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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Then again.. maybe I won't...

I sit here daily and try and think of things to put in this little box. I go through the moments of my day, the things that have happened and what is going on with me and my clan of cavebears. Then I replay and think what will be interesting. Then I decide against those ideas, because what I may find witty or important others may not deem so. So then I decide.. ok maybe I wont share my stories. Then today it hit me. Why does it matter? Its my blog. I don't have any corporate sponsorship, I am not doing 10,000 giveaways, hell I can't even make 1 giveaway work. This is just my sounding point. This is my blog. This is my spot on earth to complain, whine, laugh, cry or anything else I want. Its mine. Mine. .mine.. MINE!!.

I have posted a blog this week for four days, or was it five? Not one of them has a comment. Does it bug me? Yes. I would be lying if I said that it didn't. but on the same note, you are no more inclined to comment on my blog then I am to write it. This again is my spot. So what topics have I avoided you ask (but you didn't cause I am probably just talking to myself)
1) The New Healthcare plan being tossed around... one word ugh. Its not gonna be pretty. How come other countries can come up with one that is great and we the greatest country in the world can't do it? Because we have a bunch of monkeys running the asylum. They are more concerned with pickering and picking bugs off each other to worry about us.. aggrivating.

2) My kids are going back to school. (And I lied Tutu replied to this blog. thanks sweetie) but as they get ready they are driving me insane. .the fighting.. the not wanting to clean up. I have cavemen not kids. I look forward to the tranquility of them all back in school.. is that bad??

3) Insomnia. I don't sleep. I can even take a med to help me sleep and I still struggle to sleep. My mind cant be turned off at night so instead it runs like 100 miles a minute. can you imagine? try shutting your eyes and everything under the sun comes through your mind. I am screwed. Sleep is a myth and I need it so bad.

4) reality show people. Ok seriously.. I want to blog about Jon and Kate and their 8, but then I think no not really. I hate that their kids are thrown in the middle of a he said/ she said thing... both claim their kids come first. .can we get proof of that? please?

5) Prices of everything going up, but the money isn't. Why is that? Why are we spending ALL this money and yet nothing is going down. We cant hardly save a dime without having to rob Peter to pay Paul. What do you do when Paul files for bankrupcy... then who do you rob?

See, I have lots on my mind just none of it is very exciting....but its all on my mind.

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Claire said...

You got it mama. Say your thoughts & FORGET if ANYONE comments.. more people read than you know, but even if they dont, who cares, this is YOUR place!!!!!