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Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My child Monday

The lovely McKmama over at My Charming Kids has made today, Not my Child Monday. Now with six children surely we are laughs a minute... well we are, but there is hardly any I can think of that happened THIS week, so instead I am going to use funny moments from our past:

Stepanie-My lovely almost 18 year old and one of my best friends Michele's little girl Brittney came to visit one day. As we are sitting downstairs chatting we discover how painfully silent those two little angels were. Within moments down come our two children. .COVERED in Black sharpie. face, hands, hair, you name it.. it was covered. We can laugh now, but that day it was mortifying. To see them just speckled with ink. To this day she denies it and says NOT me, and today I can say Not my child but believe me.. it was.

Danny-came in from school one day a few months ago. He informs me that he broke is butt knuckle. Of course I sat there blankly thinking over my anatomy class and could never come up with butt knuckle. Hmm. .nope still can't. Nope, not my kid.. who created a new body part.

AJ-there is so much to tell. AJ and our friend Desere were driving to the movie. They were ahead of us, so I ask him where are you? he says "the Inspec shun stay shun" (the Inspection Station) but when he read it.. it sounded like he had a french accent. It was so funny.. but No my child would not be that goofy. (your welcome AJ for me NOT telling the story about the bad thing you DID not get caught doing.. cough)

Mary-in her infiite wisdom decided to cut a pony tail holder out of her hair. when busted with the evidence she says "but it wouldnt come out" its funny now.. at the time not so much.. shes still annoyed that she had to get her hair cut. but ya know if my kid DIDNT do it.. she would not have had to have it done. Nope not my kid.

David- This was last week. He was in the bathroom, I openned the door to see him standing there naked as a jaybird doing the circle dance. You know the dance all guys do with their hoo hoo moving it around in circles. Upon openning the door and busting David I hear "now the other way" and he did. I start to laugh and he says to me "DO YOU MIND!" Ok.. it was hilarious.... but it was NOT my kid.

Emily-would probably be last night Chuck is trying to get a kiss goodnight.. nothing. everytime he tries she turns her head. nothing. So AJ brings her over to me, she takes out the paci gives me a kiss good night looks at Daddy and giggles. He didnt find it hilarious but she and I both did :o)~ but again not my kid.. :o)~

So what have your kids done? Tell me and tell MckMama


Anonymous said...

Laughing my head off at David. That could have happened (and probably did) at our house.

Kristi said...

LOVE the David story, my son has not learned the circle dance yet, but it you check out my post this week you will see my son in all his glory.

See you around Mcmama's,


Crystal said...

I know what AJ was caught doing ahahahaha