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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ITs official.....

I am old. yep. There I said it. I am old.
I can prove it.
Ok I am not one of those blue haired old ladies or I don't use a cane.
I don't complain about my arthritis (much).
But I am old.
I know this because as we were driving home I stopped and looked at my facebook (I was parked at 7-11 NOT driving.. ok good got that out) anyways..
I pull it up and see the lyric "Shush girls. Don't move your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips"
When did we decide it was politically ok to use Helen Keller as a sexual reference?
It annoys me.
To me, Helen Keller is a great american.
Not someone who should be talked about in a sexual fashion.
Ugh. As I said I am old.
I also find some music too loud.
I find that I get tired at 11 PM.
And I don't wear clothes that are too revealing.
I guess its ok to be old.

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loopy747 said...

That is just sick! YUCK! What is wrong with dont have to answer! lol

(I made a blog finally!)