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Friday, July 17, 2009

18 days.

That is the last time I posted a blog. 18 days ago. I missed Not Me Monday, I didn't post anything else. Is it that I have nothing to say? Oh Heavens no. I have plenty to say, I am just usually yelling it through my crowded house. Summer vacation. only its more Summer... in that scary horror movie print. There is no vacation. Nope. We are stuck in the house, with the kids. Although we make trips to the beach often. We are tied to Hampton Roads this summer. Granted there are worse places to be tied to. In the past few weeks the following events have occurred and we have missed posting about them in my blog:

Stephanies Senior pictures. This young lady has grown into the most amazing woman ever, sometimes I wonder how she did it. I mean how do you turn out ok when you have parents who are so far from normal? but she did, and she did it with Class. She is self assured and beautiful. She is smart and witty. She is my daughter, and she's growing up right before my eyes.

There have been trips to the beach. Many of them. Sometimes 2-3 a week. Yea I know it doesn't sound like a rough summer but packing up 8 people for the beach is not always the picnic it sounds like. Trust me. And now for fun, lets add JELLY fish. They are not the fun little creatures Spongebob makes em out to be. They are these little evil things that well they made David and Stephanie get owies!! meanies!!

David turned 5. Sighs. I am not sure who gave that boy permission to grow up. I know it was not me. I thought I had paperwork somewhere that he signed that he agreed to stay little. oh wait. I think I voided that when I had Emily. sighs. He's five. He's going to kindergarten. He's so handsome and so sweet and so well David.

Mary. Well. Mary brings new meaning to the words save the Drama for your Mama. Because I am the Mama and I get ALOT of her drama but so does anyone else within a 100 mile radius.

Danny is off at Nana's, I am sure he is having a lovely time. I would be convinced if he called me, but I am chopped liver. He doesn't call. He doesnt miss me. He too is growing up Sighs.

AJ? AJ is all about baseball. Good thing I am supportive. Good thing I love the sport. Well and Good thing his team is 150% better then the Mets. AJ is having a ball with his new team. I am grateful for his coach and not sure how to ever thank him for everyting he has done.

We had July 4, a good friend came in to visit who I have not seen in almost 12 years. I am tickled we are back in touch, I missed him so. We have found more friends thanks to Facebook. Where would we be without the Internet?

Chuck is wonderful. sometimes I think he is oblivious to what I need but other days he seems to know me better then I know myself. I was sitting the other day looking at him on the couch across from me, and all I could think of was "This is my knight in shining armour and I am so lucky to have him". My stomach still butterflies when he kisses me, and my eyes still smile when I see him. That has to be good right? I think it is. Even if he doesn't still smile all the time, he makes me feel like he does.

And now I am left to me. I am here. I am exhausted just getting over the flu. I am convinced that life is what has been happening while I was making other plans. My ex got fired on Wednesday. Did I mention that? I am a wreck. That is $800 a month. I am sure he will find a job, but in this economy. I am worried. I am here. I am just going through the motions.
PS in case anyone is wondering both the cat and dog have embraced that summer is a time for rest and relaxation. Why can't we all be like them?

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