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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A day in the life.....

Without any kind of doubt I can tell you that while I may not be your traditional 1950's mom, and I am certainly not really a crunchy granola mom. But I figured maybe someone would like a peek into my day. Normal not really? About to change.. yes. sadly... they go back to school and Mom's sleeping in comes to an end.. sighs. So let's do this list shall we:

5:30 AM- I yell at the alarm clock that is going off to wake up Chuck
5:45 AM- I yell again.......He stirs does not move.
6:00 AM- Chuck! he's up and normally out of bed at this point..
6:01-8 AM- It sounds A LOT like this...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
8 AM- I field the first phone call from my mother who asks me "are you still in bed" I reply "yes" she says "oh ok." then proceeds to talk to me for usually 15 minutes.. its ok.. it jars me but it does not effect my sleep pattern.. don't you worry I can fall back asleep.. oh yes I am an *expert*
8:15 AM-8:30 AM- this is normally when Chucks first text message comes in, I am always happy to get this because I know he has made it to work safely.. corny yea.. get over it. Sometimes I reply sometimes I roll over....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
9:00 AM- Mary tries to tiptoe in.. AKA Mary comes in banging pots and pans (if she doesn't it just sounds like it) and takes Emily out of her crib. Emily departs for breakfast...I go back to sleep
10:00 AM- David comes in to inform me that he is just gonna take ONE sip of my drink of the bedside table.. he then departs.. my phone rings my retired mother calls to complain about my brother, my ex husband, my neice and nephews and sometimes she complains about me.
10:00-10:45 AM- I wake up get motivated... I call the bank balance the checkbook, figure out what is for dinner... drink some sort of morning liquid (sometimes coffee sometimes not)..get dressed.. get Emily bathed and dressed and TADA the day has begun. .:::trumpets and fanfare:::
11 AM- Field yet another phone call from my mom who has to talk to me about one thing (mom is like a toddler some days "just one more thing" oy)
1130 AM-12 PM- David and Emily get their grub on.. older kids fight me that they don't want to clean up but eventually it happens.
1230-3:30 PM- Make a plan of attack for when chuck gets home, avoid the daily fights (everything from fights over the Wii to tell her to cut it out.. shes not the BOSS of me!!)
4:00 PM-look for the alleve by now I have a headache.
4:30 PM- Chucky comes home.. AKA DADDY's HOME! The kids and dog all go ballistic
5 PM- Chuck and I make dinner (or sometimes me.. or sometimes Chucky)
6 PM-10 PMish Dinner time.. followed by clean up.. followed by TV and Chucky working on homework.. followed by kids getting ready for bed.. followed by bed!!
For them....
For me.. it then continues
11 PM- Get on Facebook, read emails, check things out
12 AM- Decide I have got to start going to bed earlier but I am just gonna wait for the bank to update to see what cleared (yea I am that sad).. Check all my bill websites..
1 AM- Decid that I really HAVE to start going to bed earlier.. still wide awake.. grrrr
2 AM- Put on Roseanne I will fall asleep right?? Nope not yet.... grrrrr

See its not horrible. .I just don't sleep right now thanks to the Insomnia from my Ex.. sighs. it will come back soon right? But to make me feel better let's do the dog.. ok?

5 AM- Bark at the train that is going by!! WOOFF WOOF WOOF! how dare you come by my house.?!?!? WOOF!!
530 AM- Lay back down.. the house is protected by Lily the Wondermutt!! WOOF!
6 AM- Follow Chuck to the bathroom, pray he leaves the seat up.. really parched and that bowl in the kitchen of water is just not as fun as the one in the bathroom.
630 AM- Take Chucks spot in the bed.. Mom needs me here. I will lay with her!!
7 AM- Stroll through the house, eat something, harass the cat. go back to bed with Mary.
9 AM- Mary gets up, I get up with her. I must follow her. I will stay on her heels. I am here for you Mary.
930 AM- Mom?? you still in bed.. SWEET!!
10 AM- Stick my tongue in Moms ear. It was there, I was there.. it was meant to be.
1030 AM- Wander through the house, go to bay window and bark. Nothing particular but make family feel protected. WOOF!!
11 AM- Lick self for good 30 minutes. anything worth doing is worth doing well after all
12 PM- Go wait for Emily and David to drop lunch scraps.. WOOHOOO 1/2 a hot dog!!
1230 PM- Bark again. Mailman..grrrr I hate your outfit .grrrrr woof!!
1 PM- Snuggle down for a PM nap.
130 PM- YAY! the door openned lets go outside!! Bark at anything and everything that passes by!! WOOHOO! Eat a bug. Needs salt.
2 PM- 4 PM- come on and lay on the AC vent. I am furry they are not. I need it they do not.. WOOF WOOF! bark again nobody in particular just cause I can.
5 PM- Dinner time? what are we making?? Don't drop the green stuff I won't eat it!! WOOF WOOF!
7 PM- Nap on the floor.... must get sleep for guard dog duty.
8 PM- 5 AM- I am on Duty. I am here I am stealth. Iwill bark as I see fit. but its ok cause I am protecting my family.. after all I am LILY the wonder dog!

one day soon I will detail Emily and Hercules the cat day.. have a great day :o)~