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Friday, August 7, 2009

Le Sigh....

I know. I know. I said I would be around more, and I really did mean it. The problem is, other then Chuck, I just don't think I am very exciting--this blog is normally me complaining or sharing kids stories and pictures. I am no different then anyone who is out there blogging. And now I am stressed out over something that I have no control over... I am not a fan of that. I love control. I love being able to say "I got this" In my best George Lopez voice. But the truth is.. right now. I do not "GOT" this" My ex husband lost his job. Great timing huh? Its not necessarily his fault, yet it effects us. Our child support is due today, chances of seeing it... I hope good but I am not too optimistic. He is waiting for a check for his vacation pay, they say it was mailed, and he says when he gets it, he will put it in my account. Ok that's something. Then he did find a job but the pay he is going to be receiving is cut in half...oy. He has rent, and child support. Who does he cut? I am a bit on edge over it.
Anyways......On to happier news. We are now head on into back to school shopping. Last night Wally World had crayons for .25, pens for .75, loose leaf for .75, spirals for .15, and composition books for .50. This may not sound like much to get started but when you figure we need 30 spirals (yes, Chuck that means we need to go get more.. sorry!!), 15 composition books (second verse same as the verse.. sorry Chuck) This weekend is tax free in VA, we may try and get out to K-Mart and just see what else is out there. I love back to school, but I hate all the money we have to spend. Its depressing....but also a little exciting. David is going to kindergarten!!! Mary is in 5th Grade!!! AJ is a FRESHMAN (oooh Freshmeat.. he watchs Dazed and confused and is a little worried about Freshman friday... his sister. NOT helping), Danny is a sophmore.. and a SENIOR!!! OMG. (I think of Grease.. "And we're gonna RULE the school). AJ has already been informed "I am a senior, you are a freshman.. you do not exist in my world."
Ok now on to some funnies from the week. Baby Blues is stalking me again. And I can prove it. I have two Exhibit A:

How many of us have done the Mom spit thing? You know. .you get somewhere and holy cow the baby looks like she ate something but missed her mouth entirely.. The five year old is a dirt magnet that makes Pig Pen from Charlie Brown look like a neat freak... Mary is always sporting something on her face.. AJ plays baseball. there is NOT enough spit in the human body.. Danny doesn't shower and would DIE if I used Mom spit. .and Stephanie sadly is normally cleaner then me. but for the little 3 if I go somewhere and forget wipes. its ok.. cause "Patooey.. Mommys GOT this"

Exhibit B. Who has not had this happen:

You can not find a pen that works.. In walks the baby.. ink all over. Or in walks the teenager who dumps out her purse and wait.. thats mine. No I got it from a teacher. NO its mine. Fine MOM whatever.. sheesh. Yea though.. we have our share of ink on the face.. ok and crayon on the wall.. but I digress.....

So see its not horrible.. some things are funny, I am happy. I have a wonderful husband and some pretty kick ass kids... its just the little things that have me stressed.. Just breathe though .. right??

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