! the door openned lets go outside!! Bark at anything and everything that passes by!! WOOHOO! Eat a bug. Needs salt.
2 PM- 4 PM- come on and lay on the AC vent. I am furry they are not. I need it they do not.. WOOF WOOF! bark again nobody in particular just cause I can.
5 PM- Dinner time? what are we making?? Don't drop the green stuff I won't eat it!! WOOF WOOF!
7 PM- Nap on the floor.... must get sleep for guard dog duty.
8 PM- 5 AM- I am on Duty. I am here I am stealth. Iwill bark as I see fit. but its ok cause I am protecting my family.. after all I am LILY the wonder dog!

one day soon I will detail Emily and Hercules the cat day.. have a great day :o)~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wildly funny Wednesday...

No, those words do not fit.. but again.. my blog my rules... don't make me pull out the Nemo picture because I will. After all its my blog and I can. Instead. . I am going to pepper my blog with moments from this summer..

Things that I look at and laugh... like for instance this little picture..we will label it Exhibit 1 this is my son David. He is 5. He is unique. He decided this was his outfit for the day.. while it may not look like something you would want to be caught picking dog doo out of the yard in.. but hey ya know what? He's happy. And if he's happy I am happy.

Exhibit 2. .our cat is nuts. This is him fitting (ok not so much) in a box. Yea.. I am pretty sure he's addicted to catnip. He's unique and it makes me laugh.

Exhibit 3..AJ midair jumping in the poool.. Why is this funny? Because he is looking straight at me. And I laugh. Cause little things make me smile.

Exhibit 4... Emily. sharing ice cream with the dog.... the eww factor is here and she's filthy.. but hey she's happy and if she's happy I am happy. Exhibit 5... We found this shirt for Mary. Have you ever seen Bugs Bunny and the jeckyll and hyde little bird that goes from calm to explosive in no time. Thats Mary. Completely so.. This shirt fits her.. and its funny. and it makes her happy and I smile. Exhibit 6.. Chuck is like a 3 year old when he gets around water... here he is midair jumping in the pool. Does he look happy? Cause he is. And if he's happy I am happy. :o)~ Exhibit 7... Danny before he left for my moms. he was having a ball at the beach with us, playing having fun in the sun. Danny was happy. If he is happy I am happy. I will be even happier when he gets home tomorrow night. Exhibit 8...Stephanie and me.. she has now began to embrace her inner nut. She is just raelizing that she may as well let it go.. we are crazy.. we are awesome.. we are mother and daughter.. we make me smile :o)~

Yep, this is my gang. .my group.. my life and I would not have it any other way. well except I would have met Chucky way before we met. <3>

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Then again.. maybe I won't...

I sit here daily and try and think of things to put in this little box. I go through the moments of my day, the things that have happened and what is going on with me and my clan of cavebears. Then I replay and think what will be interesting. Then I decide against those ideas, because what I may find witty or important others may not deem so. So then I decide.. ok maybe I wont share my stories. Then today it hit me. Why does it matter? Its my blog. I don't have any corporate sponsorship, I am not doing 10,000 giveaways, hell I can't even make 1 giveaway work. This is just my sounding point. This is my blog. This is my spot on earth to complain, whine, laugh, cry or anything else I want. Its mine. Mine. .mine.. MINE!!.

I have posted a blog this week for four days, or was it five? Not one of them has a comment. Does it bug me? Yes. I would be lying if I said that it didn't. but on the same note, you are no more inclined to comment on my blog then I am to write it. This again is my spot. So what topics have I avoided you ask (but you didn't cause I am probably just talking to myself)
1) The New Healthcare plan being tossed around... one word ugh. Its not gonna be pretty. How come other countries can come up with one that is great and we the greatest country in the world can't do it? Because we have a bunch of monkeys running the asylum. They are more concerned with pickering and picking bugs off each other to worry about us.. aggrivating.

2) My kids are going back to school. (And I lied Tutu replied to this blog. thanks sweetie) but as they get ready they are driving me insane. .the fighting.. the not wanting to clean up. I have cavemen not kids. I look forward to the tranquility of them all back in school.. is that bad??

3) Insomnia. I don't sleep. I can even take a med to help me sleep and I still struggle to sleep. My mind cant be turned off at night so instead it runs like 100 miles a minute. can you imagine? try shutting your eyes and everything under the sun comes through your mind. I am screwed. Sleep is a myth and I need it so bad.

4) reality show people. Ok seriously.. I want to blog about Jon and Kate and their 8, but then I think no not really. I hate that their kids are thrown in the middle of a he said/ she said thing... both claim their kids come first. .can we get proof of that? please?

5) Prices of everything going up, but the money isn't. Why is that? Why are we spending ALL this money and yet nothing is going down. We cant hardly save a dime without having to rob Peter to pay Paul. What do you do when Paul files for bankrupcy... then who do you rob?

See, I have lots on my mind just none of it is very exciting....but its all on my mind.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I certainly did not encourage my nearly 18 year old daughter and her friend who were people watching at the pool yesterday, and we certainly did not point that there was a woman wearing a bikini that needed to realize just because its in your size (or the one you think you are) you should wear it.

I did NOT complain about the heat numerous times because we are having a heat wave, when I should be grateful that the weather is JUST now hot and its been beautiful most of the summer. .Not me!

I did NOT realize today that I only posted 5 blogs for the entire month of July. Obviously I am not a very serious blogger or I am a very serious summer mommy!!

My husband and I did not steal a date night to go see the new Harry Potter, because what kind of mother would go with her hubby and not her kids.. Not me!

I did not post pictures on Facebook of my overweight cat, trying to fit his fat hiney in a box that is 3 times too small for him. Becuase it was funny and because hes cute. See?? but NOT me.

There is no way that we had ice cream sundaes not one night but two nights this weekend, becuase its hot and ice cream is great therapy.

I did NOT ignore chores yesterday to go to the pool, and justify it that hey everyone deserves sunday off. :oX.

I did not write a scathing blog about my ex husband because it would not be polite.. its accurate but definitely not polite.

and finally, I did NOT spend $26.00 on a New York Mets Citi-field Build a bear because I had to have him. ::::sighs::: ok, yes I did.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This and That...

This- We has positively the best dinner last night. .Chucky made Short ribs, fries, coleslaw, and corn. It was so good. I have now learned the way to cook them so they are not tough is to boil them for 45 minutes. They were fab.. we WILL be doing that again.. soon.

That-The facebook addiction still is in full force. I have found friends from my past and caught up with other people. I really do love it. Ooooh and they have a game called Farkle.. I <3>

This-We have replaced the beach with the pool for right now.. unlike Spongebob I am not a huge fan of jellyfish..ewww..

That-Chuck is on AT for the Navy right now, working his butt off as always. Falling asleep by 11 PM most nights because he is so tired. Or he's old.. verdict is still out on which it is. smile.

This-Somehow over night Emily went from being a baby to being a toddler, she has the most awesome little personality.. which considering she is spoiled rotten is a bit of an accomplishment in its self, eh?

That-I am still aggrivated with my ex but i do apologize to anyone who read the blog yesterday but to be blunt I was well.. pissed off.

This-We have been in this house for one year. I still love it. I am so glad we moved out of our old neighborhood. Its nice to not be afraid of your kids getting shot when they go outside, or someone approaching them with d rugs.

That-I still have a blog giveaway on here, if you guys didn't see it.. its for Stephanies bday. .take a look. .enter if you want. :o)~ See you tomorrow for Not Me Monday!

Yes Chuck..3 days in a row.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pissed off....

Am I wrong to be pissed off that my ex husband has not paid support? Or that he is so non-challant as he hangs out at MY mothers house... ok granted our son is there... but... he is hanging out.. LETTING my mother feed him...basically sponging off my family.
I am pissed off.
He has found another job.. ok. I will give him that. With this new job comes a paycut. Substanial paycut. He does not pay this "fortune" he thinks he does in support... although mutual friends have told me that he says he is getting "Screwed" he has said before that he should let Chuck adopt them because he can't afford to pay for the kids. (Yea, he said that..yes.. it PISSED me off)
He worked for The Orange Home imporvement place.. he says he was due to get Vacation pay.... yet when he called to "verify" that. Nobody in HR was there and nobody knew anything.. and he had to leave a message.. and....are you sensing a pattern here? So I told him I thought he was full of it. I told him I do not believe there is a check coming. So he tells me that the manager says it was mailed from Georgia. How long does it take a letter to get from Georgia to Virginia? Pony Express? Annoyed... nope not me..
I am PISSED off.
The kids think he walk on water, well except the unoblivious oldest who realizes that quoting Madeline "Something is not right" (I love that kid). The others go on about how good Daddy is. I clench my teeth. I severe my tongue. I scream.. I yell. I get well..pissed off.
Am I wrong? Should I give him a chance? Or the fact that he has a history of this that goes back 20 years does that mean I am allowed to doubt his word? I am just well pissed off.

Is it just me?

We wait all school year for summer to hit..ahhh summer.. the time of relaxation.. fun in the sun...sleeping in...Getting out and having good old fashioned fun. Grilling out. Just a good time had by all. So why is it by August we are just DROOLING for school to get back in session. I will tell you why. Lean in. This is a doozie... its because of conversations like this:

"STOP LOOKING AT ME!!" (said to anyone at anytime but usually David to Emily)
"DON'T HIT ME!!" (Mary said to ALL her siblings who constantly beat her @@)
"IT WASN'T ME!" (said at one time by everyone including the dog)
"I DIDN'T DO IT!!!" (second verse same as the first)
"YOU ALWAYS BLAME ME FOR EVERYTHING!!!" (Mary.. AJ.. Steph... David.. Danny)
"I DIDN'T NOTICE IT WAS DARK OUT!!" (This was from Mary followed by my favorite line...)
"HOW COME S/HE NEVER HAS TO DO CHORES??" (He does... as does she)
"YOU HATE ME!" (Mary)
"I AM RUNNING AWAY!!" (David.. who packed a bucket with toys and one pair of underwear. that should have gotten him til 5 PM.. it was 2)
"IS THE AC ON??" (said by me and Chuck)
"WHATS FOR DINNER? I HATE THAT!!" ( said by anyone on any given night)
"CAN __________ SLEEP OVER?" (usually answered yes)
"BUT I DON'T WANT TO CLEAN MY ROOM!!" (Said after they get told the condition of said sleep over...

Yes, the complaints go on and on..This is why I crave September. This and the peace and tranquilty of just me and Emily. AHHH.. School is coming back. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rock on.. yes, I said it.. ROCK ON!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Le Sigh....

I know. I know. I said I would be around more, and I really did mean it. The problem is, other then Chuck, I just don't think I am very exciting--this blog is normally me complaining or sharing kids stories and pictures. I am no different then anyone who is out there blogging. And now I am stressed out over something that I have no control over... I am not a fan of that. I love control. I love being able to say "I got this" In my best George Lopez voice. But the truth is.. right now. I do not "GOT" this" My ex husband lost his job. Great timing huh? Its not necessarily his fault, yet it effects us. Our child support is due today, chances of seeing it... I hope good but I am not too optimistic. He is waiting for a check for his vacation pay, they say it was mailed, and he says when he gets it, he will put it in my account. Ok that's something. Then he did find a job but the pay he is going to be receiving is cut in half...oy. He has rent, and child support. Who does he cut? I am a bit on edge over it.
Anyways......On to happier news. We are now head on into back to school shopping. Last night Wally World had crayons for .25, pens for .75, loose leaf for .75, spirals for .15, and composition books for .50. This may not sound like much to get started but when you figure we need 30 spirals (yes, Chuck that means we need to go get more.. sorry!!), 15 composition books (second verse same as the verse.. sorry Chuck) This weekend is tax free in VA, we may try and get out to K-Mart and just see what else is out there. I love back to school, but I hate all the money we have to spend. Its depressing....but also a little exciting. David is going to kindergarten!!! Mary is in 5th Grade!!! AJ is a FRESHMAN (oooh Freshmeat.. he watchs Dazed and confused and is a little worried about Freshman friday... his sister. NOT helping), Danny is a sophmore.. and a SENIOR!!! OMG. (I think of Grease.. "And we're gonna RULE the school). AJ has already been informed "I am a senior, you are a freshman.. you do not exist in my world."
Ok now on to some funnies from the week. Baby Blues is stalking me again. And I can prove it. I have two Exhibit A:

How many of us have done the Mom spit thing? You know. .you get somewhere and holy cow the baby looks like she ate something but missed her mouth entirely.. The five year old is a dirt magnet that makes Pig Pen from Charlie Brown look like a neat freak... Mary is always sporting something on her face.. AJ plays baseball. there is NOT enough spit in the human body.. Danny doesn't shower and would DIE if I used Mom spit. .and Stephanie sadly is normally cleaner then me. but for the little 3 if I go somewhere and forget wipes. its ok.. cause "Patooey.. Mommys GOT this"

Exhibit B. Who has not had this happen:

You can not find a pen that works.. In walks the baby.. ink all over. Or in walks the teenager who dumps out her purse and wait.. thats mine. No I got it from a teacher. NO its mine. Fine MOM whatever.. sheesh. Yea though.. we have our share of ink on the face.. ok and crayon on the wall.. but I digress.....

So see its not horrible.. some things are funny, I am happy. I have a wonderful husband and some pretty kick ass kids... its just the little things that have me stressed.. Just breathe though .. right??