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Sunday, August 9, 2009

This and That...

This- We has positively the best dinner last night. .Chucky made Short ribs, fries, coleslaw, and corn. It was so good. I have now learned the way to cook them so they are not tough is to boil them for 45 minutes. They were fab.. we WILL be doing that again.. soon.

That-The facebook addiction still is in full force. I have found friends from my past and caught up with other people. I really do love it. Ooooh and they have a game called Farkle.. I <3>

This-We have replaced the beach with the pool for right now.. unlike Spongebob I am not a huge fan of jellyfish..ewww..

That-Chuck is on AT for the Navy right now, working his butt off as always. Falling asleep by 11 PM most nights because he is so tired. Or he's old.. verdict is still out on which it is. smile.

This-Somehow over night Emily went from being a baby to being a toddler, she has the most awesome little personality.. which considering she is spoiled rotten is a bit of an accomplishment in its self, eh?

That-I am still aggrivated with my ex but i do apologize to anyone who read the blog yesterday but to be blunt I was well.. pissed off.

This-We have been in this house for one year. I still love it. I am so glad we moved out of our old neighborhood. Its nice to not be afraid of your kids getting shot when they go outside, or someone approaching them with d rugs.

That-I still have a blog giveaway on here, if you guys didn't see it.. its for Stephanies bday. .take a look. .enter if you want. :o)~ See you tomorrow for Not Me Monday!

Yes Chuck..3 days in a row.

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