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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A long time ago....

In a Galaxy far away... ok.. no it was Earth.
It was long before I was a mother of six, it was long before I

became that Mom who only wears ponytails.
Who only wears lipgloss and eyeliner when I go anywhere
If I remember at all.
When my clothes had namebrands and my perfume did too.

Yes, long ago.... 18 years on August 21.
The day I became a Mommy to Stephanie Diane.
The day Stephanie entered my life
and I became the mom of a beautiful tiny little girl.
August 21, 1991
4: 11 PM
6 lbs 4 oz
20 inches long.

18 months to the day after we lost her big brother
We welcomed this little girl who came out with such a scream!!

(and she hasn't stopped since)

So this blog (which is early)
is a giveaway blog.

I am giving away 18 tarts (6 bags of 3) courtesy of
the Lovely Louise at
(scents to be determined soon!! I have lots to pick from lol)

And as always
I will throw something else in there to make this giveaway special

So whats the 411, the details the humdingers...
What do you have to do to win the prize?

I want birth stories or life stories
Tell me about when you had your first born.

tell me what do you think Stephanie will become.

It can be serious.. it can be funny.
Just have fun!!!!

I am going to leave this open til August 14th
(one week before her bday!)


loopy747 said...

Holy crapola! I can't believe she is turning 18!!!

Tricia said...

Your telling ME this??